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  1. Interesting, since that company also owns Jet and Powermatic. I wonder if they bought Baileigh just to submerge the company and remove competition or get their engineering IP.
  2. I have started fires with metal grinding, even sharpening with my worksharp 3000. A spark landed in the little feathery pile of grinding swarf. No chance I would fire update the welder in my garage shop and I think it is bigger than yours. Too much dust. I have a garden hose standing by too.
  3. I would suggest checking the wear on the inside of the cyclone to be sure the grinding residue hasn't worn the cyclone excessively. Bearings in a motor are easy to change, so done let that be an issue. Make sure the motor is single phase, assuming you have normal house wiring. If you think you can make use of the ductwork and get a good price, go for it. You can always sell the leftovers on eBay. Nice find!
  4. I found something I had forgotten I had. Tossed a bunch of stuff out and out Some stuff away and find the top surface of my workbench...
  5. Hi, Richard - The lamps in my fixtures are 4000K, which I find to be a decent compromise. Plus they cost very little. Most of my work is with the garage door open for natural light, so no color correction issues there. It might pop-up later when I put a mini-split in for summer use. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
  6. Not exactly earth shaking, but a step forward: I finally got the lights hung. Just a bunch of Costco LED fixtures. Three light the main power tool area, one in the middle work area and one over the tool and hardware chests. Two single tube strips are the low level "I have to see to get around lites. The rest are for when I am doing finer work. I put one of the Rockler round reflector LED fixture that I previously posted about over the tablesaw. Some more weeding out and I am on to DC plumbing and electrical for the tool island. If only the weeds in the backyard would take themselves
  7. @JohnG got it right. It was supposed to be Rockler. Their 1.5hp unit got a good review and it is available with a filter.
  8. You might want to take a look at the lie-Neilsen workbenches. I have planed on them and they are rock solid. Very good vise's too.
  9. I would take a hard look at the Tickler 1.5 HP unit. You can get it with a good filter and as long as you keep the hose length down, is plenty big enough for a tablesaw.
  10. I hear you. I have had a bunch of plane irons and cap irons from Lee Valley. Been on order since February. Still got a month to go. Four planes waiting for their PMV 11 blades.....
  11. I use pipe clamps, mainly because I am too cheap to by parallel clamps. I make it a point to alternate the clamps top and bottom to cancel out the tendency to pull the piece off center. I also love that you can use a pipe coupling and splice up clamps of any length. I usually to to HD and by a 10' piece of 3/4" galvanized pipe. I have them cut it into two 4' pieces and a 2' piece. Or three 3' pieces. I have them thread both ends. Cheap, versatile and huge clamping force.
  12. The glass people said that any hip on the edge will cause tempered glass to blow. @Chet Funny, my son was in flip flops too Must be a thing.
  13. It has been awhile since I have been able to update this post. I have accomplished several things, not all related to the shop. There is a bathroom with a tub/shower above my shop. My youngest son moved back in for awhile. I don't mind him moving in. He is quiet, helps around the house and pays a good amount in rent. The tub in his bathroom caused a leak into the shop below. We investigated and found a couple of things. The biggest was that there was a gap between the tile backsplash, the tub and the glass enclosure that the water was funneling water down and into the shop. We dug all of the o
  14. I changed the tires on my band saw with the wheels right on the saw. Wasn't hard.