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  1. yep, the riser block. I should have caught this. I just measured one of my other blades to see how it compared to the new blade and its 105"-ish thanks!
  2. I need some help with blade length for my 14" Jet bandsaw. I picked up a 5/8" - 93.5" length Allpro blade today from Rockler and with tension all the way down I am still no where close to fitting the top wheel. I measured the blade with a tape thinking it was swapped out by mistake but it all checks out. I understand there is some leeway on length say 1-2" that can be tensioned out but this seems way too much. Am I missing something obvious here??? thanks in advance chris
  3. I agree. He wasted a day pondering then used a shop bench for drawers and still ran out of time for adjusting door hardware. He should have been let go. From a strategy point of view, the designer with the chair should be more than upset, he beat out two strong designers but the judges let both of them stay.
  4. Karim is a real eccentric in today's modern design compared to others like Philippe Starck. Arrogant as all get out...he only wears white or pink in public go figure! The dent on the side of the motor cover from the kickback was no joke. Reminds me of some mishaps from my early college days, working in the unattended woodworking shop at 2am finishing a project with a bunch of other kids not knowing how we were to cut and build something!
  5. Nice looking spice rack and a great story to share with us. A good memory with dad while doing something you love to do is far greater than the project itself!
  6. Nice work on the mantel....A pencil and a small washer works great for a scribe. Use the washer as a wheel against the wall surface.
  7. I had no idea this was on again for another season until I stumbled on as it started. Looks like the same kinda group as last year. Like last year after a few minutes you get a good idea the top 2-3. The scale/propitious on some of the beds were way off, the gold leaf bed was for baby bear and the goofy tear drop bed was for papa bear! I too liked the asymmetrical welded bed, creative and appeared well made for 2-3 days of work. Still can't believe the toe stubbing bed won didn't appear to be structural either. Craftsmanship goes along way and I feel these judges throw that out the door! The guy who won it last year had the best looking and made pieces of the group. He also had the most ww'ing experience too.
  8. I use Oshlun 6", good entry level set at $70 on Amazon.
  9. Chris b

    Wood in AZ

    Can anyone chime in if Spellmans, Superior or Peterman's allow the little guy to sift through the pile? The past 5 years or so my WW'ing hobby work has been slow so few boards here and there I go to Woodworkers source where I can sift through and get what I want. I guess in most yards it comes down the forklift operator and his patience to deal with the small guy buying $150 worth of wood?? Its been a few years, but I bought 5 sheet goods from Spellman's and had good service. Just not sure about lumber picking. Thanks in advance Chris
  10. This is one of my favorites that I bought before the web took off. Good intro to wood species, wood movement and basic build techniques. Good illustrations too.
  11. I think it would be more fun to make a Lego table out of Legos! Kidding aside, after building a Thomas train table / Lego table for my boys a few years back. I listed a few changes I would make if I were to do it again. Mostly design and use not so much construction... 1. Adding a tall lip above the table surface, I had 1" but a taller lip would be better. 2. Don't use a chip board like it did, it was nice and smooth at first but warped after spilled drinks, foods etc. then it started to peel/blister. 3. I wish I added a removable top that slide underneath or just set aside. Any legos could be left on the table with a nice top set over the creations for later play. This top will also hide the clutter of Legos or if new toys were to be played on the same table. Possibly the back side of this top could be painted as street, land, etc. 4. Side wells for holding legos 4. Round the hell out of the corners! The table will be used as diving board, race car, fort, etc.
  12. I built a portable miter saw table over Christmas that was featured on FWW a few years back. I found sketch up plans online and took dimensions for the cultist. When I was all done I found has 3 videos about 45 min. total showing how to build the same miter saw table. It's an easy build, made from plywood and is solid. Good luck
  13. You might be able to find low cost two part kits from a mask, special effects materials store where you can buy in small quart size kits. Mix up and pour on to a flat surface to create your own mat, 60" square mat isn't small and will be expensive in material. wtnhighlander is right this stuff isn't cheap! ...what about silicone spray or past wax a board?
  14. The type of silicone is not really important, most adhesives will not stick to the polymers used to formulate silicone. We use RTV molding often where I work and use leftover discs(from the bottom of buckets) for mixing bondo, glue ups for making mold boxes. The brush Rockler sells is really no different than a basting brush I use for grilling.