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  1. Nice size shop ... I am jealous, as I operate off of a carport -- tools out, tools in; tools out, tools in!
  2. I'm an economist nearing the end of my academic career. I've been working in wood, metal and glass, as well as oil painting, most of my life, so I am looking forward to being able to do it more or less full time. My latest project, which is almost complete, is a king bed made of Periba rosa. I am also about to launch into a major diversion of producing raw lumber from urban trees that are being taken down for one reason or another. I recently purchased a Stihl 441 with a 30" bar and an Alaskan mill. It worked great on a 40 year old southern pine that was downed in my neighborhood (yielded about 200 BF of raw lumber now drying on my carport). I will shortly be traveling north to my father-in-law's place where 3 trees recently came down -- 2 old growth hickories and a 70 year old chestnut oak. Given their trunk sizes, I should net somewhere between 400 and 500 BF out of those. I just hope I get my rip chains delivered by the time I leave!