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  1. Dimensions of Supermax 19-38 without base?

    Definitely. Thanks!
  2. Can someone take measurements for me? I want to try building a slide out table for this sander order my outfeed tabke but I can't find the overall dimensions without the stand. I would need the overall height/width/depth including the handle. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I was almost read to put a finish on this dresser cabinet but then I chipped the back edge of the plywood veneer. What can I do to fix this?
  4. Table/Pergola wood selection

    Interesting topic. i am looking at building one, but I want my roof covered (for rainy days). At what point do you need a city permit do build one of these?
  5. How would you get this finish?

    How would I achieve this dark grey finish, preferrably on pine or fir without the tiger striping?
  6. DC CL MM16

    About 3K-3.5K depending on time of year and who you buy from.
  7. To Finish or Not?

    A little more detail: A friend asked me to make this rustic looking piece. It is made from cedar that I planed on 1 side to about 1/4inch thickness. I edge glued all of the slices together (took forever!), cut it square, then glued it to a hardboard backing. The border is 1/2 inch thick. How concerned should I be about warping? This will be indoors in a desert environment. The 1/8 hardboard stiffened it pretty well, but I am thinking about adding frame on the backside from plywood to give it more rigidity. Now her friend wants one, and I need a better way to clamp all of the wedges together. I glued 2 or 3 triangles together at a time since I had no good way of clamping more than that at once. How can I make the glue up and clamping easier? Any ideas?
  8. To Finish or Not?

    Concerning the wood movement.. It will be hung indoors. I edge glued all of the strips together, and also glued them to a hardboard backing (rough side of hardboard took the glue). I am debating making a backing frame to try to stiffen it up. Think that will be needed or prevent the warping?
  9. To Finish or Not?

    A friend asked me to make this rustic art piece. It is almost done, but I need to decide if I will apply a finish to it or not. It is made from cedar planks that are rough on the top side. I planed everything on the back side for glue up and to get an even finish. Should I oil it? Worried about trying to poly coat it. It is glued to an 1/8inch hardboard. The full frame is not visible in this images, but you get the idea. I might just leave it bare. What do you think?
  10. Lively discussion haha. I step away for a few days and people are cutting throats.
  11. Why not a Hammer table saw?

    A3-41. I have various complaints about it but it does what it is supposed to. It seesm Hammer cuts corners to save cost but sometimes the choices the make are questionable. I don't trust the fence design to remain square to the table for example and that is kind of a big deal in a jointer.
  12. New Laguna Dust Collectors

    what is the CFM on these compared to Oneida V, Pro, and the Clearvue? I thought i looked them up once and they were much lower the same money.
  13. Why not a Hammer table saw?

    Honestly I am not too impressed with the quality of Hammer. I have their Jointer Planer and wish I had paid extra for the Minimax or Felder lines. The quality of hte machine overall just isnt there for what is paid IMO. I would go with a sawstop or powermatic over the Hammer unless you really wanted a slider.
  14. I was watching this Diresta video and he didnt face joint the long boards for a table top. He just edge jointed and ran through the planer. I was wondering how to make a large top without losing much thickness. Is this good idea? Bad idea?
  15. Best way to reproduce this?

    Thanks for the tips. Now to source some wood..