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  1. ben_r_

    Slab Flattening Mill

    And in case anyone is wondering: 1) The height of the V Rails are 2.55 inches high.2) From the bottom of the base V Rail to the bottom of the router plate, the distance is 4.00 inches3) If you are looking for the recommended maximum material thickness, that is 3.5”. In the event a customer’s workpiece spans the entire tool, then the material thickness is decreased to 3-7/16 inches.ETA, partial list of routers that have been verified to be compatible with the router plate.Porter Cable 7518Porter Cable 7519Porter Cable 7539Porter Cable 890Festool OF 1400Festool OF 2200Triton TRA001Triton MOF001Bosch 1617EVS (Fixed base only)Bosch MRC23EVSKMilwaukee 5625Milwaukee 5616DeWALT 618B3DeWALT 621DeWALT 625Makita RF1101
  2. LINK Sure many of you have seen this on IG or Facebook as they have been pushing a few ads for it for the last few weeks. Looks like there is finally a price on it and man they arent playing with this one. Starting price at $700. What do you guys think? Amazing solution and you're gonna pick one up? Or looks like some 80/20 and a little shop time build and you'll pass?
  3. ben_r_

    Parallel Guide System

    Finally found a decent deal on one of these sets in the Systainer! Once it gets here Ill try and remember to do a short comparison with my Precision Dogs setup. I'm guessing I'll be selling it though and keeping the Woodpeckers!
  4. Cool! Curious to see what they come back with.
  5. LINK Looks like Woodpeckers is finally starting to listen. They seem to be slowly making popular One Time Tools permanent offerings, with the latest at this time being the 18" and 26" Precision Woodworking Squares. Pricey as they may be I LOVE my 26"! Use it all the time for squaring up guide rails for track saw cutting. Really haven't seen anything better.
  6. Saw that too. Thats good as the 26" is a wonderful square to have. Looks like price went up on it a bit. I think I paid around $160 for mine though without the "case". That was after a coupon code and another discount I combined, both of which no longer available sadly, but still IIRC they were a few bucks cheaper. At least you can get them now I guess.
  7. Ive got one of those too. I love Starrett ANYTHING!
  8. Yea that definitely makes me feel like it would be a no go. So what is it about Boat Builders exactly that they dont need a blade lock on their bevel gauges? Or is that name they used just marketing BS?
  9. LINK Not exactly sure why they called this bevel gauge a "Boat Builders" version, but it does seem to be a nice looking option. I have their 7" non-boat-builders version as well as the angle plate (LINK) and really like it. This 3" model looks like it would be convenient, however I'm not sure how I feel about there not being a way to tighten/lock down the blade. Seems like being able to lock down the blade tightly would be a standard requirement of any bevel gauge. Any thoughts on this latest OTT?
  10. Very good point! I didnt catch that at first. That is weird now that I think about it.
  11. LINK No sure how I feel about this one. Seems like its cheap enough and I do use a saddle square quite often to transfer marks from face to edge, but I just cant figure why I would need a long saddle square with ruler marks on it. So far I have never felt my Lee Valley Saddle Square (LINK) fell short in any way.
  12. LINK Well I gotta hand it to them, they do keep coming up with very unique ideas consistently each month. This one at least seems a little useful as its a decent combination of common tools used daily in the shop. What do you guys think? Anyone planning on picking this up?
  13. Looks like there's a knock-off for this one now: LINK
  14. LINK Looks like these are back. I really do like the idea of radius jigs, and have considered a Woodpeckers option before with the Corner Jig OTT: LINK Then of course there is the Rockler option: LINK But as always it comes down to price with Woodpeckers. These are pricey. Especially since there are knock-offs now for MUCH less: LINK and LINK and LINK What do you guys think? Any of you plannin to pick these up?
  15. Ha ha no joke! I love this image here: First thing I thought was: "wait, people who buy or even know about Woodpeckers build that kind of "furniture"?!"