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  1. chashint

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    Oh yeah, don't throw the blade that came with the saw away. There will be something you will want to cut that's not necessarily somethat you should expose your good blade to.
  2. chashint

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    I use calipers all the time. I have several varying from expensive to Harbor Freight special of the day. There's really nothing bad to say about the Harbor Freight digital caliper and that's the one I use most often because it's on the bench and the "good ones" are in their box in a drawer. I aligned my blade to the miter slots using the miter gauge with the caliper clamped to it. As long as the miter gauge screws are adjusted so it fits snug in the slot you should be able to get within a few thousandths or better. On my saw the trunnions bolt to the top, the trick to accurate adjustment is to barely loosen three of bolts and use a mallet and stick and tap the trunnion at one of the loosened bolts, It usually doesn't take much movement to get the blade aligned really well. I think Marc has a video on making a crosscut sled, he used Willam Ng's 5 cuts to square method of adjusting the crossmember. If you can't find the video here go to the source and YouTube William Ng on how to make one. It's a very good project.
  3. chashint

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    Hello Jazzed, Welcome to woodworking. Taking time to dial in your tablesaw as accurately as possible and to learn about preventing kickback is time well spent. Building some jigs for your tablesaw using plywood is a very good way to start out. A crosscut sled is very useful. Using poplar and oak from home Depot or Lowes is not a sin and you can build some very nice projects with it without having to have a jointer or planer. Just pick out the straightest boards available. I think outdoor furniture is a great way to get your feet wet. When it comes to adding tools I think a good square is essential and you will use it all the time. Take your time, don't buy stuff just to buy stuff. When you actually need a tool is the time to get one.
  4. chashint

    My shop

    Very nice shop.
  5. chashint

    Air Compressor

    Well the specs say... <snip>MRC6-U 6 litre compressor ... 96 seconds to pressurize ... can power up to 30 brad nailer shots per minute....Bostitch SB-2IN1 Air 18 Gauge Combo Brad Nailer/Finish Stapler air consumption 0.73 Ltr.per shot...<> If you are a homeowner/hobbyist and just need it to install some crown molding/baseboard and to use it in your shop on occasion this kit should work fine. If you are thinking about using this all day everyday over a long time period then it's probably not the machine you need.
  6. chashint

    What Nail Gun??

    If I was a professional user I would want the longevity of the higher grade brands, but for the occasional use I have the ones I have will never wear out. I have inexpensive nailers and I am very pleased with all of them. 16ga Porter Cable finish nailer that was packaged with the pancake compressor. Numax framing nailer (special purchase at Home Depot). Freeman 18 gauge nailer and a Freeman stapler.
  7. chashint

    Air Compressor

    I have a Porter Cable branded pancake compressor and a bawling calf can't hold a candle to how loud that thing is. After checking that link to the California Air compressor I am tempted to get the next model up just for the noise reduction.
  8. chashint

    Dining room table - COMPLETE

    Very nicely done.
  9. chashint

    Jet/Powermatic sale in May...

    Yes a HD 20% off coupon that is applicable to big ticket items is a very rare coupon and I would like to have one too.
  10. chashint

    Rikon 10-326 Review

    Thank you very much.
  11. chashint

    Dining room table - COMPLETE

    You sir, are a furniture building machine! Thank you for posting your build.
  12. chashint

    Rikon 10-326 Review

    I currently have a Jet JWBS14-OS. It takes 3-5 seconds to stop. I have been thinking about the Rikon 10-326, Laguna 14-12 and 14BX as well as the 18" models. Lots of people with the 18" saws speak about the time it takes for the blade to stop and most really like having the blade brake. I was just wondering if the 14" cast iron wheels have enough mass to make the 10-326 freewheel after being turned off.
  13. chashint

    Rikon 10-326 Review

    Just out of curiosity how long does it take for the blade to stop moving after you turn off the saw ?
  14. chashint

    Rikon 10-326 Review

    Have you turned it on and cut something yet ??
  15. chashint

    Bandsaw Advice

    Thanks again.