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  1. It sounds like one of the previous few costs did not dry completely. I have had issues with waterlox like that. 24 hours is usually enough between coats. Waterlox needs lots of fresh air exchange as well... open windows with cross ventilation and a fan blowing out one is what they recommend.
  2. I bought this a few months ago and due to my sleds and zci being cut with a full kerf, I decided to go back to full-kerf blades. Used for one project. [WW10407100] 10"x40T Woodworker II 3/32" THIN Kerf $85 shipped.
  3. I just got my tracking number from Tool Nut!
  4. I had the Stanley plane and the sole was not square to the bed, so I always got an angled cut and could not adjust the blade enough to compensate. There are multiple stories of this problem to be found online. I sent it back for warranty replacement and they sent me one with a 1/4" gouge right on the edge, making that one unusable. I sold the 2nd replacement on ebay before I even took it out of the box. Didn't lose much money but ended up with an extra iron I didn't recoup. Whole process took many weeks to get worked out. I now have the LN version and could not be happier.
  5. I've watched probably hundreds of sharpening videos over the past few years, but this one makes it very simple. Thomas Lie-Nielsen takes one of their brand new off the machine irons, flattens the back(ruler trick) and hones an edge on them. I wish I would have seen this video first!
  6. Jointer Pal user here too... never had any issues doing it with that jig. Best $30 I've spent.
  7. I have a gas water heater in the garage and do my finishing in there. The gas company did an inspection on our fireplace because we smelled strong fumes last winter. He said the smell was some of the solvent fumes from the garage burning in the air. He went in the garage and checked furnace and water heater. He observed the drying finishes and specifically said I am not in danger of blowing up my house. I was using arm-r-seal that day. He said the concentration would have to be extremely potent for it to combust in the air like that, and that I had nothing to worry about. It gave him no pause and he wasn't the least bit concerned about the finishes.
  8. I tend to agree. I'm in Nashville and have had a saved Craigslist jointer search for over a year and while there may have been a few I might have bought if the timing were better, there really hasn't been much good stuff roll by at decent prices. Everything is covered in rust unless it was specifically taken care of. Our summers get pretty humid. If something good does come up, you have to contact them within 5 minutes or somebody else beat you to it. I have the same thing, probably about that old. Works awesome and the dust collection hood works perfectly for me.
  9. Congrats... same here! I doubled my money flipping an old smaller powermatic jointer today and pulled the trigger on the Jet 6". Rockler was free shipping and no tax for me! Apparently they don't even upcharge for lift-gate service. We will see. Even Amazon was gonna charge me tax.
  10. Full price is now $90, still pretty outrageous. They call it 22" smoothing plane.
  11. It's possible... though it was extremely heavily packed with all of that grease they use, so I thought that was unlikely. I suppose it's also possible someone had it and did a full tune-up on it, but I don't really think so.
  12. I bought this almost as a joke... it was $59 with prime shipping through Amazon Warehouse deals, as it had a banged up box and therefore labeled scratch and dent. I fully expected to send it back. I didn't even sharpen the blade or check anything before taking to to some white oak and was actually amazed at the cut quality. I was instantly getting full width shavings with zero tearout. Then I went to check it with my straight edges and squares... to my surprise everything is flat and dead square! The adjustments all work as they should and the plane feels good overall. Not near as pretty as my other planes overall, but they got it right where it counts, at least on this one! The factory honing on the blade has actually held up through multiple traversing passes while flattening my white oak benchtop, even though all the reviews say the blade is junk. Sometimes you just never know!
  13. I built mine the same way, regardless of the instructions. I'm comfortable testing this point. In my chop, the 8/4 side finished to about 1 13/16... the mortise depth was 1 7/16... I can't imagine a glue line that is buried an additional 5/16" deep going to hurt anything in the strength of this chop. I'm not terribly sure it would matter much even if the glue line was the floor of that mortise.
  14. Have the same one and did the same thing last week! For a small cut it hurt like hell for a few days.
  15. I also have that exact jointer... minus the rust. Paid $100 locally. It works very well, assuming I double check the fence angle before edge jointing. It's easy to be a few degrees off. I've successfully jointed some surprisingly long boards considering the short beds. I rigged up a dust collection port on the bottom, doesn't catch everything but works reasonably well. I found blades easily online... don't remember if I bought craftsman or rigid though, they may be the same anyway.