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  1. LINK I mean, maybe it's just me, but isn't this just a common bevel gauge task? So they've connected two bevel gauges together here? Anyone see this as a "must have" and ordering one?
  2. Definitely! I do too most of the time. For some tasks I like the Jessem more though. Usually depends on the tool Im setting up and how far away from the blade/cutter I have to be to reference the level surface of the table.
  3. LINK Another odd one. Good tool idea, but seriously for same price you can get the Jessem Tool Setting Gauge (LINK) which IMO is a much nicer solution. This just feels kinda cheezy for the price.
  4. LINK Well here's another interesting one. I can't imagine many people have space or need for an $800 clamp rack, let alone have thousands of dollars in parallel clamps, but should you find yourself in such a state of being, Woodpeckers' got ya covered! Well, for a limited time at least...
  5. LINK Looks like they updated their saw gauge design. Does look nicer, but for the price I cant imagine why anyone would go with their one trick pony over the Betterley Una-Gauge (LINK, LINK) for the same price! Had mine for years and have used it calibrate MANY different tools.
  6. LINK Now a permanent tool offering.
  7. Good points guys. I guess Id have to think about how often I actually make angled cuts in sheet goods that were shorter in length to justify something like this. Hmmmm...
  8. LINK Okay they might have me with this one. The Festool angle guide is junk and Ive never been a fan of the TSO 90 degree product. This seems to be the best solution so far. What do you guys think?
  9. LINK Looks pretty fancy, but I just cant figure out why one would go with this option over the tried and true Lee Valley system. What do you guys think?
  10. LINK Okay, they got me with this one. I ordered the Joiner's Marking Gauge. Dont think Id use the Dovetail Marking Gauges though. Anyone else getting in on either of these?
  11. Was glad to see they made these permanently offered tools. These are popular when they did OTT runs of them.
  12. Yea Id have to agree on the red too. They used to sell some of their tools through another company that would have them made in black versions and I liked that coloring a lot more. But yea, anything they make in SS is usually a LOT easier to read and of course more durable.
  13. Oh Im sure they wouldnt be as guaranteed accurate, but they probably wouldnt be any worse than the Home Depot / Lowes chinese tools I see MANY people use.
  14. Funny you should mention that. A complaint was sent to the mods about it and one responded saying that they agreed it was getting a bit out of hand and that others had mentioned it as well. Since then their spamming seems to have stopped.
  15. Exactly! Too expensive for a kinda one trick pony. I can and do use my 26" Woodpeckers square for a lot of other things besides my guide rails. That and TSO kind of annoyed me with all their SPAMing and self-promoting on the FOG. Then when they released their version of a parallel guide system I was blown away at the price for the complete system. First thing I thought was: "Who do these guys think they are?! Woodpeckers?!" Especially when the Precision Dogs system is 1/3 the price and works perfectly (LINK). Or the Seneca offering for a bit more that does the same thing.