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  1. I echo what these guys said. I made some Cajon drums from BB and dyed them using oil based paints mixed with danish oil and made one with natural danish oil. Even the natural one came out looking a little weird, its like you can see the glue lines from the under layers through the finish. For drums that will get used and abused I didnt care, but definitely will watch out if I make something else.
  2. we are excited to use it, been over a year in the making. I cant tell you how many people have said "thats too nice to have outside!" New projects?! hmm.. definitely smaller projects. Maybe some jewelry boxes, pen boxes, a shelf or 2 Ive been meaning to work on.... who knows...
  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it, it was definitely a labor of love... and hate for construction grade lumber. I keep telling everyone that my next projects will be things I can hold in my hand. PondHockey, great question. The photos were taken yesterday, not to mention I live in the desert! I did a lot of research on what finish to use and in the end really thought that Marc's plan for exterior doors was the right way to go on the table. He used an oil/varnish blend with blo/epifanes/naptha which is what I did for the first couple of coats, but the table just wouldn't take any more oil because it was stained. I know I will need to sand back and recoat with 1-2 coats each year, at least to the tops. In the end I dont think this will take too long, and is way better than what can happen to thick coats of poly.
  4. I cut mortises in the end of the tops and matching ones on the breadboards like Marc does in his video, although I am certain I took 10x as long without the Domino. I then glued tenons on the top side, and did a traditional breadboard end, floating all the tenons except the inner 2. The benches were done in the spring, and its been amazing to watch the breadboards move over the last 9 months!
  5. Surprisingly enough, 2x10 douglas fir from the Orange store... with as much work as it took to mill it up I would definitely do something nicer the next time. Stained and then finished with Epifanes gloss and then matte. The Matte looks awesome for outdoor projects, but as a wiping varnish mixed 50/50 with naptha did leave streaks I just gave up on getting out. Project took too long as it was!
  6. All, I just wanted to share some pictures of my finally completed outdoor table I built after viewing Marc's videos on his take on a rustic outdoor table. Let me know what you think! Thanks, AJ
  7. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I am relying on my 60 year old mother to take photos using a tablet Ill see if I can get her to help us out a bit.
  8. Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. Here is a picture of the end grain finally. Looks like the cut is right above the pith and does not include it. Thoughts on value with the new information?
  9. All, I am helping my parents clear their estate, and we came by this piece of oak that was cut down nearly 20 years ago. It has sat in the place you see in the image since then. The piece is 13" wide, 10' long, and about 8" tall. I would love if you guys could give me an estimate on value so we have a starting point for selling it. It is located in Michigan. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  10. I applied pretty close to that 24 hour mark.
  11. Alright guys need a bit of advice. I went ahead and mixed Marc's recipe to try on a test board. I realized as I was mixing that I might have a problem because we decided to use a gel stain to darken the wood. Coat one dried in about 24 hours here in Arizona, however coat 2 has been sitting for 48+ and is still tacky. Im beginning to think that using BLO over the gel stain may not have been such a great idea. I absolutely love how the finish self leveled and got so smooth and glossy, but obviously it needs to dry! What can you guys suggest to ensure I get a dry finish. Reference I used 2/5 BLO, 2/5 NAP, 1/5 Epifanes, per Marc's video. I considered going with the traditional 1/3 1/3 1/3 but I am thinking that may not be enough of a change. I appreciate your suggestions!
  12. now that we have narrowed down to using the epifanes mixture can anyone comment on how far a can of epifanes(say the 500ml will go?) trying to judge how much to buy, as I dont have another project to use it on lined up any time in the future.
  13. That makes a lot of sense, thank you for the advise. I'd hate for this thing to fall apart after all the time and effort!
  14. mkrusen, I saw that as an option with the door and table reading through the pages of comments. Can I ask why not go with Matte from the get go? Just my own dumb curiosity really. Thanks in advance for the help! AJ
  15. Hello all. I am in the process of finishing up my version of the Rustic Outdoor Table that Mark built. As its my first project of this scale I went with construction lumber instead of something "nicer". I have seen 2 of his videos regarding finishing outdoor furniture in Arizona(where I am as well) and am looking for advice on which one would be best. In the table video he uses teak oil, which as he states I would need to reapply every year or so. In another video he refinishes his parents door with a home made blend. I am willing to try that application if it will yield a superior product, but wanted the advice of the forum on how you guys would proceed. Thanks in advance for the words!