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  1. Cygnus A

    Drawer slides for super wide drawers?

    Standard KV 100lb slides. I forgot the exact model. There was lots of side to side woble. Since the drawer was so wide, it was easy to pull out 1 side only causing the slides to bind. It looked great.. No other reason. The dresser is for 2 kids.
  2. I build a wide dresser for my kids, and the drawer slides ended up failing. They never really worked right, but now they are completely broken. The drawers are about 50 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 23 inches deep. I need something heavy duty that wont break the bank. Any suggestions? Do I need to use bottom mount slides?
  3. Cygnus A

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    I've had my 3hp sawstop fro ~3 years now. I've never felt like it was even hinting at being under-powered and I have shoved alot of different woods through it. I really dont know what you would need a 5HP saw for other than huge slabs, and in that case you should really be looking at a sliding saw.
  4. Cygnus A

    Fuji HVLP for Gelcoat?

    I have a Q5 that I use for a lot of different things. My brother does a lot of fiberglass work and likes my gun, but isnt sure it will be capable of spraying gelcoat finishes. He has an HVLP gun he runs on a compressor at 40psi and it works just fine. We are trying to determine the difference between a compressor powered HVLP and a turbine HVLP. Will the Fuji work for this application?
  5. I've been fighting with these inserts and cannot get a grip on how to install them without either stripping the insert or cracking the wood. I first tried using some brass inserts from home Depot. They we're complete garbage and every one of them broke while trying to thread them I to this maple. Since those did not work, I purchased some EZ Lok inserts along with the tool to install them. These all stripped too. They came with a drill bit that I used on my drill press. The hole is clean and deep enough for the insert.. I such got 1 fully inserted, but it took several inserts stripping to cut the threads completely.
  6. Cygnus A

    Why doesnt Lowes carry the Bosch GCM12SD?

    It's only $50 more. I've been stuck with tools that are too small in the past, and would like to buy once and forget it. I already regret my Festool TS55 and wish I had gotten the TS75.
  7. So I scored a $250 Gift card to Lowes at work. I was really wanting to pick up this miter saw, but it shows unavailable on their website. They do have the 10 inch, but I don't want that!. I know Lowes can sometimes custom order stuff. Does anyone know if this is something I can order from them through customer service?
  8. Cygnus A

    Sketchup vs. ??

    As a heavy CAD user, I despise Sketchup. if you are good with CAD you are better off using Fusion 360, Solidworks, Inventor, or something similar.
  9. Cygnus A

    Domino DF 500 Connectors

    Cool system, but footstool is smoking crack these days. 400$ for essentially a box of fasteners.. ( I know there was probably lot of engineering involved)
  10. I agree with everyone here that this is not what “We” do and it is an ugly looking table...but, I feel we should help anyone that has a question or needs help with a project no matter how bad it is I know you are getting a lot of non serious responses, but if it were me, I would probably buy the wood, let it sit in the shop a couple of weeks, the match pieces that warped opposing directions. I would glue the thickness of the table together first (not the width). So you would have a 3 stack of 2x4s. Once those are set and dry, joint them so you can glue each stack together to make the table width. Id use mortises, dowels, dominoes, etc.. you keep things in line or you are going to have a bad time. Expect further warping after delivery, but i think this method should help stabilize it somewhat.
  11. Cygnus A

    Felder / SCM Dust Collection

    So I've been digging into dust collectors more and have really started liking what I see with the Felder and SCM dust collection systems. I guess these would be "Euro" style (or maybe industrial) rather than the cyclones we often see in the states. Felder lists Max and Nominal air flows, along with a static pressure. Does anyone know what these actually mean ? They dont provide fan curves.
  12. Cygnus A

    Drawer Slide Misalignment Help

    Update: I shimmed the front of the right slide, and the back of the left slide. Now it works as it should I guess a slight misalignment ads over 60 inches (these are BIG drawers).
  13. I need help with my drawer slide installation. I keep having this same problem on almost all drawers I build. This one is very square, yet here there is still 1/8 inch play on the left slide. How can I fix this? Can I shim one of the slides? If so, which side ? Link To Video
  14. Cygnus A

    Rip-it automated tablesaw fence

    SCM / Minimax has this on their high end saws. They are simply amazing. They have digital flip stops too.
  15. Cygnus A

    Dimensions of Supermax 19-38 without base?

    Definitely. Thanks!