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  1. Been off site a few months and I cant get videos to run. Get Bing error 503?? any ideas?
  2. I live in a climate simular to yours (Texas) and have been wondering if I might try spraying outside? I worry about the wind, dust, even small insects etc. Can you give me some do and don'ts before I give it a try. Like temps, wind speed
  3. I going to make some of these from Christmas presents. Any ideas where I might find the velvet liners or preformed ones? ie. where rings or earrings are seperated. I want to make the box to just drop these in.
  4. Thanks everyone, I like the idea of no hinge. Might give one a try.
  5. I'm going to make boxes for christmas presents. Going to finally use my dovetail jig. I need some suggestions for hinges for these boxes. Brass butt hinges(need to be mortised) and barrel hinges need to be beveled I know work but I was hoping there were some non mortise hinges that would work also. Box dimensions 14w x 8 deep x 6 tall, Probably 1/2 to 9/16 thick material. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Mark you need to get the Amazon link info out on your home page. I buy stuff from them all the time and unless I stumbled on the thread had no idea it would help you. Myself and I assume many of us would be more than happy to get you some $$$ for all the free help you provide us. Come on man spread the word.....
  7. Are you saying a router edge guide attached to you router?
  8. How is best way to add juice groove to a cutting board?
  9. Will my Hitachi M12vc router work with the template on this jig?
  10. Can I make a cutting board by cutting 3/4 stock 1 1/2 inches wide and glue the pieces with side grain up? Making board 1 1/2 inches thick. I'm worried about wood movement and cracking?
  11. When is your new book shipping? You said middle of May?
  12. From my experience I always regret buying a cheap tool, seldom regret buying a med-range tool and never regret buying a top of the line tool. Just seems you get what you pay for. Go for one good tool vs two cheap tools everytime for your basic shop tools. Buy the best you can afford, they will last a very long time. Jim
  13. Great feedback, I think I know what to look for now. Didn't think about the 5/8 material vs the back cutter.