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  1. Man I wish more of this was WO. I've never worked with WO before, fresh off the jointer it is gorgeous. Unfortunately this face is going to go inside the top lamination.
  2. I personally find a jigsaw pretty unimportant. It gets occasional use when breaking down large, rough stock, but that's about it. I've been reduced to the same Ryobi cordless jigsaw you have and I've rarely been tempted to buy new, even though I dont like that saw and have no faith in most ryobi tools. The ROS? I really like my 6" Bosch, but I like my 5" Dewalt that was pretty cheap, too. I don't use the Dewalt much anymore since I dont really stock paper for it, but it was probably a third the price as the Bosch and left just as good of a finish. My first router was a Crafts
  3. For that throat plate, check YouTube for videos on how to make your own zero clearance insert. My first table saw was a Dewalt jobsite that was probably in the same class as your saw, and I made about a half dozen zero clearance inserts for it out of MDF (not the best material for the job, but it worked) in less than an afternoon. I'm no longer a big Steve Ramsey fan, but if you are brand new to woodworking he is a decent place to start. I think it was his video on zero clearance inserts that I used as instructions.
  4. Whew. Glad you caught that, that would have been ugly. I need to pick up a detector for sure.
  5. I just checked existing dry wood in the house and shop, it's all between 5-7%. Checking the beams, that I just brought in the house yesterday, I got readings from 7-14% checking from various locations, including freshly cut ends. That's better than I expected.
  6. I've used red oak twice...once was for a TV stand, I stained it not knowing any better. I hate that piece and no longer use it. The other was one of those beer caddy/six pack things. I only cleared it with poly or something. It's actually not ugly. Any thoughts on moisture content with these things? They were stickered outside for over five years. I know Shannon Rodgers says thick beams never really fully dry in a kiln and they're good to use anyway, but I dont know if these should sit in my basement for a substantial amount of time or not. I just bought a meter but I know I won
  7. I'm pretty sure I'll use it. It'd be silly for me to not...have all of these beams with nothing to do with it, then spend $800+ for lumber for the bench. I know someone posted a red oak Roubo on the Guild FB page and it actually looked really good. I can always look at bleaching or dying it if I really don't like how it looks...but I can probably make it look passable for a work bench.
  8. I just spent a few minutes hand planing enough of each beam for identification. I think only two of them are white oak, one long one is maple, one short one is maple, and the rest is red oak. Kind of a bummer...not sure where to go from here. Gotta gnaw on whether I want this bench to be almost entirely red oak.
  9. That's odd. I have that blade and it leaves a true flat bottom as far as I can tell. I'll inspect more closely next time, but I dont THINK I missed any bat ears.
  10. I forgot to post, but I got the inserts the other day. Much appreciated Kev!
  11. I like sliding dovetails. Slightly more elegant than dados, not much more difficult. Granted, dados are a close second.
  12. Milling these is going to be fun. One of the small beams is 90 inches. I threw it on a scale, it weighs 60 pounds. I left all of the ten and twelve footers on the back patio. When it warms up a little I will take a hand plane to them to figure out species. I need to decide what needs to come into the basement to spend some time in dry air. They've spent five years stickered outside, but I dont know what the MC is.
  13. Valid...but they've got us. What's the alternative? Lake Erie wooden screws with nothing comparable to the criss-cross? I placed my order this morning. Perhaps I'll pay a turner to turn me a set of knobs, assuming the aluminum knobs suck a much as they sound like they'll suck.
  14. They're moving toward aluminum handles instead of wood to decrease production costs. The tone of the blog also makes me think they're going to be increasing prices soon. The criss-cross leg vises are already backordered for a few weeks, so it may be too late for wood knobs, but if you're about to pull the trigger now may be the time. They discuss it in their blog here.
  15. I just got the wood home and moved around to the back of the house. It was a lot more wood than it looks like in the pictures, gave my little Colorado...and my back... a workout. The 12 footers were HEAVY. There's quite a bit of red oak mixed in...maybe even more red oak than white. It's hard to be sure in the rough state. Not my first choice, but I'm not complaining in the least. It may mean some dyeing and will mean some design choices and strategy. Not a bad thing really. I am pretty sure I can get each leg out of a 4x6 "blank." I may end up slightly smaller than the plans,
  16. I'm going to go pick up the beams tomorrow or the next day it looks like. They're either not going to work or they're gonna be way to find out, get em in the shop and get them cleaned up. I may end up buying 8/4 stock for the dog hole strip, outer laminate and the side rails. I suppose that could be prevented if I can resaw the beams and they dont move like crazy, but who knows how that'll go. Again, one way to find out.
  17. Not enough info to diagnose really...but some of my random thoughts are blade tension, feed rate, blade sharpness, and the type of blade (number of teeth and width).
  18. bleedinblue

    Shaper Origin

    They piked my interest when they first came out and started doing pre-orders. I obviously didn't buy one, but I've been watching for reviews since they started shipping out last year and I haven't seen anything. I'm looking forward to some real user thoughts on it. I'm not super interested in CNC, partly because of the space they take up, but a Shaper may solve that problem and open up some doors for me.
  19. Man this sucks. I hope it doesn't reflect a weakness in the machines...I leave mine plugged in all the time too. I could use the zero clearance insert if you still have it...I'll pay whatever you'd like.
  20. I think it's the sheer amount of exposed blade that gives people the heebie jeebies.
  21. Nothing to it really...I mainly just posted for anyone else who is debating how much overhang to leave on their kitchen/dining tables. The extra chair/leg room is nice, so I won't go so conservative again.
  22. bleedinblue

    Shop Tour

    Fantastic Kev, and it came together very quickly. Your Roubo looks a little sad hiding out in that corner...and I am still super jealous of your ts outfeed table.
  23. Yup, I cut out and replaced all of the aprons with longer pieces. The aprons were all attached with dominos originally, so I just cut them out and sanded the faces of the top of the legs flush. That gave me flat and clean surfaces for new dominos for the new, longer aprons.
  24. Marc's inlay is more involved than you are probably aiming for, but it lays out the basic process. Stick with maple, cherry and walnut and you can't go wrong. Pick any two and they look great together, and all are easy to work.