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  1. Thanks all! Some great comments. I just purchased some 6/4 sapele for a different project. It's great, but it costs an arm and a leg here in the northeast. I think Ash might be the way to go based on the suggestions here. Poplar will be way too soft. I think I'll employ a finishing schedule as Mike and Steve suggested. I'll spray a dye coat, followed by a top coat. I was planning on spraying Target2000 as my topcoat. Not sure if that will be compatible over an alcohol based dye coat. (If I spray shellac, it'll bring the dye back up, right? Other advice here is appreciated.) Either way, after a top coat, I'll use the Java gel stain, followed by spraying the Target2000 waterborne alkyd after plenty of time to dry. Any other comments or criticisms are welcome. I worry I'll start to outsmart myself soon!
  2. Hi All - Next up in my project queue is to make a new dining table to replace the IKEA-special that's there now. The table will measure almost 4'x8'. So, the question: The wife is asking looking at those pottery barn inspired dark espresso colors. So, we've settled on General Finishes Java gel stain. I'm debating what I should construct the table out of. Obviously, the grain and figure of the wood will be largely hidden under the dark color. Given that, what would you all recommend? I was thinking of hard maple for durability but it might be tough to get such a dark color in a light wood like that. Doesn't make any sense to use something expensive like walnut or mahogany. Any recommendations?