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  1. I bought that project when it was on sale, I'll tackle it one day haha.
  2. Fresh out of oyster crackers at my house, maybe when it's winter and chili time I'll restock haha.
  3. Quick journal since there isn’t a project showcase anymore haha. Even though I have a lathe and turn a lot, wanted to try something new, power carving a bowl. Ordered an arbortech mini turbo plane and their sanding attachment for my grinder, which I bought at the glorious harbor freight. Instead of trying on crap wood first, went for it using a Concinnia burl from Australia. The challenge with doing these are figuring out how to secure the piece, there’s a jawhorse thing you could buy which would make life easier but for like $150, so I used some wood and clamps on my outfeed table which worked fine. Probably wasn’t smart to do it in my shop because it’s a dusty mess. It’s pretty straight forward, just start grinding away, stopping to check the thickness so you don’t ruin it. The mini plane leaves some tear out that would take awhile trying to sand out so I got a medium grit wheel from King Arthur, it was nice because it was easier to control and leveled out areas a lot easier but the turbo plane is good for bulk removal. Then comes the fun part, sanding for a long time. The arbortech sander is nice but didn’t do great with cleaning with the real rough spots, used my regular sander for that but then their sander for the higher grits. The major complaint with their sander is the sanding discs are not velcro, so changing them sucks because once used, they aren’t really sticky enough to use again, might glue on some Velcro to it for the future. This burl had hidden cracks inside, I might have been able to grind them away since they didn’t go all the way through but didn’t want to risk blowing through the bottom. So, using ca glue and crushed turquoise, filled them up and sanded some more. For the finish I used high gloss tungoil varnish, formbys or whatever it’s called. Might go back and flatten a spot on the bottom so it sits better but gotta find time for that. Still happy the way it turned out, went on splurged on quite a few more burls to make some more. Some of my pics wouldn’t load but you get the idea haha.
  4. I have plastic polish I use for my turnings, haven't heard of those brands though, where do you get them? Would you just buff the affected area with the polish and like a lent free rag or something? Kind of want to use this as an excuse to buy a sanding and polishing set up from festool haha.
  5. My wife has a client that had her table get some fine scratches on it and she came to me for a solution. Was hoping they could be buffed out but wanted to ask the experts. A couple people suggested paste wax and 0000 steel wool. Seemed like a good idea but didn’t know if it could affect the sheen? What say you finish experts?
  6. As in like balance or thickness? I've written with most of my pens and they all seem to work fine, love how rollerballs write. Of course one pen I'm not fond of writing with was this specific kit that I used to make some family members xmas presents last year. Was really the best quality kit I've used technically, each kit cost around $24 I believe which is high compared to what I usually work with, but the balance was way off, or the length as well as balance. Made myself one, the pens have sentimental value because of what they're made from but I won't be grabbing it to write out anything more than my name with haha.
  7. Have been trying new pen kits and making blanks lately since I got set up for stabilizing and casting. The first is a blank that was 3D printed by someone and I filled in the holes with resin. The next is maple burl I stabilized and cast. Hoping the uniqueness will help them sell.
  8. I've thought about making some pipes, I'm sure they'd sell just not sure about a finish choice for someone to be sucking on, of course they're inhaling smoke so they might not be concerned about that.
  9. Some people make turning nice stuff look easy, but turning spindle work or something like bottle stoppers, easy to go from square block to looks like a wiener looking real fast on accident haha, might sell better since.. well n/m.
  10. Turned this peppermill this weekend, 2nd one I’ve done, this one went a lot better than my first after watching a demo and learning some tricks. Thought about doing a journal when I make my next one, plan on making a decent amount to sell at shows this year. Seems like the hardest part is trying to find a design that looks good and doesn’t look like a wiener haha. Didn’t see the project showcase spot anymore so figured this would be a good spot.
  11. Here’s a pic of where it’s going and the floor which is what it’ll be stained to match, looks cherry colored. Would be easy if I could use cherry ply and cherry wood, got a lot of cherry.
  12. It won't have a door like the one pictured, probably shouldn't have posted a pic of it since it's not really anything like it, but would give you an idea I guess. Figured I'd get maple plywood and use maple for the front since they're staining it, of course the only maple I have is curly maple which I'm def not going to waste. Got any other plywood/wood combos that might be a better option or stain well, poplar perhaps?
  13. My wife’s friend asked if I could make them a mantel, figured it wouldn’t be anything complicated. Well she sent me a pic and a rough sketch of what they were wanting. It’s basically a hollow mantel with 3 sections inside for a small shelf for dvd and directv box. My thought was easy, make a plywood box, and put a solid wood face on it, and do plywood shelf inside. They want to stain it themselves and hang it. What are your all’s thoughts or concerns. I wonder how the plywood/glue in it would handle the heat, which is my main concern. The face would be two inch wide, didn’t know if that would be a problem with movement, or how I would attach it to allow wood movement. The second pic is what she sent which gave her the idea, but won’t really look like it. Her drawing should give you an idea. So any thoughts or help would be appreciated.