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  1. I received the bag amd it is working well. Can anyone give more details on the cyclone
  2. I just picked up an old jet dc 650 dust collector. Does anyone have suggestions for where to buy 1 micron dust bags
  3. I have found a jet 15" planer for sale but it is green and not white. Does anyone know what years jet equipment was green?
  4. I bought the jointer! Jet jj6csx for $300. I am looking for new knives now
  5. I am not buying from an individual. The lumber dealer and local furniture maker here in town bought out a whole shop and is offering this for sale. He stated he would sell it to me only of it checked out after he ran it today. Seeing as how he has a reputation and would like to keep customers being a small outfit I feel like he will be honest. I hope it works out like I think
  6. It looks like this thread got hi jacked but good news I am going to look at a jet 6" jointer tomorrow for $300
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I am really trying to find used equipment due to budget but it is not working well.
  8. As said before I am new to this and have been searching for used equipment. Any opinions on this jointer for $400
  9. Are there any owners of this piece of equipment on here? I've read a few good reviews and a lot of bad reviews that were several years old. I would like to get some newer reviews. I understand that it will have its limitations but for the price and space of a single car garage I have to entertain it. Thanks in advance
  10. Looking at videos for building one. Thanks guys
  11. Jerkface42one. Thanks for the review. I have been told by several people to stay away from these units but glad to read your positive review
  12. Treeslayer good recommendation. I forgot about fixing that outlet. I will get that taken care of I also have a folding workbench/out feed table behind the saw. I will use that for a place to put other tools as needed. The mobile base on the table saw has been very handy
  13. My buddy has a grizzly 6" jointer that seems nice the only complaint is it is not heavy enough. The base needs about 200 lbs added to it to make it stable.
  14. I have been looking at thi jig for the taper and straight line function. I have read that the tape measure will set off the saw stop. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions or experience with this jig.