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  1. thanks ----- was thinking something bigger / floor model in the $400 - $900 range
  2. Have small shop and my projects are mostly small (3' w x 3' d x 2' h) and kids toys. Sanding is my problem (isn't it every ones?) --- it is done with ---> port 4 x 24 belt sander / sanding drum (s) in drill press / and by hand. Looking for a better / easier way. Thinking about getting the Jet Oscillating Edge Sander # 708447. Think I would prefer this better than those round disc / small belt sanding combos. Do anyone have one of these edge sanders and is it the oscillating kind? Is there a real advantage to have oscillating? Changing the belt out from a med to a fine one etc. is it fairly easy and quick? Is there something better out there to help make my sanding easier for small woodworking? THANKS