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  1. I think this would make an interesting show, or online video series. Show what can be done with the tools someone already owns, even if they're missing some major piece(s) of equipment. e.g., jointer but no planer, table saw + trim router only. Situations most of us can relate to, because we've been through it (or are currently going through it).
  2. Speaking from recent experience -- don't forget to plan for dust collection. Things can get out of hand in a hurry without it.
  3. Great info. Thanks to everyone who responded.
  4. Thanks for all of the responses. This place does sell 5/8" BB plywood, so I'm guessing the 5x5 sheet with a 15.5mm thickness must be 5/8" instead of 3/4". Their mistake, but I should have been paying more attention. Bummer. Can anyone recommend a place in or around Atlanta GA to buy quality BB plywood?
  5. When I called to check pricing on 3/4 BB plywood, they said it came in 4x8 and 5x5. No other distinction was made. When I showed up to purchase it, I asked for "3/4 BB plywood". They asked which size, and I said 4x8. They located it, and helped me load it up. That was the first time I've ever seen BB plywood up close, so I wasn't really in a position to judge quality or authenticity. Based on your responses, it sounds to me like they're misrepresenting the Chinese product as BB. This hardwood supplier has been great in every other regard, so maybe there's just some subtlety in their
  6. Jason S.

    Baltic Birch

    My local hardwood supplier sells sheets of 3/4 Baltic Birch in two sizes - 4x8, and 5x5. Yesterday, I just happened to ask if they both came from the same place, and -- much to my surprise -- they don't. The 5x5 sheets are supposedly true Baltic Birch, from Russia. The 4x8 sheets are imitation Baltic Birch, from China. I'd just bought a 4x8 sheet from them a couple weeks ago, but haven't used it yet. I went ahead and picked up a 5x5 sheet while I was there, to compare the two. They are both sold as 3/4 thickness, but the 5x5 sheet is only about 15.5mm thick, while the 4x8 sheet is 18