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  1. namluke

    Which Clamp to use?

    Just ordered a pair of them, thank you.
  2. namluke

    Which Clamp to use?

    3 to 4 pieces of oak around 1 meter in length, each piece of wood is 20mm thick and around 145mm wide.
  3. Hi, Im looking to make a table top out of a few sheets of wood, 3 to 4 pieces of oak around 1 meter in length, each piece of wood is 20mm thick and around 145mm wide. What clamp would be best to use? Thank you
  4. Hi, I was looking to get a router table so i can attach my router to but a friend said i can have his spindle moulder. What is the difference..... is it just the size ? Many Thanks
  5. namluke

    Air Compressor

    Thank you for all your help. Being from the UK im limited to what you guys have suggested. But i have found this one on sale Will this be ok for just nailing, how many nails will it fire before it has to refill if i fire a nail every second? Or should i go for this larger one??
  6. namluke

    Air Compressor

    Im looking to get a nail gun for stapling / headless pin nails and some trim nails. What size air compressor should i go for? Ive noticed there are a size sizes in liters Thank you
  7. namluke

    What Nail Gun??

    Hi, Im looking for a nail gun for fitting things like architrave and skirting but im also looking to make a few bits of furniture so it would be great to fit trim also. There seems to be so many options, what type is best? Many Thanks
  8. namluke

    Thicknesser on a budget

    I read that it only runs on a 120 volt motor, so its not out in the uk, shame.
  9. namluke

    Thicknesser on a budget

    Is that a better model? I cant seem to find it in the uk
  10. Hi, Im moving into my first workshop on Monday and im looking to get a thicknesser. I would love one of them big cast iron ones but at the moment i cant afford. My budget is around £500, so i was looking at the below model. DeWalt Dw733 230V Portable Thicknesser 1800W Before a purchase can anyone recommend this model? Many Thanks Luke
  11. namluke

    Festool saw blade

    I bought the saw blade in the link above and it worked out perfectly as i had to change the rubber trim on the track saw anyway. Thanks for all your advice though.
  12. namluke

    Festool saw blade

    Hi, I have a festool T55 track saw, I was wondering if they are compatible with blades other than festool, I was looking at using the blade in the below link, the only difference I can see is the kerf... The festool kerf is 2.2mm and the below blade is 2.8mm Will that difference stop it from being compatible? I do love the festool, but I do feel they are over priced.
  13. namluke

    Door Hinges

    Thats awesome thanks for the advice gents.
  14. namluke

    Door Hinges

    Sorry it's an internal residential house door. It's 1981x762x35mm
  15. namluke

    Door Hinges

    Hi, im looking to hand an internal door, the door is 35 mm thick and weighs around 25 kg. What is the best hinge size for this type door im looking to put 3 on it? Many Thanks Luke