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  1. For your first hand plane, I suggest buying a (new) quality one.  LN or Veritas, it doesn't matter.  You CAN get by with a WoodRiver, they're really not bad and will likely get you 90% of LN performance at bargain.  If you buy a vintage plane and try to tune it yourself, you'll likely not nail it and you need to feel/see how a quality plane is supposed to work. 

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  2. I have the Hammer A3-31 with straight knives.  I've had it for two or three years now and can't get used to the European blade guard.  I don't like taking my front hand off the piece to go over the guard, even for a second.  I THINK I would have been just as happy, or happier, with the Jet with helical heads, but that's just based on reviews of the jet, I haven't had hands on.

    For my space, I don't regret the purchase.  If I had a slightly larger shop I would want to move away from a combo machine.

    For the Morris chair, I skipped the through tenons alltogether.  I'm not even sure why, maybe I mentioned it in my journal?  I think maybe I accidentally cut the legs too short, or maybe I found a defect that I had to cut out?

    In the end, the only reason I "miss" the through tenon is for the shear fact of proving I could do it in this chair in that location.  The chair's design doesn't necessarily need them IMO.  -Especially if the chair is moved to an extra room where it is rarely seen and almost never sat in, like mine. 

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  3. The more I think about it, the more I don't think the drawer design is important to her.  She did buy a dining table made out of framing lumber after all :D

    I'll double check with her and see if that's the case.  If so, I'll just frame the drawer assembly more traditionally.

    Thanks for that long post Drew.

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  4. Hola folks, I'm still here :D

    I was contacted by a co-worker this morning who is looking for an entry table with specific dimensions inspired by the table in this (first) photo.  Except for a few crafty items I owe the wife, I have no projects in the pipeline so I will probably give it a go.

    Nothing complicated here, except I'm not sure what is going on with the drawers. Anyone know of a similar project that has been documented somewhere that I can see the construction?  

    I have to decide wood species...naturally she bought a stained pine dining table that will be near the entry and she wants the tables to play nice together.  The dining table does look nice for what it is, but my stained pine days are behind me.  I'm going to send her pics of my walnut/maple/cherry furniture and hope she goes for it.



  5. 21 hours ago, K Cooper said:

    Thank you sir. Appreciate ya! Good to see you back on here. You and your wife stay safe. We lost another officer here in Houston today. 

    Thanks Coop.  I haven't been real active here or in the shop this summer, but I'm not going anywhere.  I'm aware of the Houston area copper.  The ambushes and targeted killings are the hardest to stomach.  

  6. 2 hours ago, pkinneb said:

    From my experience (A3/31 owner) I just get them through Hammer web site they ship from out east and are like $39 a set plus shipping. I'm sure you know this but these blades can be flipped.

    At least they're cheap.  I thought maybe Infinity or one of the other aftermarket companies had carbide knives, but I couldn't find them.  Thanks!

    1 hour ago, Chestnut said:

    Are they disposable or can they take a hone or 2?

    I could probably touch them up a time or two.  I want to get a new set to have on stand by in case I screw them up though, lol.

  7. On 4/19/2019 at 4:18 PM, Chestnut said:

    I think you made an awesome bench like incredibly awesome. I'm tempted to call up Cremona and ask to buy some of the Oak he milled last year to make my own roubo. It's either that or cherry.

    Thanks man.  I was lukewarm to the look of the bench until I wiped it down with mineral spirits the first time.  I dig the color.

    12 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

    @Chestnut, if you prefer a clean-looking bench, go cherry over the oak. The open pores collect grime at an unbelievable rate.

    OTOH, in a couple years, you could pass your oak bench off as a 17th century antique!  :D

    I thought about filling the pores of the top, and I suppose theres no reason I can't do so at some point.

  8. 48 minutes ago, Llama said:

    This is the best thing I've seen on the internet. I hope it's real.

    Real.  The ads won't keep out of my Facebook feed.  Not sure why the algorithm thinks I need ads on personal massagers.  :o

  9. 23 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

    I’m more of a sissy with stains and blame it on the fact that I like the color that Mother Nature gave the wood. I seldom vary from Arm R Seal. And I’d much rather pay 10% more when I need it than have it go bad on the shelf or not use it at a bargain. 

    Same.  Occassionally I'll get brave and venture toward Minwax wipe on poly, or most recently Waterlox...both of which have extremely similar properties, application method and results as ARS :D

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  10. 8 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

    Looks like a bench you can really work on! Curious about the center gap and stop. Is it photo distortion, or did you make it extra wide for a particular reason?

    It's something like 2 3/8".  Partly to make it easy to slide clamps in, partly to hit 24" total width.   Each slab ended up slightly narrower than the plans called for but I still wanted at least 24".

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  11. I'm really disappointed in the photos, I may (but probably won't) dig out the DSLR and try to snap a few quality pictures.  These are just so washed out they didn't capture the figure in the wood or depth of the color variations.

    Something odd...the dead man and end cap are both cherry, and mostly heart wood, but the color just isn't there.  Hopefully they start to catch up with the leg vise chop. 

  12. 20 minutes ago, Chet said:

    What are you using for finish?   I am sure you know, but you don't want it too smooth on top or work pieces will slide around to much. ;)

    Yup, I know.  I'm using up some leftover waterlox.  I will certainly have to be careful not to build up too much of a finish.

  13. So I had to go back to work and that really derailed my shop time.

    But...ya know what today is?  Finishing day.  The bench is complete, save for the lower shelf and some trimming i will need to do to the dogs to account for the rubber/cork.  I ain't gonna lie, the bench is starting to look cool.  The finish is making it pop.

    Pictures later today or tomorrow.

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  14. 5 hours ago, woodbutcher said:

    Looks awesome, you are cruising right through this project. 

    Are you planning to do a different species for the chop and deadman, or will they be the same as what you have used on the rest of the bench?

    The chop is cherry and maple.  The 6/4 cherry I was going to double up to use for the chop ended up being a little too thin after milling, so I laminated some scrap maple in between the two halves of cherry.  Kind of an after thought and the only place maple has been used on the bench, but whatev.  The deadman will likely be cherry as I have a lot of it on hand, and the end cap and dogs are cherry.  I have some live edge cherry that could turn out pretty cool.  As I type this though...I realize I do have quite a bit of curly maple and that may tie into the maple in the chop...

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