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  1. Hi all, After just about 2 years, (just about a year really sick) here are the last 3 doors to be hung and I have completed the kitchen makeover. Top door was a reject now modified as a give away to my supplier. The third picture is after the first rub, my wife likes the high gloss so it takes me a few daws to finish. The insert is ambrosia maple and is a lift up door over the microwave/stove. Last pic is of the doors for under the sink. Lighting sucked so got a shadow.
  2. Thanks all, I have decided to get a hold of the local trade school and see if there would be a cabinet building student that is interested in helping. Been trying the family/friend thing for a while now and have decided to give that hope up.
  3. Thanks shaneymack, my sister inlaw lives in Napierville and my wife grew up in Huntingdon, beautiful country I love visiting there.
  4. Hi there, i started on some purple heart cabinets a year ago. I got half of them done and then got sick. I have all the wood bought but am physically unable to work on them now and have the second set started but I can't seem to muster up the energy these days to finish them. i posted an ad on Kijiji for someone looking for something to do but my wife didn't think that was safe and made me take it down. Being i am now not working i cant really afford to hire a cabinet builder so if anyone has an idea i would be open to hear it. PS; i am not looking for sympathy, just good ideas.
  5. Thanks wdwerker You give me too much credit, I am going to play as I have lots of pieces laying around, I have fresh ideas now. I mitred them because my wife and I prefer the look and I had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing, she asked me to quit making little things and make her some cupboards so being the good husband I just smiled and nodded and then watched about 100 hours of youtube videos before I started. All I knew before was construction techniques so kinda adapted, it has definitely made me more appreciative of the skill/knowledge that is out there plus I got to
  6. Thanks Chestnut, I was curious about the hinges as well, I used external on the other doors (wife liked them better). I was going to use hidden ones and an overlap style just because the way the whole base/sink cutout is designed, after seeing this I will just go with a 1 1/4" face frame and all will be good. Thanks for the advice and help, now I can sleep tonight instead of fussing about it.
  7. Thanks Chestnut, I thought about the thicker stock but not the rabbet, I wish I could get sketch up to work like that.
  8. Hi wdwerker, I understand that procedure, only problem is I have a series of doors made that this wouldn't be possible unless I change my door style. This pic is how all the other doors are made. Am I screwed?
  9. I have encountered a design problem with my cupboard doors that I am not sure how to proceed. I have to make a couple doors with panels in them for under the sink instead of the glass I have been using for obvious reasons. All the other doors are a mitre joint with the glass panel slot routered in at 1/4" depth from the back for the glass to fit flush. This router slot meets the edging I did on the inside of the rails and styles so I have no real space to cut a holding groove for the panel. I am going to resaw to a thickness of 3/8" then use the planer once glued together to tak
  10. Hi Chestnut, This is really nice although I am biased towards purpleheart. May I ask why you think/know this will breakdown?
  11. Ok, thanks, I have lots of practice material to play with until I get it figured out. Shoot for perfection but don't be disappointed if not achieved.
  12. Well I have decided to go ahead with this and have watched several set up videos. I watched one video with Alex Snodgrass where he made the comment "no bandsaw should ever have drift", even argued with a guy about it, others say it is not possible. Once I get this set up which opinion should I expect is correct? I would like to believe I could set it up without but don't want my expectations to be set towards unattainable goals.
  13. Hi Chestnut, I finally got to this yesterday morning, applied pure bees wax, melted it in a pot and once was soft (not liquid) I spread it on with a stick like butter, checked it this am and has hardened nicely and reduced drag by at least 75%.
  14. I found a picture of a kitchenette table on the internet. I have set my mind to research and build it. My first question is how to you calculate the dimensions from the picture. The table is going to be round with a single centerpost. Is there a rule of thumb for: diameter of table to thickness of the post?