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  1. Hi, I recently purchased a Laguna 18BX which is a lovely bit of kit and super simple to setup. However i do seem to have one issue with it. The blade seems to wobble or bounce back and forth ... this happens alot more with a thicker blade installed. Do any of you have a good video recommendation to help guide me to fix this? I think its to do with the wheels not being aligned, but i dont know how to test for that or fix it. Many Thanks Luke
  2. HI, im looking to make a mire saw station.. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two stop on the link? 30 and 45?? i want to make the mitre stop where there is no back to it, so i can use the station for other tools So im looking to have the stop drop in front of the path of the wood.... if that makes sense?
  3. I was looking at this one but they look the same to me, but Axminster is about £700 more! So im "Edging" towards ITECH
  4. Hi, I'm looking to get a new edge sander i have found the ITECH 6X110 OSCILLATING EDGE & BOBBIN SANDER 1PH Im just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this sander? You seem to get a lot for the price, could anyone recommend ? Many Thanks Luke
  5. Hi, Im looking to get a new Jessem Mast R Lift Excell II Table Package with Phenolic Top, Fence & Stand router table that uses cylindrical router bodies. Ive been given a list of routers from Jessem that would be compatible. Can anyone recommend a good quality one that can take half inch bits also. Are there any thats not on the list that are worth looking at? Bosch 1617/1618, DeWalt 610/618/616, Makita 1101, Hitachi M12VC and KM12VC, Milwaukee 5625/5615/5616/5619, Rigid R29302, AEG MF1400KE, Felisatti RF
  6. Thanks gents, great setups... i will look into both options. Luke
  7. Hi, I have a small Makita shop vac hooked up to my chop saw. The filter clogs up pretty quickly and it loses its suction. Could anyone recommend an alternative, ive been looking into a something like this... Dust Commander X30 - 30 Litre Industrial Steel Kit But im not 100% sure it will prevent the fine dust from going into the vac. Im not interested in making my own one at the moment. Many Thanks Luke
  8. I'm looking to get a router table. I've got it down to two brands. A jessem or a UJK They both seem to have their pro and cons, the most notable is the table tops. Jessem only seem to offer phenolic whilst UJK offer cast iron. I'm preferring the look of the Jessem, but I'm really unsure about the top that they offer. Would phenolic be a deal breaker for anyone or are they just as good? What would you guys choose between the two tables?
  9. Hi Im making a shelf out of oak. Its 1.5 meters in length 8.5 cm wide and 20mm thick. It has a bow in it that i cant seem to mill out with my planner / thicknesser. Can anyone recommend a video to show me a couple of techniques to help me get the board flat. Many Thanks Luke
  10. I need the thin cut to be between the blade and the fence. I would need to set the fence 7 mm from the blade.
  11. I do want one but they are £80 in the UK, not sure i can afford that at the moe. Thank you though
  12. Hi, i need to cut a couple of hundred thin strips (7mm thick)of solid ash on a table saw. The strips need to be 300mm Long x 22mm Wide x 7 mm thick. Can anyone recommend a video of a jig i can make? Thanks Luke
  13. Thanks for all your advice and ideas, ill give them all a go and ill try and source a 20mm dowel next Im making a pegboard so im after the best fit possible.
  14. Hi, I have a 21 mm dowel and a 20 mm forstner bit. Does anyone have a good tip on how to make the dowel to fit the hole without sanding the dowel down to fit the hole? Im thinking of some sort of router bit jig, but before i go down that route i thought i would ask here to see if there is any better advice. Thanks Luke
  15. Thats good to hear, im liking the look of the jessem