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  1. How do you budget for tools?

    I have been an on again off again part time woodworking hobbyist for years. In my very young days I did buy a couple small tools on credit to fix things around the house. I put a considerable amount of effort into becoming debt free and since achieving that nothing has been bought on credit. Sometimes I have waited a very long time to make a purchase but that isn't a bad thing. Since I retired December 2017 now is not the time to stop living debt free.
  2. Dust collection

    I put a trash can separator that's very similar to your picture of the galvanized can in front of my old 1hp Delta AP400 dust collector mostly to protect the fan from larger chunks. Mission accomplished. I have also been very pleased with how well the trash can collects everything. Certainly not comparable to a high quality cyclone for the fine particles but for tablesaw sawdust and planer shavings it works really well. I also use it at the belt/disc sander and the downdraft table for the palm sanders. IMO its well worth having just for not having to remove/install the lower bag. I have dumped the trash can 7-10 times and there's probably 3-4 cups worth of fine dust in the bag.
  3. My crappy little shop

    A second hand (but still brand new in the box) Ridgid jointer became available today and I bought it. I paid $400. Considering all the compromises involved between the machine, the shop, and the money I think this is a good purchase for me. Thanks for your comments about your jointer.
  4. new toy

    I have the Kreg bandsaw fence and like it. They have changed the design since I got mine from a fence locking screw to a quick release handle. I think I would like to have the quick lock/release handle.
  5. My crappy little shop

  6. Another "New Shop" thread (new member)

    Wow, your shop is nicer than my house. your projects look top notch too.
  7. My crappy little shop

    I like your shop. i share a 2 car garage with my wife's car so my stuff moves all over the place. i am ready to add a jointer and the Ridgid is on the short list. You seem less than thrilled with yours. Could you add additional information about that?

    Dallas TX
  9. anyone guys use recycled timber material before?

    Most of the people here do not have much interest in building the types of things you are producing. The projects most people here are interested in is building fine furniture, cabinets, boxes, toys, and other projects that are considered fine woodworking or wood art. Someone else already said that if they were given the pile of lumber in the picture they would sort it and only keep the biggest and best pieces, I would do the same. Even then getting it clean enough to run through the power tools without destroying blades would be a formidable challenge If I were to use any of that wood you would never know it was reclaimed unless I told you. Right now there is a demand for the style you are producing so if you get satisfaction from building this type of stuff keep on slapping it together and selling it. Good luck to you.
  10. Box top's

    Dang boys.....those are nice boxes. Much respect for your work.
  11. Woodcraft Cabinet making class

    Why the mystery about the class you didn't like? Anyone that may frequent this forum and report back on you is already going to do it. Plus you walked out of the class so any damage has already been done. What was the blatantly wrong information that prompted you to walk out?
  12. Jewelry box for a gift

    I bought the wood from Red River Maple Ltd (Powder Creek Sawmill ?) at the end of June 2016. Unfortunately at this time the company appears to have disappeared. The reason I called it flamed box elder is because that's what the seller called it. I do not know what the exact variety of tree the wood actually comes from. The wood I have has bug holes all through it very much like ambrosia maple I bought the wood green and this is the first project I have used it in. I am disappointed to learn the streaks will turn brown in a short time. The knob is box elder too. I made it by whittling the end of a 1x1x3 inch chunk small enough to fit the chuck of my drill and then spun it on the disc sander to get it round, then I whittled and chiseled the stem into a roundish shape. There's not a good picture of the splines in top tray but they are also box elder. Many thanks to everyone for posting.
  13. Jewelry box for a gift

    Thank you. I had not noticed the eyes before, but you are right.....they are right there staring at me.
  14. Jewelry box for a gift

    Hi, The box sides are walnut and the joinery is finger joints. The top and bottom of the box are flamed box elder and that float in dados. The bottom divider is removable and it is made out of walnut. The joinery for the divider is simple butt joints. The top tray sides is walnut and the corners are mitered with splines. The bottom of the top tray is flamed box elder and it is glued into a rabbet. The divider in the top tray is walnut and it is not removable. Right now the finish is boiled linseed oil, in a day or two I will either wax it or add a coat of wipe on polyurethane. Thanks for taking a look at my box.
  15. Injuries (not bad, but bad enough)

    This morning I decided to use the band saw to cut some oak firewood splits into chunks to use in my Weber Smoky Mountain cooker. I thought I was working carefully and all was going very well. I am not sure exactly what happened but in the blink of an eye I was cut. End result could have been much worse than it was. Pinky finger on left hand got cut across the top of the finger deep enough to need 7 stitches. I have examined the scene of the event and cannot find anything alarming about the piece of wood I was cutting. The 14" bandsaw and blade are also still properly aligned and working correctly. I have thought about it a lot over the past 4 hours and I can only theorize on what happened. I don't know how it could have done it but the blade may have caught on my wedding ring (it has a missing chunk and some serious gouges) and pulled my hand into it or the split I was cutting snagged, rotated, and pulled my hand into the blade and then the blade contacted my wedding ring. In any case I am glad I was not injured any worse. I have always considered the bandsaw to be one of my safest tools, so having an accident while using it is surprising and disturbing to a degree. If this had been the table saw I don't know if a few stitches and a tetanus shot would be enough to patch up the damage. I know there are plenty of previous posts telling everyone to work carefully (and I thought I was), so this is nothing new to this group.....but be careful in the shop.