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  1. LINK Well this one at least seems more useful than the last couple. Anyone ordering one of these? Personally the only doweling jig Ive ever thought about getting was the Jessem Paralign 83000 which I dont think they make/sell anymore.
  2. I have a few Stabila levels too which I have used my other straight edges to confirm they are pretty darn straight.
  3. I use the Lee Valley 50" as my longest straight edge and its been nothing but great! I have a 24" Starrett as well and use that whenever its the right fit.
  4. LINK Looks like another odd one this time. Though a bit more useful I suppose. Guess they felt their other straight edges weren't good enough?
  5. MFT Shelf Support

    What may be a side business for Woodpeckers?!
  6. MFT Shelf Support

    HA! Seriously! A little early for April Fools!
  7. MFT Shelf Support

    Seriously. This OTT just seems like a desperate attempt at finding another way to move those custom extrusions they paid for.
  8. LINK I mean they just keep getting weirder and weirder. What do you guys think of this? Looks to me like something a few 1x4s could do just as well.
  9. The Chappell square is definitely the tried and true for construction framing tasks, but its not the same beast as the Woodpeckers offerings.
  10. Like I said in my OP, it can be had for quite a bit cheaper than that from other sellers.
  11. Yep, I did the same!
  12. Ha! Was just going to create a thread on this one! Man they come up with some weird, overpriced stuff sometimes! Ive got some of the Bessey parallel clamp blocks too and when I do need them they work great.
  13. Dont think I've seen those ones before. Good to know that option is out there. Those dont look like a bad design.
  14. DelVe Square

    Ha! A good ol Stanley? Nice. For the last couple years I have been all about the FastCap FlatBack (LINK). Thing is so nice for marking on boards since it lays perfectly flat on the work piece.
  15. Marc’s new book

    Think Marc mentioned in a Facebook Guild group post fairly recently that the book was about joinery.