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  1. Those are supposed to be fantastic. No telling what that would have sold for on Ebay. A lot more than $25, I'd bet my lunch on it. Edit to add and point, lol.
  2. I have had a gripper for 5+ years and I use it a regular push pad. I never got the hang of using it as intended, I always figured it would be a matter of time before I set it wrong and pushed it right through the blade.
  3. The more I think about it, the more I don't think the drawer design is important to her. She did buy a dining table made out of framing lumber after all I'll double check with her and see if that's the case. If so, I'll just frame the drawer assembly more traditionally. Thanks for that long post Drew.
  4. Been around Coop. Took up another hobby that takes some time, and just generally haven't been in the shop much the past several months. I'm too deep though, even if I disappear for a bit now and again I'll keep coming back.
  5. Bought myself a VSCT fence. I just realized that my Grizzly's guide rails are not standard Bies sizes. I'm not committed to the new fence enough to make new rails...unless I'm missing something and someone has seen a VSCT on a 715, I'm just gonna sell it.
  6. Hola folks, I'm still here I was contacted by a co-worker this morning who is looking for an entry table with specific dimensions inspired by the table in this (first) photo. Except for a few crafty items I owe the wife, I have no projects in the pipeline so I will probably give it a go. Nothing complicated here, except I'm not sure what is going on with the drawers. Anyone know of a similar project that has been documented somewhere that I can see the construction? I have to decide wood species...naturally she bought a stained pine dining table that will be near the entry a
  7. Thanks Coop. I haven't been real active here or in the shop this summer, but I'm not going anywhere. I'm aware of the Houston area copper. The ambushes and targeted killings are the hardest to stomach.
  8. Yesssssir. I ordered directly from this page.
  9. I installed the Rikon impeller today. HUGE difference in suction. I should have done this a long time ago. My super scientific "put my hand in front of the hose" test showed nearly doubled cfm's.
  10. At least they're cheap. I thought maybe Infinity or one of the other aftermarket companies had carbide knives, but I couldn't find them. Thanks! I could probably touch them up a time or two. I want to get a new set to have on stand by in case I screw them up though, lol.
  11. For those who have straight knives, do we need to buy replacements from Felder or are there better alternatives?
  12. If I threw out a number it would be a wild guess and I'd be off a long ways. The best I can say is it seemed to go real quick. I usually don't have whole shop days, usually just one or two hours at a time, and it doesn't seem like I spent a lot of hours in this build at all. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but the live edge dead man was just a hair brained, spur of the moment idea. I had no real use for the board otherwise and thought it might flow well with the old-timey feel for the rest of the bench. It's actually only 4/4, so I laminated a second 4/4 board with a heavy cham
  13. Thanks man. I was lukewarm to the look of the bench until I wiped it down with mineral spirits the first time. I dig the color. I thought about filling the pores of the top, and I suppose theres no reason I can't do so at some point.
  14. bleedinblue


    Real. The ads won't keep out of my Facebook feed. Not sure why the algorithm thinks I need ads on personal massagers.
  15. Same. Occassionally I'll get brave and venture toward Minwax wipe on poly, or most recently Waterlox...both of which have extremely similar properties, application method and results as ARS