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  1. LINK Okay, they got me with this one. I ordered the Joiner's Marking Gauge. Dont think Id use the Dovetail Marking Gauges though. Anyone else getting in on either of these?
  2. Was glad to see they made these permanently offered tools. These are popular when they did OTT runs of them.
  3. ben_r_

    Pocket T-Square

    Yea Id have to agree on the red too. They used to sell some of their tools through another company that would have them made in black versions and I liked that coloring a lot more. But yea, anything they make in SS is usually a LOT easier to read and of course more durable.
  4. Oh Im sure they wouldnt be as guaranteed accurate, but they probably wouldnt be any worse than the Home Depot / Lowes chinese tools I see MANY people use.
  5. ben_r_

    18" precision square

    Funny you should mention that. A complaint was sent to the mods about it and one responded saying that they agreed it was getting a bit out of hand and that others had mentioned it as well. Since then their spamming seems to have stopped.
  6. ben_r_

    18" precision square

    Exactly! Too expensive for a kinda one trick pony. I can and do use my 26" Woodpeckers square for a lot of other things besides my guide rails. That and TSO kind of annoyed me with all their SPAMing and self-promoting on the FOG. Then when they released their version of a parallel guide system I was blown away at the price for the complete system. First thing I thought was: "Who do these guys think they are?! Woodpeckers?!" Especially when the Precision Dogs system is 1/3 the price and works perfectly (LINK). Or the Seneca offering for a bit more that does the same thing.
  7. ben_r_

    18" precision square

    Oh man, for sure! That think is so ridiculously overpriced for what it is! I have a lot of Festool tools, but that one, every time I have gotten my hands on one I just cant believe how surprised I am over how silly it feels. Thankfully I am not a mobile worker and only work in my home shop, so I dont need the portability I guess it offers. That said, I do use my 26" Woodpeckers Square all the time to square up guide rails for track saw cuts. Not THATS a tool I recommend to everyone that has a track saw!
  8. ben_r_

    18" precision square

    I say if you have any intentions of using it with the Festool MFT as they often advertise it to be used, I would get the 18".
  9. ben_r_

    Exact Dado Width Jig

    I typically use a router on a guide rail along with the KM-1 for setup. More specifically a Festool OF 1400 and the MicroFence guide rail interface. Perfect dado widths every time along with perfectly flat bottoms as well. Sometimes that scratched bottom a dado stack can leave bugs me. Though it does give glue a place to go...
  10. ben_r_

    Exact Dado Width Jig

    Oh yea, I LOVE my little KM-1. But youd kind have to have a couple things in order to make that work right? Like a guide rail / router interface setup, or a table saw and dado stack. With this method all you need is a handheld router.
  11. LINK Some more fine solutions from Woodpeckers! Here we have what is commonly a $5 shop jig turned into a $330 contraption. Dont lie, who's ordering one?
  12. ben_r_

    Variable Router Jig

    Agreed. They just seem to have been working on building up the funding and fan base to expand their company and now that they have and the market has become desensitized to their pricing they can afford to go into production on their most popular over priced tools.
  13. ben_r_

    Variable Router Jig

    Now a permanent tool: LINK
  14. LINK Anyone order any of these? Or the whole set? I have tried their T-squares before and I just couldnt get used to them. It was annoying that not all pencils fit in the tiny holes and I also had trouble justifying them since I can do pretty much the same thing with a combo square.
  15. LINK And just when you thought they had enough squares, mini squares, triangles and gauge blocks, they bring us some more!