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  1. One of my shop buddies. And the other. Found the 3M small masks fit kids well [emoji1]
  2. d8nk

    Tool Cart Cabinets

    I like it. I have to make some shop carts some day. They would really help, too busy working on stuff to make stuff to work on!
  3. what species is that? Top is walnut, sides were random scraps. Not sure but think it is ash. Handle is cedar.
  4. I just used some nails on this little box I made. Some times nails are a change of pace but 98% of the time, pneumatics are the only nails I use.
  5. I went a very long time without one (my rigid crapped out and i was waiting and saving for the 12" Bosch) and used my table saw with miter sled, circ saw, or hand saw. But that being said I would not ever go back! A must have in my shop.
  6. Yep definitely a CL find... gotta love the automated notification. He said I emailed him within a few minutes of him posting the ad. Although he did say he got some very low ball offers...shocker [emoji4] Gotta love some CL!
  7. Sweet haul! Find that one on CL?
  8. d8nk


    Thanks guys, I was very happy with it and so were the homeowners! I used some leftover de-waxed shellac from another project. I believe it was a 1.5# cut. When doing some samples I compared it sided by side with a natural stain and the shellac looked so much richer than the stain. I would really recommend giving it a try.
  9. d8nk


    Sorry for late reply. Here are some pics of the installed pieces. This was a bit tricky with all the angles. It is 3 separate pieces including the shelf up top. Zero clearance gas fireplace. I milled it all from 8x8 fir timbers. All i can say is HEAVY!
  10. I screwed mine down, no bubbles. Perhaps the piece is warped...
  11. Nice work! I like the hollow thick look, very cool you did that for your church!
  12. I have done a ton of research on jointers recently, I don't recall every reading one nice thing about the cheaper combo units. I know I decided against it early on.
  13. Look forward to hearing everyone's opinions on this one. I too am going to build a bench soon. Very similar needs to OP.
  14. I am really digging on shelac right now. I think it would make the cherry look great. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  15. I made mine 6" thick! And it still warped. I was really surprised, it did take several years though, with crap sitting on top of it a lot. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk