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  1. Thanks for the replies. Looks like it just isn't possible to run the saw with a non 10" or 8" blade. Flairwoodworks had an interesting suggestion, but that didn't work either. Once the saw is started in the stand-by mode, touching the blade (to remove and swap it with the 7 1/4) sends the saw into an error immediately. You can not put the saw in bypass mode without first starting the saw in standby without errors. If only you could make the saw "think" the blade brake and blade were within the designed distance apart, that would seem to solve this situation. Thanks, and hopefully someone
  2. Hi, I would like to use a 7 1/4 special thin kerf blade in my SS. Now I know that this would prevent the SS safety features/blade brake from working, but that is OK in this limited application. My problem is that when I turn on the saw (using the small initial power switch), there is an error code displayed that indicates the blade brake needs to be adjusted. This is probably because the blade is too far from the brake. I can not seem to override this error code. Does anyone know if this is possible? SS says no, but I would not be surprised if someone has figured out how to to do this.
  3. Thanks for the info on Boards and Beams. I have lived in Clifton for over 50 years and didn't know that place existed! I used to drive up to Condons Lumber in White Plains, NY for "special" lumber.