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  1. Good morning! I just moved from Houston to Tampa and am looking for plywood to build shop cabinets. I’ve called multiple places and can’t find a medium grade C2 type plywood for less than $50 a sheet for 3/4” sheet. In Houston I could buy China birch for about $35. Maybe this is simply due to lumber prices increasing. Anyone know of a good spot in Tampa area?
  2. Hi, I almost never paint furniture and my wife wants to me build and paint a few pieces so I want to get a sprayer. What do you recommend for spraying paint? And do I need to dilute it ?
  3. Haha. No I didn’t live it it for 3 years. All the things from 2017 worked then and now I have the same issue, again!!
  4. I did all the same things: clean out, spray out, added lubricant, etc and didn’t help at all!
  5. Hey everyone. Unfortunately I need help with his again. Same issues. I have tried everything listed already and it didn’t work. It seems like the bearing arm is moving just fine and is clean. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to move all the way in either direction bc the blade won’t lower beneath the surface and also won’t go high enough to engage the lock for blade changes. Anyone have any other ideas before I call jet? I’m hoping it’s something simple, really don’t want to have to take it all apart.
  6. So I ended up with CMT orange. Amazing!! And much quieter
  7. Thx so much. Have figured out that I need one that has the clearance and is inset as any overlap won’t work. I’ll check out the sites.
  8. Yes thx! I haven’t designed it exactly yet but it would be 3/4” max, probably closer to half an inch.
  9. Hey everyone! Please see attached picture. I’m designing a cabinet and the panels will be on inside of legs. I can’t find proper door hardware that will allow the doors to swing out past the doors. Hard to explain so see the pics. Thanks for help!!!
  10. What is the best combo 10” table saw blade in your opinion??
  11. I’m going to London. Any good woodworking places or museums to go to??
  12. Hi, is this wood suitable for cutting boards? Was thinking of doing a walnut/pecan blend. Thanks for your help!
  13. 30 days for ARS! Wow. Maybe I won’t be doing it this time.
  14. For those of you that said to wipe off with alcohol, are you referring to denatured alcohol?
  15. Thx to all. I’m in Houston so very humid. After the 3rd coat, I will bring it inside for 2 days and then back out to shop for finishing the finish. I guess I plan to use 5:1 ratio of mineral oil to spirits and will wipe off right after the wet sanding. I plan to use 1200 sandpaper.