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  1. I am in the market for a sliding table saw. While doing research I have found dozens if not more options. The origins of this style saw seem to be European and there are a few big names that usually come up: Felder SCM Altendorf Martin Each with multiple options and grades (consumer through fully automated industrial). Where it gets interesting is the when you dig into all the other brands. Many companies have jumped on board with this style saw. There are so many varieties that it is difficult to even compare them at this point. Grizzly and Laguna have their versions at a reasonable discount from the equivalent Felder or SCM. It seems almost all of them are made in china and many are rebranded or modified of similar base saws. Some of the very high end models might be still made in Europe, but I know even the Euro-brands have started outsourcing to China as well. Chinese manufacturers have been pushing a lot more "retail" through sites like Alibaba for many things including machinery. It seems easily possible to save 5-10k of the sticker price of a name brand saw and have the exact same parts inside it. I have seen a couple of reviews of these saws with mostly positive results. The biggest complaint was arranging shipping. One of the brands I was really interested in is Lead Machinery. They appear to be a really close knock off of Felder for way less money. Has anyone gone this route or dug into it enough to determine whether a direct-from-china saw is worth pursuing? or is it possible to separate the good from the trash? I find it difficult to image so many of these saws are being fabricated and nobody is actually buying them. This decision would be way easier if I could walk into a showroom and touch one, but rolling the dice on something completely site unseen is hard to swallow. Lead appears to at least attend major industry shows in China.
  2. I've built a sewing/craft table for my wife. The base/frame is sprayed white, but I am still not sure how to finish the top. She has a big ironing pad and uses cutting mats, so the surface is never directly touched with hard items, but the finish needs to be resistance to damage from these mats sitting on it for long periods of time. I keep sing CAB acrylic come up for keeping maple white, but in some of the discussions it is mentioned a vinyl sealer is used first. Other discussions do not mention this. I have a Fuji Q5 to spray with, so any tips would be appreciated. If I do go with CAB acrylic, what brands are good?
  3. So their airflow charts are lying? The V-5000 chart shows a lot more air movement. Why the Felder? I read great things about it, but the airflow seems lower than the other options (along with expensive replacement filters)
  4. Yes another one of these topics. I just cannot decide if the extra 1k is worth it for the Gorilla Pro. I have a full shop in a 3 car garage that consists of all the major big tools one could expect. Will the 3hp V3000 be sufficient? At what point does the Gorilla Pro become the logical choice? As a hobbiest I will never run more than 1 tool at once, but at the same time i want the best dust collection possible. I’ve been limping a long with a modded Harbor Freight DC and my garage is covered in dust all the time. The benefit of the Gorilla is an optional 5hp motor that the V series no longer has. This is a minimal bump over the 3hp in price so the decision is V3000 vs 5hp Gorilla. Also considering a Felder RL series. Thoughts? Talk me into one or the other.
  5. I am building a 4x7 ft table for my wife's craft room. The frame for it is really strong (probably overbuilt) made from maple. My question is how should I attach the legs? They are solid 3.75 square maple legs. Which is the more durable way to attach these things? lag bolts or threaded inserts?
  6. Standard KV 100lb slides. I forgot the exact model. There was lots of side to side woble. Since the drawer was so wide, it was easy to pull out 1 side only causing the slides to bind. It looked great.. No other reason. The dresser is for 2 kids.
  7. I build a wide dresser for my kids, and the drawer slides ended up failing. They never really worked right, but now they are completely broken. The drawers are about 50 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 23 inches deep. I need something heavy duty that wont break the bank. Any suggestions? Do I need to use bottom mount slides?
  8. I've had my 3hp sawstop fro ~3 years now. I've never felt like it was even hinting at being under-powered and I have shoved alot of different woods through it. I really dont know what you would need a 5HP saw for other than huge slabs, and in that case you should really be looking at a sliding saw.
  9. I have a Q5 that I use for a lot of different things. My brother does a lot of fiberglass work and likes my gun, but isnt sure it will be capable of spraying gelcoat finishes. He has an HVLP gun he runs on a compressor at 40psi and it works just fine. We are trying to determine the difference between a compressor powered HVLP and a turbine HVLP. Will the Fuji work for this application?
  10. I've been fighting with these inserts and cannot get a grip on how to install them without either stripping the insert or cracking the wood. I first tried using some brass inserts from home Depot. They we're complete garbage and every one of them broke while trying to thread them I to this maple. Since those did not work, I purchased some EZ Lok inserts along with the tool to install them. These all stripped too. They came with a drill bit that I used on my drill press. The hole is clean and deep enough for the insert.. I such got 1 fully inserted, but it took several inserts stripping to cut the threads completely.
  11. It's only $50 more. I've been stuck with tools that are too small in the past, and would like to buy once and forget it. I already regret my Festool TS55 and wish I had gotten the TS75.
  12. So I scored a $250 Gift card to Lowes at work. I was really wanting to pick up this miter saw, but it shows unavailable on their website. They do have the 10 inch, but I don't want that!. I know Lowes can sometimes custom order stuff. Does anyone know if this is something I can order from them through customer service?
  13. As a heavy CAD user, I despise Sketchup. if you are good with CAD you are better off using Fusion 360, Solidworks, Inventor, or something similar.
  14. Cool system, but footstool is smoking crack these days. 400$ for essentially a box of fasteners.. ( I know there was probably lot of engineering involved)
  15. I agree with everyone here that this is not what “We” do and it is an ugly looking table...but, I feel we should help anyone that has a question or needs help with a project no matter how bad it is I know you are getting a lot of non serious responses, but if it were me, I would probably buy the wood, let it sit in the shop a couple of weeks, the match pieces that warped opposing directions. I would glue the thickness of the table together first (not the width). So you would have a 3 stack of 2x4s. Once those are set and dry, joint them so you can glue each stack together to make the table width. Id use mortises, dowels, dominoes, etc.. you keep things in line or you are going to have a bad time. Expect further warping after delivery, but i think this method should help stabilize it somewhat.