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  1. I installed three of them years ago. I used 3/4" copper pipe to tie them all together and connected it to the air compressor with a short hose. It's great. Just reach over to the nearest reel and connect to my air tools. I did find that you will have to replace o-rings periodically. I found that the side load in the slip joint can cause them to leak a bit. I just run off the air feed at the compressor between times in the shop.
  2. Robby W


    Do you do contract work? We got 3" total here in San Diego this year. Going to be bad for drought. I heard that they are thinking about limiting the power output from Hoover dam because the water levels are so low.
  3. Aaarrgghh! I ordered some PMV-11 plane and cap irons from Lee Valley back in early February. At the time, they said they were back ordered until March. And then April. And then June. And then July 2nd. And now July 30th. Patience, Robby, patience. I called and they said that they are having problems sourcing the powdered metal. Oh, well.
  4. I am interested in how the tail vise goes for you. I have one sitting in my shop waiting for me to build my new bench. Getting close to starting.
  5. Larger compressor tanks have a burst lan in them to slow this kind of thing down. That looks nasty.
  6. I want to make a snarky comment about moving everything to my house.... You have some nice kit! When I moved my shop some years ago, I found that putting everything on dollies or mobile bases (tools) or casters/dollies (cabinets) paid a huge dividend. You can get good cheap dollies from Harbor Freight. If you are buying castors, I tried a lot of brands, but my favorites are the red ones from Home Depot. They are a decent castor that will hold a lot of weight and not break. Harbor Freight has some too. I wasn't happy with many of the Rockler or Grizzly castors. They failed quickly. Once everything is mobile, I rented a Penske truck that had a ramp, not a liftgate. It wasn't hard for a couple of people to shove everything up into the truck and they have good tiedowns too. As an added bonus, everything is on wheels when you get there, so putting things in position was easy. That monster jointer is going to be fun though. Maybe two dollies for the weight or a Bora heavy duty mobile base.
  7. My granddaughter said something that made my weekend. She likes to vacuum the shop. As we were going back into the house, she turned to me: "I really like the way your shop smells. It smells lime wood." Made my day.
  8. I agree, but have you seen seen of the manuals they out out lately? Some are really good, but most should be shed for wasting natural resources. And bloviate is the perfect word for many of the YouTube videos.
  9. It was probably Japan dryer. I don't have experience with it, but I have heard about being used to speed up drying.
  10. It could be the finish that remains is clouded. It you wipe with a solvent and it clears up, that is the cause. Similar to when you sand walnut and it looks kind of pale - then you put the first coat of finish on and it looks gorgeous.
  11. I don't know, I kinda like it thick.
  12. Let us know if they are better than regular combo squares. I am curious it they are worth the extra money.
  13. I have seen this done in Big Scout camps. They make little flags with the event on it, then run a red string from the label to anoin in the appropriate ring. The one I saw went back to Columbus's time. Kinda made you think.
  14. Melamine can work pretty well if you design it right, but you need to know that there are multiple types and grades. The stuff in the big box stores is the low grade and will have trouble holding fasteners - it crumbles. The better cabinet grade stuff has a denser core and is more structurally strong. All of the cabinets in my shop are made from it and they are strong. You can get it from lumber yards that sell to the cabinet makers. Plywood is better and cheaper there too. Take a look at Confirmat fasteners too. They work great Melanine and MDF panels.
  15. Just remembered a booboo I made one time. There are two types of Johnson's paste wax. One is the normal stuff. The other is Johnson's floor wax, designed to prevent slipping. I put it on my saw once and could barely move a board across it. It was a pain to remove - had to scrub it off with mineral spirits. You might want to avoid it