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  1. I changed the tires on my band saw with the wheels right on the saw. Wasn't hard.
  2. Thanks, all. I'll give it a try.
  3. Lee Valley has a warehouse in the USA along the boarder where all US orders are shipped from. No tariffs that way.
  4. How do I select the header? I tried, but I still ended up with the John Doe Replied: part.
  5. Since I tend to scroll with my left hand, I seem to routinely hit the quote link. How do I get rid of it? Sometimes, it blocks my ability to reply.
  6. Pop rivets come in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. A pair of the, one from each side, should do the job easily.
  7. Dang. Reading my.mind again. I had the same thought. And then my wallet but me.
  8. Pop rivets? A roll pin? If you use a nut and bolt, be sure to use a nylok nut.
  9. @TerryMcK - and therein lies my problem. Arrgh!
  10. Thank you, @Tpt life for sending me down that rabbit hole! I ended up watching a half dozen of his videos. But he does make some valid points. Hmmmm. Thanks also to those that chimed in. It looks like the main pro of the Veritas plane is the mouth stop, which I have to admit is pretty nifty. The main pro of the Lie-Neilsen is the better tote shape and angle. I am pretty sure that the lateral setting of the blade won't be a bit issue, because if it is so far out of square that I can't adjust it with the minimal adjustment range of the L-N plane, then it needs grinding anyway. Can yo
  11. The North Pole Express delivery service dropped off a couple gift cards, giving me enough to get the low angle jack plane I have been wanting. The issue is that I can't decide between the Lie-Nielsen and the Veritas planes. I was able to try the Lie-Nielsen at their hand tool event at Palomar College in February, but I haven't seen the Veritas. I am very happy with my Lie-Nielsen planes and like my Veritas shoulder and block planes too. All of them are beautifully machined and perform well. I will be using the plane for both shooting edges and general work. The only difference I can
  12. Getting ready for tonight. Salted, ribs separated and tied. Once it is up to room temperature, it will go in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 hours until it hits 125 degrees, then an hour rest and a final 15 minute blast at 400. I can't wait for the family to arrive. I miss the grandkids. Have a happy and safe holiday!
  13. "Rotated it right two more times in Photo Gallery." Aww, I thought the picture was taken down under.....
  14. Best wishes for you wedding and marriage!
  15. And thus the reason they aren't being used. Someone thought they would make good windbreaks, until the branches fall off.
  16. I forgot about eucalyptus trees. We have gillions of them. They are known as killer trees because they tend to drop big limbs on passersby. And they go up like a candle when on fire. They are a bear to cut down because they are so hard. Originally brought here from down under for railroad ties, they now infest California. Their leaves are sticky and the seed pods hurt if you step on them barefoot (hey, I was a kid once!). And you can't cut decent lumber from the trees. The stuff twists and splits like crazy. You can make good stuff to clear your nose from the oil.
  17. Wait.... What are "woods"? That is something I love about the Eastern part of the US. We have conifer forests in some areas, and the Northeast has forests, but So. Cal basically has desert. And for lumber, you basically have to buy it. Only urban lumber here and not much of that.
  18. I would love to live somewhere where the state colors weren't light brown, medium brown and dark brown, but everywhere that is green is also really humid and hit during the summer. I guess you can't have everything.
  19. Where are you located? Back in the day when Beaver Pond (I think I got that right - it's been a long time) existed, we had a So. California gathering. It was fun. There were about a dozen people there.
  20. @wtnhighlander Since I was racing in sportsman classes, I would be surprised to find I was on TV, but it is a nice fantasy. I enjoyed those times and learned a lot. Tearing apart a piece of machinery does not bother me at all. Good times! I also saw the comments on Jay Bates site. I am a bit jealous as we don't have any dragstrips in San Diego area. I used to race at Irwindale and Orange County raceways, but they are gone now. Because of COVID, Pomona is shut down, so I didn't l get to see the finals this year. To bring this back to woodworking, we did have wooden grips on our steer
  21. It was a rear engined B/Dragster. No wings back then. We built the car from a stack of chrome moly tubing to SEMA specs. The engine was a Mopar 340 running W2 heads with titanium valves. Heads were ported and matches to a customized tunnel ram manifold that was more epoxy then aluminum. A pair of reworked Holly 660 double pumpers topped it off. Our best runs were in the 8:40's at 180 mph, not too bad for the 1970's. Blew the engine on the starting line of the 1977 winter nationals in Pomona and didn't have enough money to rebuild it. Sigh. If I had the money I spent on that car, I would
  22. This may sound stupid, but is the floor level! That can cause all kinds of problems if the leveling is different between open and closed.
  23. I like your use of those new Rockler hose adapter/mount gadgets. I think they are one of the better things they came up with. They are made from good material too.
  24. Back in my youth when I was racing, we used to wash the face shield of our helmets with Dawn dish soap and only partially rinse it. The small amount of residue would prevent the fogging. I can attest to the fact that a fogged face shield at 200 mph causes a bit of a problem. This truck worked for me. Now days, they have better stuff that the fuel drivers use, but I am not sure what it is.
  25. I bought a set of the MLCS slot cutters and they work fine. It came with an arbor and one each of the common slot cutters, plus the necessary bearings. I do suggest you rig up a router table for this, even if it is only a piece of plywood with a hole in it and a piece of something rigged as a fence with clamps.