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  1. Take a look now. I bought these this week.
  2. I used the same system and I am pleased with it. Cost wasn't bad and it can hold a bunch of lumber. Plus, I can rearrange things to suit. @gee-dubis right about not extending down very far. My previous rack was made with 2x4's half-lapped together, but there was a lot of wasted space due to the thickness of the 2x's. This scheme worked better.
  3. Because my wife and I were traveling on Christmas Day, our family decided to move Christmas to this Saturday, the 15th. But I found a stocking stuffer for myself at Home Depot. Every Christmas, they put a set of Bessey clamps on sale. This year, it was a set of four: two 12" and two 6" F-style clamps for $20. I really like the 6" clamps for laminating strips and the 12" clamps get used everywhere, so I picked up a couple of packs. I now officially have too many of the 6" clamps - they won't fit in the area assigned to them on my newish clamp rack and I had to move the new clamps to another spot. I think I have 16 of the 6" now.
  4. I used a set of similar brackets. Mine were flat steel and set in mortises. The entire weight of mattress, box springs, people and assorted bedtime activities were supposed without problem.
  5. TB3 is my go-to glue too. I like most everything about it, except that when you get it on your clothes, it is there to stay. I have a bottle of hide glue that I use when I am worried about PVA spots in the finish. @gee-dub - I know what you mean about always seem to work on the shop. I thought about it, and if I an honest, I have as much fun doing that as I do making projects. Right now, I don't have a project in mind. I guess I am going to work on getting ready to move.
  6. Dang, need the jealousy emoji again.
  7. I would look at two things: are the wheels running true? If the wiggle side to side, you will get the corregation effect. Second, the problem could be a miswelded blade.
  8. Metal casters are good. I have found that with heavy static loads, the rubber casters and some of the cheaper urethane casters either go flat or fail altogether. Surprisingly, I have found that some of the better casters at Harbor Freight work better than many.
  9. @h3nry That needs the new jealousy emoji! I got a Hershey bar with almonds and a KitKat bar from my grandkids. They bought them with their own earnings. First Christmas that they used their own money for presents. It was really good!
  10. It looks pretty nice @gee-dub. I tried a similar cart years ago and I found that a dozen sheets can get really heavy, especially if you have melamine/particle board and MDF in it. One day, I went to move it and the casters failed, which turned me off to the design. Maybe the newer casters will hold up better.
  11. I got reminded why my Lazy boy rocker is called Lazy boy. Just got back from visiting my daughter's family in North Carolina. Looked around the town and found sawmill that will sell me the entire log if I don't mind green and rough. People there were really nice.
  12. That's the table, but I just rounded the numbers. It was one of the few that would fit in on the end of my tablesaw and had the insert size to fit my router lift.
  13. Robby W

    Mobile bases

    Bora also has a mobile base series that has all swivel wheels if you want them.
  14. I used two layers of 3/4" Baltic birch laminated together and covered with Formica top and bottom. I also added a couple of stretchers, one in each side of the cutout for the lift. Even with the weight of a Milwaukee 3 ho router and the router lift, it hasn't sagged. However, given my choice, I would have a cast iron table. Sawstop has an extension table for under $300 that may find its way into my shop soon.
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    Yeah. It's been over 50 years since I could go there. Fun times.