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  1. I have the coping saw. After years of not enough tension in the thin back saws, the KC a revelation. The back is a bit heavier and does take a bit of getting used to, but.much nicer. I am going to get the feet saw when I have the spare cash. You do need to check their website first to make sure you get the version you need. There is a mark III and a mark IV. Swiveling is one of the major differences.
  2. That looks nice, Collin.
  3. I have a very similar top, at least if yours is made of douglas fir like it looks. Anyway, I have a single large screw up through each of the leg trestles into the top (2 total). The top has never moved in the thirty plus years I have had the bench.
  4. Be careful with that type of cabinet. The sides.cime down to sit in the floor and it doesn't take much to cave them in. They are kind of wobbly too. I would fabricate something to fit the bottom that gave good support.
  5. He's doing ok, Coop. Thanks for asking. Still has some side affects, but otherwise ok. I hope your friends are ok too.
  6. It drives me nuts when people wear their masks on their mouth without covering their nose. Grrrrr. My son (35) had bronchitis, which as an asthmatic, he gets fairly frequently. He went to urgent care, which was closed, so he was forced to go the the hospital. Because he was coughing, the forced him into the COVID testing tent. He tested negative. About a week later, when the bronchitis wouldn't respond to the antibiotics, he went back to the docs, he was retested for COVID and tested positive. Pretty sure he got it at the hospital as he had been isolated before and after. He ended up coug
  7. @rainjer has a good idea. It would be like the cabinet was wider at the bottom, but still allow you to lean stuff up against it.
  8. One of the big things that many people don't know is that there needs to be a vent to relieve pressure should something explode.
  9. Yeah. Right now, it will cut, but not very well. It is on my list of things to do. Gotta make a saw vise first.
  10. As I mentioned in some of my other posts, I inherited some tools from my father. One of them was a backsaw that was missing a bolt in the handle. I looked for saw bolts, but only found the Blackburn Tools saw bolts at something like $7 each plus shipping, so I put it off. While messing around the other day, I happened on a closeout at Max Warehouse. They had a bag of 10 saw bolts from Miller Falls for $5. Adding in shipping, it was $10. The best part is they were an almost exact match for what was in the saw already. They fit right into the handle and tightened down nicely.
  11. Does anybody have any infor in the LumTec helical cutter head? How does it compare to the Shelley? They have both on the site. The final cost of the LumTec appears to be slightly less and they appear to be really similar.
  12. So I decided to finally replace the dust collection adapter on my Grizzly G0586 jointer. The plastic thing that came on it doesn't funnel the shavings correctly and J's up the dust chute. Plus it cracked while cleaning it out. Enough is enough. I grabbed a Big Gulp dust good I had laying around and, after a bit of measuring, cut it down to size. I made a plywood frame for it and went to bolt it on. Dang. The bolts are too short. Since it is from Taiwan, everything is metric, fo I grabbed an original bolt and headed down the the big orange store. The bolt didn't fit in there sizer. Se
  13. @Treesner - just fill the dog holes with dogs set flush with the bench top. Take it out when you want to use a holdfast.
  14. Mark J said: ...."You know, we're not throwing out Dad"..... That isn't a problem. He is on my brother's mantle Good words! I'll have to remember that when I am going through things.
  15. The tools are the easy part. The memories going to be harder. Part of them are things like the records from my Boy Scout Troop. The Troop no longer exists, so I don't really know what to do with them. Bunch of stuff like that.