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  1. I retired two years ago by choice and did not suffer any retirement transition issues. I have been very pleased spending time getting my shop setup, woodworking, traveling, cooking BBQ, and playing video games. I have no idea how I had time to go to a job every day for 30+ years. You have built some major projects, very nicely done. Your shop projects are looking great as well.
  2. Meh.... everyone should just invest their time / money into the tools / technology they want to use and enjoy the fruits of their labors.
  3. I have two of them and I think they are better than sliced bread. I use them constantly and really couldn't imagine going back to any other type of push pads. If the offer above about selling a pair for cheap is legitimate grab them.
  4. That's terrible, sorry that you are injured. Hopefully you heal as quickly and as well as possible. Thanks for posting.
  5. At the end of January I replaced my ~15 year old Delta hybrid with a 3hp 36" fence SawStop PCS with the ICS mobile base. I was satisfied with cut quality of the old saw but it predated the riving knife and if given the opportunity it would cut fingers off. Since I had a saw that was dialed in very well and met my woodworking needs spending money to replace it was especially difficult for me to justify. After all I had used the saw for a very long time without mishap. But in the end I went ahead and bought the SS for the safety feature and frankly I really didn't expect much else out of it. What I got is a machine that is just better in every way possible and it should be considering it cost $3k and the old saw cost $650. The fence was the only thing that needed any adjustment. While I didn't expect the day to day user experience to be much different with the new saw it really is more pleasurable to operate. Everything just turns smoother and feels more substantial. Switching out the regular blade for the dado stack is even easier in spite of having to change the cartridge (bigger opening??). While money is a very valid reason that may dictate choosing a less expensive machine, if the budget allows consideration of a top tier tablesaw I personally don't think there is any choice other than SawStop. The younger you are the more years you have for amortization and the older you are the sooner the cat like ninja reflexes will begin to either case the safety feature is worth the money.
  6. I can get bogged down with over analysis easily enough but the 6" flex at the dust collector is not the place to go numbers crazy. Make the installation workshop friendly. The 4" connections to the tools will have much more impact, try to optimize as much as you can there.
  7. All Americans should visit the capital if at all possible. Reading the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial truly imparted a weight and magnitude that I could feel All of the war memorials are emotional, but the endless names on the Vietnam Memorial and then seeing all those white crosses at Arlington Cemetery made me tear up.
  8. Rockler carries this brand and a few months ago Bench Dog updated the product line. When Rockler was closing out the old line they had a box set with a #4 smoother and I think a #60 block plane for $100 and I bit. I don't know if the new stuff is the same as what I have or not so keep that in mind. The block plane compared to the WoodRiver block plane I have is shorter, narrower, and heavier. I haven't messed with it much other than to clean it. The machining is good and all the adjustable parts move the way they are supposed to. In the last week I wanted to try out the #4. I don't own anything else to compare it to. It's heavy. The machining is good. The rear handle was loose and couldn't be tightened. I ground two threads off the handle screw and it tightened. The blade was not flat, it was bowed towards the flat side in the middle. The blade is very hard. I worked on it for hours and never did get it perfectly flat. It's annoying but it's also going to be good enough for me since it's mostly just something for me to play with. This would probably unacceptable for a hand tool guy and if enough time is spent on it the back could be made perfectly flat. The blade is double beveled and it did take a very sharp edge. After messing with the blade for two days I didn't even bother checking the sole for flatness. I just made some shavings and it works fine. There is a lot of backlash in the blade depth adjuster, more than one full turn of the knob before engaging the other direction. If there is a way to adjust for backlash it's not obvious to me. All in all they look real good, but probably not what a hand tool guy would want to use. The new ones might be better, if you can get hands on one check the backlash on the blade adjuster. Any blade can be flattened, I grew tired of messing with it though
  9. The Smithsonian is a very neat place (actually many separate building) as is Washington DC in general. There is a Gemini capsule right inside the entrance of the Aerospace building. My gut reaction was 'oh hell no' ....
  10. Sorry to hear the new saw is not perfect out of the box. Hopefully parts will arrive quickly and there will be no more issues.
  11. I just saw this thread for the first time. Wow. Very nicely done. Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures.
  12. The Wixley is only speced at +/- 0.2 degrees accuracy with 0.1 degree display resolution. Repeatability of the one I had would vary 0.1 degree by moving back and forth between the blade and table. Whatever the actual error was in the one I had x 8 cuts to make a jewelry box and I could easily see the gap in the mitered corner. I am glad all y'all are getting better results than I did.
  13. I recently gave my Wixley away. There was too much error for machine setup. I have better results using a square and a triangle. Of course right after I gave the digital gauge away I wanted to cut a 10 degree bevel using the band saw and it would have been plenty accurate for that.