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  1. LINK Well I gotta hand it to them, they do keep coming up with very unique ideas consistently each month. This one at least seems a little useful as its a decent combination of common tools used daily in the shop. What do you guys think? Anyone planning on picking this up?
  2. Looks like there's a knock-off for this one now: LINK
  3. LINK Looks like these are back. I really do like the idea of radius jigs, and have considered a Woodpeckers option before with the Corner Jig OTT: LINK Then of course there is the Rockler option: LINK But as always it comes down to price with Woodpeckers. These are pricey. Especially since there are knock-offs now for MUCH less: LINK and LINK and LINK What do you guys think? Any of you plannin to pick these up?
  4. Ha ha no joke! I love this image here: First thing I thought was: "wait, people who buy or even know about Woodpeckers build that kind of "furniture"?!"
  5. LINK Looks like Woodpeckers is finally keeping with releasing new permanent tools these days instead of just "Multiple Time" tools. This one looks like it could be somewhat useful if you commonly use barrel nut setups for making knock down furniture. As usual Woodpeckers it's pricey, but anyone out there thinking of picking one up?
  6. If anyone is interested, looks like these are back again. LINK
  7. ben_r_

    Equal Space Divider

    Yea Im kinda feeling the same. I think I might go as high as $50 since its made of stainless, but I just wouldnt use it enough to justify any more than that.
  8. LINK This one is pretty unique. I guess if you have to do a lot of equally spaced marking with six or less marks needed this would be very useful. Like their image showing it used to mark holes for a coat rack. If you're pumpin those out something like this would be awesome. Anyone getting one? If so what are you thinking of using it for?
  9. Looks like this one is back: LINK
  10. ben_r_

    DelVe Square SS

    Their stainless versions of their OTTs are often nicer than their all aluminum ones. Ive noticed that with the few Ive owned. They just charge so much more for that stainless upgrade!
  11. LINK Well I know the DelVe square was a big seller for them and it seems they've brought it back "improved". I personally didn't find mine too useful and was happy to let it go on eBay for some ridiculously high price that people bid it up to. I just found that I already had too many other tools that did the same things better. Anyone else have the last style DelVe Square and love it? And who's planning on jumping on this new one?
  12. ben_r_

    Setup Blocks

    Which Kreg are you referring to?
  13. LINK Well, never really know what to say about setup blocks... They're blocks, and they're different thicknesses. Oh and because they're red they cost a lot of money and can come in a Systainer! Do any of you swear by setup blocks for any tasks? They are always marketed for setting up router bit and blade heights, cutting dados, and setting up bandsaw cuts but I always feel those measurements are almost never in perfect 1/16" or even 1/32" increments so what good would setup blocks be since they are fixed?! I do own and use occasionally the Jessem Tool Setting Gauge (LINK) which is essentially the same thing as a whole bunch of setup blocks in one easier to use and store device, but for anything not in a perfect 1/16" increment I bust out the digital calipers or possibly my combination square depending on the task.
  14. LINK Well this is interesting. Haven't seen Woodpeckers release a new "permanent" tool in a while. I never had much luck with these types of miter clamps. They always feel to finicky to setup IMO. At least these are relatively inexpensive though. What do you guys think? Anyone going to pick up a pair or a set?
  15. ben_r_

    Miter Master

    Ha yea none in my collection either.