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  1. Some cleaners will cause finishes to break down, depending on what they are. I would start as Chestnut suggested and give it a good cleaning. If that doesn't do it, you will probably have to strip it and refinish. I would use a finish stripper and then probably go with an oil finish.
  2. I got the Rockler blade cleaning kit one year for Christmas. It has everything you need to do the cleaning. The soap solution does the job quickly without messing up the blade. 5 minute soak, quick once over with the brush, rinse and pour the soapy stuff back in the bottle. Everything into the cleaning tray, add the lid and slide it under the cabinet. Easy peasy.
  3. Trouble is my paper and and pencil get wet when I try to write the solutions down... So true. Maybe Robin Lee will come up with the Veritas shower writing board or pad.
  4. I am wondering if the veneer is held down with hide glue. If so, removing the old veneer might be easier using steam. Regardless, I suggest taking this to someone local that knows what they are doing to figure it out if maintaining the original integrity of the table is important.
  5. I like the way you modified the base. With sanders, it is amazing how much paraphernalia you accumulate.
  6. Robby W


    Glad you came out of it ok. As for leaving room for airflow, if you think about it, the board being cut completely covers the slot so it doesn't make much difference. I have seen people drill a hole at the entrance side of the blade, just before the slot, to let air in. I doubt it makes much difference.
  7. Robby W


    Congratulations! I thought that was your daughter!
  8. Partial shipment of my Christmas present! This was a filler to use the rest of the gift card and I think I am going to like it. It does a nice job of fitting the cap iron screw on both my Veritas replacement sets and my Lie-Nielsen planes. Kinda cool!
  9. In So. California, we call that an extremely wet year!
  10. I said that backwards. The noise is from the inlet....
  11. While I agree that the noise of the motor is almost nothing, it is the air raid siren impeller attached to it that makes most of the noise. Depending on how the housing directs airflow and chops the air stream up determines how much noise it makes. A lot of the noise from the blower is directed into the outlet of the blower. I was surprised at the noise reduction when I added a cyclone.
  12. I am a huge proponent of the big Milwaukee router. I have had on in my router table for years and absolutely love it. You don't even have to buy a router lift if you don't want to. It comes with a through the table adjustment wrench.
  13. I have found there are several grades of particle board, at least the Melamine Oates stuff. The big box store stuff tends towards junk. The particles are large. The stuff I get at my lumber sealer has a core that has particle size that approaches MDF and is much stronger. Plus it holds fasteners better.
  14. You might want to look up Confirmat screws. They are made specially for joining man-made materials and work very well. Most of the cabinets in my shop are made from melamine covered particle board held together by Confimat screws and have held up very well. Several of them are used for tool stands. You can get them at McFeeley's. You will need a special two step drill bit for them.
  15. There are two sets that I have seen: the Tickler set and the Bora set. They are very similar. I think the Bora set has larger casters on it. I bought a set and put them on my Jet 1442 lathe. It took some work to drill and tap the legs, but it worked. Lathe moves around without any trouble. A bit of an issue to get the lathe up on the wheels - I have to lift it a bit to do so, but not really an issue.