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  1. DC CL MM16

    About 3K-3.5K depending on time of year and who you buy from.
  2. To Finish or Not?

    A little more detail: A friend asked me to make this rustic looking piece. It is made from cedar that I planed on 1 side to about 1/4inch thickness. I edge glued all of the slices together (took forever!), cut it square, then glued it to a hardboard backing. The border is 1/2 inch thick. How concerned should I be about warping? This will be indoors in a desert environment. The 1/8 hardboard stiffened it pretty well, but I am thinking about adding frame on the backside from plywood to give it more rigidity. Now her friend wants one, and I need a better way to clamp all of the wedges together. I glued 2 or 3 triangles together at a time since I had no good way of clamping more than that at once. How can I make the glue up and clamping easier? Any ideas?
  3. To Finish or Not?

    Concerning the wood movement.. It will be hung indoors. I edge glued all of the strips together, and also glued them to a hardboard backing (rough side of hardboard took the glue). I am debating making a backing frame to try to stiffen it up. Think that will be needed or prevent the warping?
  4. To Finish or Not?

    A friend asked me to make this rustic art piece. It is almost done, but I need to decide if I will apply a finish to it or not. It is made from cedar planks that are rough on the top side. I planed everything on the back side for glue up and to get an even finish. Should I oil it? Worried about trying to poly coat it. It is glued to an 1/8inch hardboard. The full frame is not visible in this images, but you get the idea. I might just leave it bare. What do you think?
  5. Lively discussion haha. I step away for a few days and people are cutting throats.
  6. Why not a Hammer table saw?

    A3-41. I have various complaints about it but it does what it is supposed to. It seesm Hammer cuts corners to save cost but sometimes the choices the make are questionable. I don't trust the fence design to remain square to the table for example and that is kind of a big deal in a jointer.
  7. New Laguna Dust Collectors

    what is the CFM on these compared to Oneida V, Pro, and the Clearvue? I thought i looked them up once and they were much lower the same money.
  8. Why not a Hammer table saw?

    Honestly I am not too impressed with the quality of Hammer. I have their Jointer Planer and wish I had paid extra for the Minimax or Felder lines. The quality of hte machine overall just isnt there for what is paid IMO. I would go with a sawstop or powermatic over the Hammer unless you really wanted a slider.
  9. I was watching this Diresta video and he didnt face joint the long boards for a table top. He just edge jointed and ran through the planer. I was wondering how to make a large top without losing much thickness. Is this good idea? Bad idea?
  10. Best way to reproduce this?

    Thanks for the tips. Now to source some wood..
  11. I have a friend wanting me to reproduce something like this. Any thoughts on how best to tackle it? She wants the beat up rustic look, so any tips there would be helpful.
  12. How To Design With Pencil And Paper?

    I'm a long time design engineering who that has used 3D CAD for my work for almost 2 decades. I hate designing in Sketchup. I will spending days/weeks working on a design in Sketchup only to completely change it when I hit the shop. I find quick sketches and making up things as I go much easier and more enjoyable (and way faster). People have different ways of working.
  13. Quality Brand Big Power Tools and recommendations

    I will tell you one thing. I posted a question a few months ago about buying a bunch of shop equipment (20k worth). I was leaning towards all yellow. After much discussion and insight from others I dont have a single piece of yellow in my shop. I ended up going with the euro style equipment (minimax and Hammer). I know plan to replace my sawstop with a Minimax or Felder sliding table saw / shaper combo.
  14. WEN 3 speed Air Filtration unit

    I have one too. It works but I wish it moved more air. 400 CFM just isnt enough for a 3 car garage.
  15. Just a basic jointer question...

    You are just making me have regrets every day now haha.