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  1. Of you have problems getting the canoe out, give Leroy Jethro Gibbs a call. He has lots of experience getting boats out of his basement....
  2. Richard right about the Grizzly. That saw has been around for years and was upgraded with a riving knife a few years ago. It has won numerous awards over the years. Everything I have heard says it is a good saw and low enough price that you can get a 240 volt outlet for it.
  3. If I were in your shoes, I would skip the hybrid saw and go straight to a cabinet saw. Most hybrid saws have the same trunnion setup your saw does, so going to a hybrid saw won't buy you much. I have the same saw you do - bought it 40 years ago. I upgraded the motor to an industrial quality 2 HP TEFC motor and upgraded the fence to a Biesemeyer 52". After aligning it, the saw has been reliable and done everything I have asked if it. I am having a hard time seeing what kind of an upgrade a hybrid saw would be.
  4. Robby W


    Thank you all for the input. I think I am going with another set of dial calipers. I actually use them to measure thousandths, so I want a good pair. My old Helios calipers won't repeat to that level. Now I get to figure out what I want.
  5. Robby W


    Hi, All - I need to replace a pair of dial calipers I got literally 50 years ago next month in college. It was a good German set, but years of dust have taken its toll and they are losing their accuracy and repeatability. I am debating between the electronic calipers and another set of dial calipers. I have no problems with the idea of dial calipers. Mine did yeoman's duty over the years. I can read them without a problem. Many of the calipers available now days are the electronic versions. Nice big numbers on the indicator and hard to misinterpret the readings, but I am not a huge fan of
  6. I have the DeWalt 12volt cordless drill, screwdriver and impact driver, and I love them. Handy size, light and for most projects, the batteries are adequate. I find I can build a shop cabinet without changing batteries unless I am using Confirmat screws. With a couple of spares on the chargers, I haveyhad a time where I had to wait for a battery. They charge in 30 minutes or so. They have a 3 AH battery now, but the 2 AH works ok for me. They recently came out with a 12 volt brushless version that is down right tiny, but supposed to be more powerful and have even more battery life. I am t
  7. They had a sale on thread taps at MLCS. They had Marc Spagnolo's video on the site, so I hope they are the Wood Whisperer version. Anyway, they should make installing the Lie-Nielsen tail vise when I make my workbench.
  8. My house came with an insulated and drywalled garage, err, shop. It only had one 120v outlet in the shop, which obviously wouldn't cut the mustard. I added a surface mounted subpanel and then ran thin wall conduit (EMT) on the surface. I ran most of it down low and you barely know it is there with all of the stuff hung on the wall. Best part is that anytime I need a new circuit, I just grab the conduit bender and have at it. Even with the drywall and paint, I have to sweep the walls every once in awhile. I would use a slicker paint if I could do it again. Something dust won't stick to as
  9. Robby W

    We're fine

    Good to bear, Tom.
  10. Just thought of something: test your stripper on a small piece to be sure it doesn't delaminate the plywood.
  11. Hi - I don't see a problem with stripping and sanding to bare wood. Just be careful not to sand through the top veneer if it is plywood. From what I can see, that looks like yellow birch, which isn't a poruis wood, so you should be ok. I have the same thing to do to my kitchen, so I will be watching.
  12. Haven't made much headway with it being hot and humid the last couple of weeks. I did solve one minor problem: the cord on my DC blower was too short to get to the outlet from the new position - by about a foot. I suppose I should have replaced it, but I forgot about it until it was up and fastened I place. It's too heavy for me to lift down, so I made an extension cord for it: At least the breaker didn't blow when I tested it
  13. The UPS guy showed up again. This time is was for the sanding mesh rolls I ordered back in May. At least they got here! I have been wanting to try this for sanding turnings. I got the solid sandpaper rolls and they clog almost instantly. I experimented with a sample I got and it worked pretty well. Maybe this will do the trick.
  14. On my birthday, Lee Valley sent me the rest of my Father's Day present my youngest son got me: I use these sanding grips on almost every project and manage to lose one each time. I need to make a box to hold them. Maybe a French insert will remind me to put them away. Then on the 26th, maybe for Christmas in July, I get the zero clearance inserts I ordered on sale. I have been using one of these for the past three years. I really like this insert. It fits well and lasted years. It is just now getting a bit loose in the blade kerf.