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  1. Hi Im making a shelf out of oak. Its 1.5 meters in length 8.5 cm wide and 20mm thick. It has a bow in it that i cant seem to mill out with my planner / thicknesser. Can anyone recommend a video to show me a couple of techniques to help me get the board flat. Many Thanks Luke
  2. I need the thin cut to be between the blade and the fence. I would need to set the fence 7 mm from the blade.
  3. I do want one but they are £80 in the UK, not sure i can afford that at the moe. Thank you though
  4. Hi, i need to cut a couple of hundred thin strips (7mm thick)of solid ash on a table saw. The strips need to be 300mm Long x 22mm Wide x 7 mm thick. Can anyone recommend a video of a jig i can make? Thanks Luke
  5. Thanks for all your advice and ideas, ill give them all a go and ill try and source a 20mm dowel next Im making a pegboard so im after the best fit possible.
  6. Hi, I have a 21 mm dowel and a 20 mm forstner bit. Does anyone have a good tip on how to make the dowel to fit the hole without sanding the dowel down to fit the hole? Im thinking of some sort of router bit jig, but before i go down that route i thought i would ask here to see if there is any better advice. Thanks Luke
  7. Thats good to hear, im liking the look of the jessem
  8. Hi, Im looking to get a router table. The one im looking at has a Phenolic top, is that any good or should i go for cast iron? This is the one im looking at is: Jessem Mast R Lift Excell II Table Package with Phenolic Top, Fence & Stand. Another brand im looking at is a UJK Cast Iron one
  9. Thank i have taken your advise on board. Is there a wood stain i can use that will also protect the wood, they arent going to be in contact with lots of water, but i would like to avoid the wood from becoming water stained.
  10. Hi, i have made a couple of small planters out of redwood pine. (Attached) I want to stain them but i also would like to protect them, can anyone recommend what i can use? I've tried boiled linseed oil but not 100% sure thats any good as i noticed water is still absorbed by the wood when it gets some on it. Many Thanks for your help as always.
  11. You think i should drop down to m6?
  12. lHi, I have just made a solid out bench 1.5 meters in length about 16 inch width and 40mm thick. Im going to use hairpin legs and i was just wondering if the below screws would be suitable Its a coach screw M8x30mm Many Thanks
  13. Hi, I've just bought 2 x 3.1 meter of American oak it's 100mm by 50 nominal. I would like to cut each length in 2 and glue together all 4 lengths. I'm then going to add some hair pin legs to it. (classic) The last thing I want is the wood to cup. The moisturiser content is currently around 5%. I was also going to alternate the grain. What other steps can I take to ensure that cupping doesn't happen? Many thanks Luke
  14. That angle idea could work nicely. Cut Flats, do you mean on the side panels?
  15. Hi, im making lounger chair (attached below) Im having trouble attaching the battens around the curves, the curve that dips leaves a void. Any one got any tips? The battens are 70mm wide and around 20mm thick and unfortunately they cant be any slimmer. Below are the 3 things im thinking about trying. Removing (sanding) some material from the battens to make the ends curved, but im not sure how this will affect the overall curve of the chair. Cutting a couple of kerf cutters down the length of the battens to bend the wood to the curve. fill the void with a two part wood filler. Before i try any of the above, i would love to here if there is something different i could try. Many Thanks