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  1. Flat Tooth Grind Blade

    Great price on this...
  2. TSO grs-16 Guide Rail Square

    I can't figure how the rail square would be the cause of the track shifting. I've never used clamps with my track saw...mainly because I have always cut sheet goods on the floor and I haven't figured out how to get clamps in there. I rarely have any problems with the track shifting during the cut, and the couple of times it happened it was because I wasn't paying attention and put pressure on one side or the other inadvertently. That said...does the "grippy" surface on the bottom of the track lose it's grip after time? It seems to be common sense that it will. I'm sure I'll have to figure out a way to incorporate clamps at some point.
  3. Morris Chair

    No pictures, but I got the tenons dressed this evening and a dry fit of the back done (sans curves). The back fits perfectly between the arms...probably 1/16th of wiggle room on each side. With the back held in place you get a better sense of the size of this chair. It is...significant. I'm really looking forward to getting the curves laid out and cut...almost to the end of this journey. I'm ready to get this thing out of my shop!
  4. Morris Chair

    LOL, I've watched the video a few times but glossed over a lot of it, knowing I was going to take the "easy way." Thanks for the sanity check.
  5. Morris Chair

    Perfect! That puts me right where I need to be then. I'm still confused by the template, since it has tenons drawn in and has an OVERALL length of 20 3/8", but I'm gonna make one more check on the chair it's self and go for it.
  6. Morris Chair

    Does this length not account for the tenons? Placing my side rails in place, there is exactly 20 1/8" space between the arms.
  7. Morris Chair

    I think I just realized the problem. I think the sizes from the plan account for the length lost in the bent lam process. I am confident enough now to keep charging forward.
  8. Morris Chair

    Yoooo Nut. Emergency technical question....I will likely have to figure it out before you can reply, but what he hell... The back slats, per the plans, are 21 3/4"...however the template only measures to about 20 3/8" (that includes the 1/2" tenons) I'm not sure what I'm missing. Not sure if the template printed wrong, the plans are rough size, it's an error, or I'm missing something obvious.
  9. Morris Chair

    No thanks man. Boxing and shipping it would be a pain in the...butt. It's not worth your inconvenience. Thanks for the offer though,
  10. Morris Chair

    Certainly. I've got a ton of 4/4 stock. This is a possibility, but I don't want the curve to expose mismatched grain at the glue line when it's cut.
  11. Morris Chair

    Got thr mortises done in the back side rails. Pretty uneventful, except the offset from my guide bushing to the router bit was apparently different from the plans. All of the mortises came out about an 1/4" too long. Not a huge problem, I'll just make the back slats wider. I moved on to selecting stock for the back slats and I'm short. I literally need a piece of 8/4 that is 21" long and 2" wide. So dumb. Rather than spend an afternoon to go to the yard I'm going to see if Bell Forrest (or any other online source) can send me a piece.
  12. Morris Chair

    I probably worded that wrong. I am positive everything at Joann's is fake, I was just saying that if I didn't know differently I could have easily believed it was real. A lot of them felt great.
  13. Morris Chair

    We went to Joann's yesterday to put our hands on some of their faux leather. Most of them, if I wasn't looking at their backing (and the price tag), were indistinguishable for idiots like me between fake and real. Still shopping, but leaning heavily toward this route.
  14. First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

  15. Morris Chair

    Indeed. Before I made the purchase I contacted their customer service to ask if the warranty would be honored if the machine was new, but bought from a non-dealer. They said it wouldn't be, but if there were any issues to contact them and they'd do what they can. The impressive thing is they answered the email in twelve hours or less. There's value in that in my opinion.