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  1. Rikon 10-326 Review

    Thank you very much.
  2. You sir, are a furniture building machine! Thank you for posting your build.
  3. Rikon 10-326 Review

    I currently have a Jet JWBS14-OS. It takes 3-5 seconds to stop. I have been thinking about the Rikon 10-326, Laguna 14-12 and 14BX as well as the 18" models. Lots of people with the 18" saws speak about the time it takes for the blade to stop and most really like having the blade brake. I was just wondering if the 14" cast iron wheels have enough mass to make the 10-326 freewheel after being turned off.
  4. Rikon 10-326 Review

    Just out of curiosity how long does it take for the blade to stop moving after you turn off the saw ?
  5. Rikon 10-326 Review

    Have you turned it on and cut something yet ??
  6. Bandsaw Advice

    Thanks again.
  7. Bandsaw Advice

    Thanks to both of y'all for the follow ups. I have the entry level Jet 14" open stand bandsaw that has been in production forever. It is what I could afford when I bought it and it has served me well over the years. It's 3/4 hp and has 6" resawing clearance. As time has passed I have made some upgrades on an as needed basis. When the rubber tires failed I replaced them with urethane tires, I also replaced the cool block style guides with roller bearings, and at some point I added a Kreg fence. The Kreg fence works well and has held the initial alignments since it was installed but it uses a screw knob vs a cam to lock it into position and it drives me crazy too. The 6" resawing clearance has recently become a limiting factor for the projects I like to do. 3/4 hp is also noticeable when resawing hardwood but it's mostly manageable if the feed rate is kept in check. The problem I am debating with myself is whether to continue to put money into this saw by adding a riser block kit or be extravagant and buy a new saw. If extravagance wins out do I go for broke and jump into something like an 18bx?
  8. Bandsaw Advice

    Hi Chestnut, After living with your saw for a good while, what do you think of it now? Any regrets about not getting the bigger one?
  9. My crappy little shop

    Sorry about the bandsaw abbreviation, I won't do it again. Certainly no disrespect intended.
  10. My crappy little shop

    Looks like the Craftsman BS morphed into a Rikon.
  11. Not A Good Start of My Day

    Disagree on the sawdust. Since everything there is non flammable on its own once the metal was melted open the arc stopped so heat source was removed and the fire went out.
  12. Garage shop process

    I am trying to figure out workflow and machine layout in a two car garage workshop as well. i just finished building a small box with the current layout and there are some things that need to be changed. I will build at least two more boxes before changing anything though so I can better evaluate the things I think do work. The sliding miter saw takes up a huge amount of floor space. It may have to go live in the shed.
  13. A couple of shop improvements

    Very nice. i really need to do the same thing, I have all the stuff to do it just sitting there.
  14. How do you budget for tools?

    I have been an on again off again part time woodworking hobbyist for years. In my very young days I did buy a couple small tools on credit to fix things around the house. I put a considerable amount of effort into becoming debt free and since achieving that nothing has been bought on credit. Sometimes I have waited a very long time to make a purchase but that isn't a bad thing. Since I retired December 2017 now is not the time to stop living debt free.
  15. Dust collection

    I put a trash can separator that's very similar to your picture of the galvanized can in front of my old 1hp Delta AP400 dust collector mostly to protect the fan from larger chunks. Mission accomplished. I have also been very pleased with how well the trash can collects everything. Certainly not comparable to a high quality cyclone for the fine particles but for tablesaw sawdust and planer shavings it works really well. I also use it at the belt/disc sander and the downdraft table for the palm sanders. IMO its well worth having just for not having to remove/install the lower bag. I have dumped the trash can 7-10 times and there's probably 3-4 cups worth of fine dust in the bag.