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  1. AJ_Engineer

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Is there anyone in town that even sells Powermatic gear? I would like to consider a new PM2000B but it's hard to find to compare when I can get a PCS at Lee Valley or KMS.
  2. AJ_Engineer

    How would you make this

    If it is less than 2 dozen or so I'd probably go with the bandsaw and cleanup with a spindle sander. More than that I'd do a long blank first, probably cut the cove first with the table saw, make one or two cuts with the blank on edge at the table saw to remove most of the waste on the convex side, run through a router table to get some of the roundovers, then cut into individual pieces. After that either bandsaw/spindle sander that outside curve or use a template and pattern bit in a router table. 1-5/8" wide is within the range of a reasonable pattern bit.
  3. AJ_Engineer

    Strongly Considering Domino Purchase

    I thought about the 700 with adapter vs 500, and wound up just getting the 500. I'm not going to be making any projects which truly need the 700 and it's a lot bigger than the 500.
  4. AJ_Engineer

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    Insteon should have that. Smart switch + smart outlet. GE also has some Z-wave products I'm not as familiar with.
  5. General Finishes seems to have put out quite a few videos recently, also about some of their sprayable products and how to do that which has helped me.
  6. AJ_Engineer

    Moving shop cross-country...how do my plans sound?

    Condolences on moving to Ohio, from someone who grew up in Michigan. I did a cross-country (or rather, to another country) move last year with all of my tools. Although mine was with a professional moving company. They didn't do anything special with the tools, just loaded them on the truck and strapped them in place. I will second the option of picking up moving blankets at Harbor Freight, I did many years ago for random things and they work well. For your bandsaw, tipping it over should be fine, just protect it from scratches and maybe put something over it so you have a flat spot to stack other light things. You may consider taking the table off, that's usually easy to do. The drillpress, consider taking the head unit off. Generally they come off of the post fairly easily and now you won't have such a top heavy item. Throw the head on the pallet with your table wings. When I bought my drillpress that was how it came in the box, so you may be able to take it apart it fairly easily. Moving these things on their side in/out I would use a big pry bar to lift up the tool, slide a furniture dolly underneath, then move it out. Or spend a few bucks and hire some help for a few hours to load/unload. Dewalt planer I would take off the stand, idea is to reduce the high up weight of the tools if easy/possible so you are less worried about strapping things in. Overall just mind the weight distribution on the trailer to make sure you have the proper tongue weight, and since it's a rental double check the tires when you get it.
  7. AJ_Engineer

    Eastern Washington area

    Welcome to the forum! I enjoyed living in Pullman while working on my masters degree.
  8. AJ_Engineer

    Looking for beginner set of chisels

    Narex set is nice. I would lean towards a smaller, cheaper set combined with getting a good setup for sharpening & honing.
  9. AJ_Engineer

    Possible new project.

    I would consider using a pocket hole in the underside of the larger shelf back into the wall at a stud. Looks like your design has the shelf against the wall and the original has the shelves with a gap between them and the wall. A screw there should provide a significant amount of support and strengthen it up for that end cantilevered out. Could plug it underneath and few would ever see it. That would make how you do the main joint between the shelf and box much less sensitive.
  10. AJ_Engineer

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    I would consider this if you don't often hit close to the maximum planing depth on the machine. Re-attaching the plate with it remaining parallel to the cutterhead may be a challenge. With a longer bed that you put in you can shim it to maintain parallel easier than getting that piece re-attached parallel with glue I would think. As a bonus it does get you the increased bed length which has benefits.
  11. AJ_Engineer

    Hinges for blanket chest?

    Another vote for piano hinge. Unless you want a torsion hinge to help with lifting the lid or it not slamming down. That's a requirement in my house with little kids. But they are a bit pricier.
  12. Yeah only a week outside no concern with using an interior finish. Only concern would be what you are doing afterwards with the tables, because dealing with a base coat of an interior finish you would have to pick carefully any future exterior finishes.
  13. AJ_Engineer

    Slab Flattening Jig

    You check your sled with a straight edge while it doesn't have anything just to make sure it's flat to start with? If it really is sagging (check with straight edge after putting weight in middle) then just get some more plywood strips to reinforce/extend the edges as mentioned above. Just screw them into your current sides.
  14. AJ_Engineer

    hearing protection

    Earplugs. Do note that if you wear glasses, as you should to protect your eyes, you will compromise some of the hearing protection from the muffs. Anything really loud and I double up with plugs and muffs. The Surefire ones are nice, as are custom molded ones.
  15. AJ_Engineer

    Structural stability for a base??

    I would say you want a full back behind the drawers for stability. You could skip the unit in the middle, as long as each piece of plywood on the side that comes down is attached to a back on at least one side. A toe kick or anything at the top after that is just for looks.