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  1. Robby W

    concerning chisel and dado/groove sizes

    I have too many sizes that I have collected over the years, but when I replaced my everyday chisels with premium chisels, I got 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch chisels. I use the 1/4 and 3/8's on dovetails, the 1/2, and 3/4 for general paring and the 1 inch for flushing things to the surface. I probably use my 1/2" more than any other. The 1/8" chisel is for nitpicky cleanup tasks. These chisels handle 90% of my woodworking tasks. the On top of those, I have a couple of skew chisels, a couple of Japanese chisels for fine dovetailing, a fishtail chisel, a set of mortice chisels.... Having Tool Acquisition Syndrome does not make this an easy write.... Hi, I'm Robby and I am a tool addict It doesn't help that Lie-Nielsen has there tool event less than two miles from house every February. I have actually started giving some away to friends that are starting out on their woodworking journey.
  2. Robby W

    How do you guys hang Biesemeyer fences when not in use?

    My fence hasn't been off the saw in years. My large air compressor tank sits just to the right of my tablesaw and limits the length of things on the right of the blade. The very few times I take the fence off, I either put it on the crossbars of the base or set it on my workbench.
  3. Robby W

    Out-feed Table

    A waxed melamine or laminate surface will allow wood to glide easily. When I am getting ready to do a lot of sawing, I get the Johnson's paste wax and apply a coat. Sheet goods and lumber just glide over the laminte surface of my out feed table when waxed.
  4. Robby W

    Another Broken Bandsaw Blade

    This is a little late to the party but if you are interested in spring pressure at different heights, take the spring to your local shop that builds racing engines. They should have a spring tester that will go up to some pretty high tensions. You could ask them to make you a chart showing spring tension vs installed height. This is a pretty standard thing for racing valve trains. My little dragster engine was set for 750lbs at a 2" install height and checked out close to 2000 lbs at .750 inches of lift.
  5. I have a couple of very good Japanese chisels that I routinely sharpened with waterstones. I recently converted my sharpening routine to use DMT Dia-Sharp plates, finishing with a 8000-10000 grit waterstone and a strop for the final finish. I was thinking about giving my old waterstones to a beginning friend, but then thought about my Japanese chisels. I remember reading somewhere the diamond stones weren't recommended for Japanese chisels. Does anybody have any experience sharpening Japanese chisels with diamonds? Pros? Cons? Thanks!
  6. Robby W

    Shipping vs Traveling with Tools

    Hi, Dylder - you can carry a limited number of tools in you carry-on. I routinely carry a screwdriver and other small tools. Mine beaks down because you are limited to 7" length. I suggest that anyone check with TSA before taking tools in carry-on. Ironically, I was told you can now carry box cutters, the thing used to hijack the 9/11 flights. And the world just keepson spinning....
  7. Robby W

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    Hi, chashint - How loud is your PCS without a blade? That would isolate the saw mechanism noise vs blade induced noise. With the stops near the blade, it could be contributing heavily to the noise. I would be curious to know what it is like without the blade. Interesting that you are using the WW2 option 1 blade. I have one and love it. It rips so much better than the standard blade while still crosscutting adequately.
  8. Robby W

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    The only matching I worry about is the bright shiny sharp edge on my tools. There is where I want them to match! "...anti-engineer jokes...." Hey, wait! I resemble that category too!
  9. Robby W

    Replacing thickness planer Delta RC-33

    I have the RC-33 and if I were in your shoes, I would find someone to fix yours. It has adjustments to fix the alignment problems and the rest sounds like it needs a good cleaning and lubing. It is a much heavier duty planer than any of the lightweight units on the market. Fixing it will probably be cheaper too.
  10. Robby W


    Hi, Collin - decent first try. A trick I learned from the Tage Freid books to fix a gappy cut was to assemble the joint, then take your saw and cut down the gap. Once that is done, take a piece of veneer and glue it into the slot, paying attention to the direction of the grain so straight grain is with straight, end grain with end grain. Done right, the gap will disappear. Keep trying and you will get better.
  11. Robby W

    New Jointer Vibration - What's acceptable ?

    S Darn, you are right. Mine is the G0586. They sure look alike. Mine has the push button switches, otherwise, looks the same.
  12. Robby W

    New Jointer Vibration - What's acceptable ?

    I have that.same.jointer and like it. When I got mine, it made a racket - something loose and rattling. Traced it to the motor. I called Grizzly and they sent me a new motor. After swearing for a few minutes while installing it, it worked fine. They told me not to bother sending the old motor back, so I started digging to see what the problem was. Turns out that the detent drilled.for the fan setscrew wasn't large enough in diameter. Two minutes with a drill solved the problem and now I have motor to upgrade my bandsaw with. Double check to make sure all your pulleys and the motor are tight. After that, if you are still worried about it, replace the belt with a link belt. They tend to take a set that causes vibration. I probably wouldn't worry about any of it. Just enjoy!
  13. Robby W

    good miter gauges that aren't Incra?

    Too bad they don't make the Accumiter gauge anymore. I have one that I got 30 years ago. It is one of the best purchases I ever made. Isn't the miter gauge that comes with the Sawstop pretty good? I thought I remember it having good indexing. Adding a decent fence to it and you would be good to go.
  14. Robby W

    SawStop Router Table

    Hi, Mick - I put my router table extension on the left of the blade and it is one of the one of the best things I ever did. I sized it so my Accumiter gauge could be used without removing the router table fence so I could trim short pieces without tearing things down. The reason I like it is that it provides support when cutting sheet goods and crosscutting long pieces. Since my saw also gets used as an assembly table, it adds space to allow the assembly activities to go smoothly.
  15. Robby W

    Perfect 6" steel rule

    The Lee Valley 60N47.01 is my favorite rule. It does not have the hooks you are looking for, but the scales are great and very easy to read.