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  1. bleedinblue

    Japanese vs Western Chisels wife is out of town for four days next week and I am home alone with our kid. These are a gift from her to me for not protesting this. Thing is, she doesn't know about it and I need delivery to be between Tuesday morning and Friday night
  2. bleedinblue

    Japanese vs Western Chisels

    I got frustrated at the Japanese chisels being out of stock and ordered some Lie Nielsens. They'll likely do just fine for me, especially considering I use cherry and walnut 90% of the time. When I start hand cutting dovetails I'll just grab a fish tail or two.
  3. bleedinblue

    Japanese vs Western Chisels

    Interesting. Maybe I'll go for Japanese after all. Derek, it's a safe bet the ones from Lee Valley are better than the ones from TFWW? I'm gonna set the guilt-free budget at about $300. LV is pushing that, but not too horribly.
  4. bleedinblue

    Japanese vs Western Chisels

    I couldn't find a similar thread, though I'm sure I missed them. Mid-grade Japanese chisels such as these from TFWW or Lie Nielsen? I don't have either available locally so putting my hands on them before ordering is a no-go. I know the handle design may be the biggest functional difference. I know the Japanese chisels SHOULD hold an edge better. I think the LNs are much more attractive. What else am I missing? The backs of each should be very close to flat out of the box right?
  5. bleedinblue

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    IIRC that video didn't necessarily bash the Domino exactly, just pointed out cheaper options for the same that the video that he built a table using different joinery for each apron/leg joint? It was definitely one of his weaker videos. When he got the new shop he drastically improved his tooling...I haven't paid attention to see if his way of thinking changed. **I just watched his video of the table base build. Ugh. Pretty painful. Rout right through pin nails for round overs, saw dust, glue and screwdriver burnishing to hide bad miter.....etc. I guess his level of work has NOT gone up with the quality of his shop.**
  6. bleedinblue

    8" Delta jointer. Ideas on what I could sell it for

    An 8" wired in 120? If you were in my area I'd give you $6-700 right now, just because it would keep me from having to go 220. The HP is a little low though.
  7. bleedinblue

    Another Broken Bandsaw Blade

    That's a lot of blades for sure, but it is also a bit of a testament to buying quality blades in the first place. Break a $20 blade and you have zero chance at getting it replaced for free, even if it is days after purchase...even if you have TWO of them break. DAMHIK. Nearly caused Highland WW to lose all business from me, if I didn't like the Woodslicer so much it would have.
  8. bleedinblue

    Morris Chair

    Huge slowdown in progress. My upholstery guy just now today was able to take the chair...he hopes to get it done sometime in August.
  9. bleedinblue

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    Is there slop in the factory miter gauge? When it sits in the miter slot, can you wiggle it from side to side? Before you drop the coin on a nice miter gauge, build a sled. It's safer and in a lot of ways, more versatile. Plus, you can say you made something. Here is Marc's video, but you can go to Youtube and take your pick.
  10. bleedinblue

    Varnish choices

    I almost exclusively use wipe ons. Minwax wipe on poly, ARS, and most recently Waterlox...they're all three so similar I can't definitively say which I prefer.
  11. bleedinblue

    Morris Chair

    Difference indeed. I don't know how well the cell phone pictures picked it up, but there is a lot of figure that I did not realize was there.
  12. bleedinblue

    Morris Chair Pair

    I had wondered about the angle of the seat panel. It seems pretty shallow.
  13. bleedinblue

    Morris Chair

    I was really nervous starting the finishing process, kept thinking I'd find I had hidden squeeze out on every other joint, dents, or I didn't sand well enough. Most of my fears were unfounded. There may or may not be a couple of penciled in numbers on the inside of a couple slats, I can not confirm or deny.
  14. bleedinblue

    Morris Chair

    Taking the safe route and just going waterlox. I didn't even do a test piece since I knew basically the result would be similar to ARS. First coat is done. NOW I'm getting excited.
  15. bleedinblue

    Morris chair follow up journal

    Beautiful chair! I love the cloud lifts and the mesquite is fantastic.