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  1. Hey Mike - I'm pretty flexible this month. I'm retired Army and going to school full time, but just finished the spring semester. PM me if you want to get together for a cup of coffee sometime. Brad Hedges
  2. Hello Mike! I'm over by Stratford; not far from your area. Brad
  3. Welcome Ralph! I'm about an hour south of you, outside of Stratford.
  4. Brad H.

    Bar Stool

    Good job! Oil on walnut always wakes up looking sooooo nice!
  5. Brad H.

    Horse stall mats

    I have half a dozen of them in the shop, and since I'm not going to be able to lay down a wood floor any time soon, I'll be getting more of them. They're not the best thing available, but they beat the heck out of the bare concrete. My Tractor Supply has 3x4 foot models, as well as the 4x6's, so the individual weight is halved, making moving much easier. You might want to check with your local dealer.
  6. Brad H.

    Bar Stool

    I just picked up some 3 inch thick Cottonwood, part of which is slated for a stool. I'm very interested also.
  7. I second the HF roller stands, with the caveat that the plastic splined screws aren't much good. I welded a couple of inches of scrap rebar to the head of one inch 5/16ths bolts to make T-heads, to replace the originals.
  8. Brad here, retired Army paratrooper - 25 years, mostly in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. I retired in 2008 and moved to a small farm near Stratford Oklahoma. I have a fantastic wife, five great children, two (!!) shops, chickens, a turkey, cats and dogs, sometimes cows and pigs, and generally a pretty good life. I've been woodworking since I was five years old, but just got serious about it in 2014. I have a pretty well equipped shop with plenty of room, but I have to leave a corner for metal working, welding and general farm maintenance. I'm sure those of you working out of a closet will feel terrible for me. ?? I get most of my wood from a local sawmill (More Than Wood Sawmill, Asher, Oklahoma - they're online) and recommend them if you're in the area. Looking forward to building community here, especially if we're able to meet and spend time together in person. Brad
  9. Old, mostly inactive post, but what the heck - Brad here, I retired from the Army and live on a small farm near Stratford (about an hour south of Norman). I have a decent shop and while I'm not a newbie, I still have a lot to learn. Here's a picture from a few weeks ago. I'm building a 10 foot long 18th century French design bench (popularly called a Roubo) from local white oak. You can also see some equipment and the uninsulated, uncovered walls in the background. It is cold and hot, according to the season. But I'm working on that.