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I am a hobbyist woodworker. I use both hand and power tools. My shop is a two car garage with only 2 1/4 walls available for hanging things. My power tools include an old Rockwell Contractor's saw hot-rodded with a 2HP motor, a Grizzly 8" jointer, Jet 14" band saw, Delta 13" planer (the cast iron one from Brazil), drill press, Powermatic hollow-chisel mortise, oscillating spindle sander, a Jet 14" lathe and a disk sander I made 30 years ago. I have a 3HP motor laying around that I am going to use to build an 18" wide stationary belt sander someday.

My hand tools are decent quality collected over the years. I use water and diamond stones for sharpening, but I am kind of a lazy sharpener. I have a mix of old Stanley Bailey and Veritas planes, some retrofitted with Hock blades.

Over the years I have built cabinets, coffee, end and regular tables, desks for sound equipment, bookcases, display cases, boxes and all sorts of knickknacks for use around the house. I can cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints by hand or machine, although I tend to rough out the joint by machine and fine tune by hand. Lately, it seems I have been doing a lot of work with sheet goods. I am working on new storage for my shop, which is going to get re-arranged soon.