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  1. I have a Sandvick that I inherited from my father. It is one of my favorites. I will probably rehandle it someday. My father cut the ears off if the handle so he could cut with the saw upside down when doing remodel work. He was a remodel and repair contractor. It sharpens nicely and saws well.
  2. I remember reading somewhere (FWW?) that Europeans take their cabinets with them when they move, and that they allow for this. They even move the lightbulbs! That is one way to guarantee the kitchen is the way your wife likes it. What I am really interested in is the angles, scouting and such of the chair. It was really.comfortable.
  3. Hi, Candice - assuming the wood on the top is solid wood, you could take a long piece of wood, say a foot long or longer, and glue some 100 grit sandpaper. Going with the grain, sand the top untill it is even and flat using long smooth strokes. Shirt strokes will dig divots in the surface. Don't send across the grain - that will make scratches that will be extremely difficult to remove. When the top is flat, switch to 120 grit paper and sand to remove the 100 grit scratches. Repeat with 150, 180 and 220 grit. You can skip the 120 and 180 if you want, but it will be faster if you don't. After the 220 grit, you should be ready to finish. If the top is veneered, you will sand through it quickly. You can re-veneer it rather easily. Check YouTube for ways to do it. Our host, the Wood Whisperer, has videos that will cover it. Let us know how it comes out.
  4. @BonPacific asked: was it the Nordviken chair? It might have been. I think it has vertical back slats. Either way, it was a good sit. I was impressed with the quality and fit.
  5. My wife and I went down to the Ikea store to get some ideas for our new house. I know - I'll cut a corner off my woodworker's card later. We are going to need a few chairs before I can get my shop up and running. They have a wooden chair for about $70 that looked like it fit the bill, so I got one down from their display and tried it. That has to have been the most comfortable hard seat chair I have ever sat in! The seat was perfectly scooped, the back was at the perfect angle and radius. I thing I am going to use this chair as a model for the dining room chairs I have to build in the future. Unfortunately, I can't find the picture of it on the website, but I think we will own four of them in October after our move.
  6. That truck works even better with hide glue, as it doesn't show under the finish line PVA or epoxy does.
  7. So withdrawal instead of a wire transfer, huh?
  8. Another possibility is tempered glass. Very rigid and strong. That is what shower doors are made of. I have a shower door that is 36" wide and 72" tall - one sheet of 1/8" there's glass.
  9. Robby W

    Windows 11?

    The are some changes in the user interface, but the biggest changes are under the hood with improved security features. I made the change when I got a new laptop and, other than some cussing and a scowling while I got things set up to my satisfaction, I can't say anything really bad about it.
  10. I tried some TB liquid hide glue on a project and it worked fine. It worked well enough that I don't remember what I used it. That is my favorite kind of glue. It works without issues. I think I used it on a box where I didn't want glue spill to mess up the finish and it did exactly what I wanted. I couldn't see it under the finish. I will be using it some more in the future for project that won't see outside exposure.
  11. Bought a place to build my new shop. House is in Yadkinville, NC. Inspection in Wednesday, probably close in a few weeks. Out of house is gorgeous, inside will need an entire gut and rebuild. Once place to put the shop and even has a handicapped rp for my wife. Special feature: the previous owner ran a beauty salon from the house, so we get to figure.out what to do with that space. Now the dreaming and planning start. I think I am going to be limited to 600 sq. ft. by the city, but since there is another large shed on the property, I think I can get by with that. Party time!
  12. I am going to let a.miving company do it. Most of my stuff is on wheels, so the just have to stretch wrap the cabinets and roll it up the ramp. I am meeting with the moving company in a couple of weeks to hash things out. We are.looking for something in the Yadkinville, Hamptonville, Elkin area. I am hoping to buy in the next week or so. Kinda exciting.
  13. I'm sitting on an airplane bored. Hopefully, we are going to buy a house in North Carolina this trip. Then I can bore everyone with the tales of moving and setting up shop. We are leaving most of our furniture behind to save on moving costs, so I will have lots of projects when I do get things up and running. Kinda scary doing this late in life, but I am looking forward to life in a new state and environment. @JohnG - I think we are going to be near each other.
  14. I would not be afraid of a dovetail ways jointer. I have had two. Once you set them up, you kinda ignore it. It isn't that hard to realign if necessary. Then again, I am one of those that sets up a machine and doesn't mess with it. I don't change depth very often, so very little wear.
  15. For shooting, I got a set of custom molded earplugs. They work great at the shotgun range and for smaller pistols. Good in the home shop too. For heavy guns and really big pistols, I add a set of ear muffs over them. Kinda weird hearing your blood move in your head, but no ringing at the end of the day. I shoot some very heavy caliber competition pistols and they really roar, so go protection is essential. The work really well at the drag races too and very comfortable. I got them at the local gun show
  16. I like the way you did it. I have my hopped up Rockwell contractor's saw set up in one place. Then I aligned it to within a thou and have been using it without have to tweak it for 20 years. I dread moving it.
  17. Hi, @woodworking_hobby. Yes, Evap-o-Rust is a rust remover. Supposed to be one of the best. I thought about the cleaning pad, but I am hoping to keep the black Japaning on the plane. Plus, I'm lazy...
  18. Robby W

    Fire Nearby

    I don't know. Have to check in it.
  19. Robby W

    Fire Nearby

    Be glad you aren't classified as a fire zone. They reclassified my area as a fire zone and my insurance company cancelled us. I had to hunt all over the place and finally found it at triple the old rate. Glad to hear you are ok.
  20. Good news. Thanks all. I'll give it a try.
  21. I know I can use Coca-Cola or vinegar to do this, but I was wondering if I can use Evap-o-Rust to remove the light to medium rust on a number 5 1/2 Bailey I have. Does it leave any kind of coating behind like phosphoric acid based derusting agents do? I'm too impatient to wait days for it and don't have a container long enough, although I suppose one of those disposable wallpaper trays would work.
  22. California isn't too far behind. We were at $6.50 a gallon, now you can find it for $5.30. when I filled up with 14.5 gallons the last week, it was $87+/-. I wish the world leaders wouldn't think they had to prove who is better and who has to do it their way.
  23. Robby W


    I learned something today: apparently, I am not fat. I just have tactical love handles!
  24. I have found them at Home Depot for a reasonable price. Rocker, Lee Valley have them too. Harbor Freight as well.
  25. I loooove rare earth magnets. Most of my door latches use the. I use them to hold things in place. I have one in my brush I use to sweep chips up with. I even use them to hold my plans/notes up on the dust pickup overarm. Great stuff.