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  1. AJ_Engineer

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    I would consider this if you don't often hit close to the maximum planing depth on the machine. Re-attaching the plate with it remaining parallel to the cutterhead may be a challenge. With a longer bed that you put in you can shim it to maintain parallel easier than getting that piece re-attached parallel with glue I would think. As a bonus it does get you the increased bed length which has benefits.
  2. AJ_Engineer

    Hinges for blanket chest?

    Another vote for piano hinge. Unless you want a torsion hinge to help with lifting the lid or it not slamming down. That's a requirement in my house with little kids. But they are a bit pricier.
  3. Yeah only a week outside no concern with using an interior finish. Only concern would be what you are doing afterwards with the tables, because dealing with a base coat of an interior finish you would have to pick carefully any future exterior finishes.
  4. AJ_Engineer

    Slab Flattening Jig

    You check your sled with a straight edge while it doesn't have anything just to make sure it's flat to start with? If it really is sagging (check with straight edge after putting weight in middle) then just get some more plywood strips to reinforce/extend the edges as mentioned above. Just screw them into your current sides.
  5. AJ_Engineer

    hearing protection

    Earplugs. Do note that if you wear glasses, as you should to protect your eyes, you will compromise some of the hearing protection from the muffs. Anything really loud and I double up with plugs and muffs. The Surefire ones are nice, as are custom molded ones.
  6. AJ_Engineer

    Structural stability for a base??

    I would say you want a full back behind the drawers for stability. You could skip the unit in the middle, as long as each piece of plywood on the side that comes down is attached to a back on at least one side. A toe kick or anything at the top after that is just for looks.
  7. AJ_Engineer

    Minwax oil modified polyurethane vs GF Enduro var

    I just ordered some GF cans from Woodessense.com in Sask (they also have some other locations out east). Shipping was not too bad and looks like getting a gallon to NS is only $20. I also liked their customer service, quite helpful in some product questions and suggestions. A fair bit cheaper than Lee Valley. There was another supplier in Quebec (don't have the name in my notes) but shipping costs ruled them out for me. That said, I have a few sets of bookshelves in the house that I just used a Minwax wiping poly on and they have held up fine. So far the toddler hasn't damaged them, only the moving company.
  8. AJ_Engineer

    Drawing up and marking out

    Same here. I spend my day job dealing with and making drawings with dimensions so I just can't shake it. Generally I hand draw everything on paper and don't use cadd because I find that when I hand draw it I'm thinking more about what I am going to build and less about using the software, slowing down with the hand drawing helps me consider more options and issues.
  9. AJ_Engineer

    How do you budget for tools?

    Same here for the most part. I do try to buy things that will last and give me the best value for money. I am now at the point where I do not have too many major tool purchases left, and can take on projects that don't require (require, not want) new tools. Although I did just move and the rental house has an unfinished 2 car garage that my tools are now sitting in, so I am saving up for a house I suppose. Should only be about 1.2 million for something decent with a 3 car garage around here.
  10. AJ_Engineer

    tool purchase advise requested

    Another vote for the DW735 and a quality 14" bandsaw if you have a specific need in the near future for a bandsaw. For your budget take into account how much blades and accessories cost, they add up quick. I have the dewalt planer and it serves me just fine. Prices are good on Amazon.
  11. AJ_Engineer

    Networkign Devices Stand

    Instead of a bow clamp I have used a long board, sufficiently stiff, that in this case would run vertically up the side of the case. Clamp at the bottom then have it sticking above the top, put a block between the board and piece where you want the clamping pressure and add a clamp to the top pulling the tops of the board together, increasing the force through the block to give you some clamping pressure in the middle.
  12. You need lateral stiffness & support. As mentioned above the easiest would be to cut a piece of plywood or some sheet product and put it over the back, fastening it to both legs at a minimum and preferably to the legs and top. Another option would be to add bracing in the corners from the top to the legs. Same things we do in a building to keep it from rocking. Either use bracing or sheathing on a wall to take that lateral load.
  13. AJ_Engineer

    How To Design With Pencil And Paper?

    I use AutoCAD quite a bit at work (along with Navisworks) and I still can't get the hang of sketchup. Maybe I should try Fusion 360... For woodworking I do all of my designs and sketches on graph paper with a circle template and a straightedge. Shoot, the circle template can also be used as a straightedge. Generally quick sketches to rough things out and then refine the details through iterations. Doing it by hand for me is the right balance of quick enough to not get frustrated and yet slow enough I can think about what I am doing. Occasionally I have done full size (1:1) sketches for small objects like a bandsaw box.
  14. AJ_Engineer

    Air Compressors. How big?

    I have done just fine blowing mine out with a simple pancake compressor.
  15. AJ_Engineer

    Hauling rough lumber in a SUV

    You can rent a trailer from U haul for $20 to $30 bucks for the day as well, no mileage charges I believe. If delivery isn't a good option.