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  1. I recalled incorrectly and I was wrong when I said I bought the plans. I downloaded them for free just as you say. I make all efforts to buy copies of creative work (when they are actually for sale!) only from the original authors, who deserve to be compensated for their efforts. As a pro photographer and graphic designer, I'm glad you keep on top of this; it would be a shame to have this work pirated by others! With every good wish, Bill Taylor ASC
  2. Thanks, Eric. Very good point. All the best, Bill Taylor
  3. Hi, Tom, Yes I did buy the plans, and I've seen both videos, which made it clear that it was too much for me to build it myself. That's why I'm looking for a real woodworker willing to take it on. All the best, Bill Taylor
  4. I love the design of the Woven Panel Rolling Hamper shown on the Wood Whisperer channel and have downloaded the plans, but it is far beyond my abilities. Is there a pro in the greater L.A. area willing to take this on as a commission? I realize that custom work is expensive; in fact most of my furniture was built by the late, great Steve Casey here in California. rolling hamper.tiff