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  1. I’m going to London. Any good woodworking places or museums to go to??
  2. Hi, is this wood suitable for cutting boards? Was thinking of doing a walnut/pecan blend. Thanks for your help!
  3. 30 days for ARS! Wow. Maybe I won’t be doing it this time.
  4. For those of you that said to wipe off with alcohol, are you referring to denatured alcohol?
  5. Thx to all. I’m in Houston so very humid. After the 3rd coat, I will bring it inside for 2 days and then back out to shop for finishing the finish. I guess I plan to use 5:1 ratio of mineral oil to spirits and will wipe off right after the wet sanding. I plan to use 1200 sandpaper.
  6. I’m using Arm R Seal. How long do I need to let it cure/dry until i can finish the finish with mineral oil and mineral spirits? I’ve never done this before, any other tips?? How long after do I wait to wipe of excess oil??
  7. Should I do all of this fitting after I apply finish or before?
  8. I’m in Houston, so very humid and I’m not a hand tool user yet although I have started. I don’t have a shoulder plane. Also, no false front. How many playing cards did you use? And I will definitely be using wax
  9. I’m doing my first wood on wood drawers. How much space should I leave between the drawers and the side runners? 1/16” or 1/32”? Or should they actually be touching just slightly?
  10. Anyone have a good source for c channel online? Also, any good YouTube videos on using c channel to keep a top flat? I’m not having much luck searching today! Thanks for help.
  11. What Type of fasteners do you recommend to attach a table top to a base where the top is slightly bowed? I was going to use Kreg pocket holes to attach and flatten out but there’s not enough room. Any other ideas?
  12. Ok so I will use arm r seal and then wax. How do I apply the wax? Put on a liberal amount and let it dry and then remove excess and buff out?
  13. Hi, question....I’m doing my first drawers that are wood on wood and will wax them to slide smoothly. My question is.....should I finish (using arm r seal) and then wax or should I wax the drawer runners and not put finish on them? Also I have Renaissance wax, is this sufficient??
  14. Coop- it’s a guy in Missouri City. He’s selling all kinds of stuff and has lots of slabs. Send me a private message.
  15. Is pecan lumber a good choice for a roubo style workbench? I have a local source that is very inexpensive!