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  1. I changed the tires on my band saw with the wheels right on the saw. Wasn't hard.
  2. Thanks, all. I'll give it a try.
  3. Lee Valley has a warehouse in the USA along the boarder where all US orders are shipped from. No tariffs that way.
  4. How do I select the header? I tried, but I still ended up with the John Doe Replied: part.
  5. Since I tend to scroll with my left hand, I seem to routinely hit the quote link. How do I get rid of it? Sometimes, it blocks my ability to reply.
  6. Pop rivets come in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. A pair of the, one from each side, should do the job easily.
  7. Dang. Reading my.mind again. I had the same thought. And then my wallet but me.
  8. Pop rivets? A roll pin? If you use a nut and bolt, be sure to use a nylok nut.
  9. @TerryMcK - and therein lies my problem. Arrgh!
  10. Thank you, @Tpt life for sending me down that rabbit hole! I ended up watching a half dozen of his videos. But he does make some valid points. Hmmmm. Thanks also to those that chimed in. It looks like the main pro of the Veritas plane is the mouth stop, which I have to admit is pretty nifty. The main pro of the Lie-Neilsen is the better tote shape and angle. I am pretty sure that the lateral setting of the blade won't be a bit issue, because if it is so far out of square that I can't adjust it with the minimal adjustment range of the L-N plane, then it needs grinding anyway. Can yo
  11. The North Pole Express delivery service dropped off a couple gift cards, giving me enough to get the low angle jack plane I have been wanting. The issue is that I can't decide between the Lie-Nielsen and the Veritas planes. I was able to try the Lie-Nielsen at their hand tool event at Palomar College in February, but I haven't seen the Veritas. I am very happy with my Lie-Nielsen planes and like my Veritas shoulder and block planes too. All of them are beautifully machined and perform well. I will be using the plane for both shooting edges and general work. The only difference I can
  12. Getting ready for tonight. Salted, ribs separated and tied. Once it is up to room temperature, it will go in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 hours until it hits 125 degrees, then an hour rest and a final 15 minute blast at 400. I can't wait for the family to arrive. I miss the grandkids. Have a happy and safe holiday!
  13. "Rotated it right two more times in Photo Gallery." Aww, I thought the picture was taken down under.....
  14. Best wishes for you wedding and marriage!
  15. And thus the reason they aren't being used. Someone thought they would make good windbreaks, until the branches fall off.