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  1. Thank you, i called to make an offer but it had already sold... back to the drawing board.
  2. Im looking to purchase a wide belt sander. Ive found one that im interested in that fits my budget. Its a SICAR 950MM WIDE BELT SANDER Has anyone ever heard or would recommend this brand? I cant seem to find much about it. Many Thanks Luke
  3. I just find my vac gets full to quick and as it get full the suction gets less.
  4. Hi I have a Makita dust vac and im looking to save on bags and hopefully maintain a strong suction. Has anyone had any experience with the Oneida Deluxe Dust Deputy with 10-Gallon Drum and will it work with my Makita VC2012L? Im looking to connect it to a few machines ... mitre saw small belt sander and a drill press.
  5. Yes, sorry a radius jig to use on a router table. I have one of the cheap ones from Amazon and i get the divot either side of the corner, ive tried a few router bits as well. i just thought if i get one from a company like wood pecker it would be bang on.
  6. Hi Im looking for a decent corner radius jig do anyone have any recommendations ? I bought a cheap set off amazon and they leave track marks before and after the corner, i thought as they were CNC'd they would all be the same... i guess not! I'm based in the UK so that might be a slight issue with brands such as Woodpecker. Thanks for your help.
  7. It seems to be to do with the air flow, as soon as i take off the 3 x dust ports the bag inside the container gets sucked to the walls of the bins, even with all 3 ports open this does not work. So I'm guessing like drzaius i need to few feet of 6 or even 8 inch ducting that drop down to 4 inch as late as possible, this isn't going to work with my current setup. For now i have made an insert to put inside the bag to keep it to the sides which seems to be doing the job. I wish i had known this before hand though, as it could have been a gamechanger. I actually tempted to drill more holes in the 3 x port adapter to allow more air in, not sure if i should though.
  8. Hi I recently set up my Laguna cyclone dust extractor it seems to be working well apart from large chippings are going into the the fine dust collection section. Any ideas why this would be happening, i thought only fine dust was meant to go in this part? Many Thanks Luke
  9. Hi, I finally made a flat worksurface to work from using 25 mm moisture resistant MDF. I was wondering if i could put anything on it that would make it easier to wipe off glue and help protect it a little more? I am planning to add some dog holes so im thinking that would be better to do after a finish. Any advice would be great Many Thanks Luke
  10. Im looking for a digital router gauge for my new Jessem router table. Has anyone had any experience with Wixey Remote Digital Readout? Im looking for something premium to ensure high accuracy. Doesnt seem like there is alot of choice mind. Many thanks Luke
  11. Hi, I purchased a festool parallel guide to help with cutting down sheets of plywood. I cross cut the ply into 3 sections around 80cm wide, so ending up with 3 x 80cm x 120cm. then i need to rip multiple pieces at 16cm wide, so ending up with a sheet of plywood cut up in pieces at 80cm x 16cm. I found out quickly that the guide doesnt work for this as the plywood is to wide (120 cm), if i order the extension would this allow me to achieve them cuts? I hope that actually makes sense Many Thanks Luke
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a flexible but rigid dust hose/attachment that i could clamp to my drill press? I hope that makes sense. Many Thanks Luke
  13. I think within the next 12 months i will have, im thinking about a dedicated one if i do go for the wide belt in the near future.
  14. I'm definitely edging towards Laguna .... purely because it looks awesome! Like some from the set of Alien! Thanks for all your advice everyone!
  15. Hello, My shop is around 1000ft sq and 8 meters in height, possibly soon to be 4 meters and im thinking of adding a second floor. I cant have anything outside as i'm based inside a large hanger type building, if that makes sense. I have 3 shop vacs for my smaller tool i,e router table mitre saw etc. The tools i need the extractor for are my AXMINSTER TRADE AT310SPT SPIRAL PLANER THICKNESSER itech 6x110 oscillating edge & bobbin sander 1ph JET JWDS 1632 DRUM SANDER - This im looking to upgrade to a wide belt sander. Laguna 18-bx-bandsaw - (This has been a nightmare btw) These are to machines im looking to add ITECH TH 410S THICKNESSER WITH SPIRAL CUTTER BLOCK AXMINSTER TRADE AT940DDS DUAL DRUM SANDER - OR A WIDE BELT SANDER and at some point a 5ft x 10ft cnc but that could be a while off yet. I hope all that makes sense.