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    Just getting started, building some small items, but also looking at bigger projects

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  1. If you can come up with the money for it, you can store it at my house. That way the misses won't get suspicious about you buying new toys...
  2. Thanks for the invite but like @wtnhighlander I will be at work during that time. Enjoy the trip if you go..just avoid that monstrosity they call chili there in Cincinnati.
  3. Looks like a great addition to your shop Richard. Maybe now you can finish that dresser
  4. Real nice table there Pug. Simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing the build...and now I too understand what a pigtail is.
  5. I prefer the college game of football, but regardless we are all just rooting for laundry. I think Carolina will win, but would like to see Denver win it so Manning could retire "on top"
  6. Especially if he wants to move back into the house...
  7. No. Best of all covered in sawmill gravy and sausage.
  8. Actually drove down and met with him a few weekends ago. Gave me some good pointers, some sound advice and a mallet to work with. Can't do better than that.
  9. Hey Kevin - stay on 40 about 15 minutes past @RichardA and you will hit me in Cookeville. Welcome to the forums, like you I am just starting and can tell you these guys have been great
  10. Searching for some of these things using Google imaging is NOT recommended. I understand you will get some very ...unsettling results.
  11. I am actually in upper middle Tennessee..about equidistant from Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville. All are about 2 hours away
  12. Don't get me started on beer brewing...a great little endeavor I would love to share with all of you, unfortunately I drank all of my best stuff
  13. Yeah I figured the PM1000 would be a recommendation...but no way I can swing that price tag on a saw and still have lumber to cut with it. Like @JosephThomas I just can't feel comfortable spending that much on one tool when I look and see I still need a DC and will probably have to drive down to drive RichardA crazy borrowing his jointer and plane until I can afford one.
  14. @Mike. @minorhero Beginning projects are more carpentry than woodworking - shelves for the garage, some simple storage cabinets (also for the garage). I would like to get good enough at woodworking to do things like the blanket chests Eric is currently journaling, a large display cabinet for my wife's "collectables", a chest of drawers for my son so pretty substantial furniture. As far as other equipment in my garage I am a little light. I currently have 10-inch Ridgid miter saw, a Bosch 16171 2 1/4 hp router, a Ryobi benchtop drill press, a DeWalt circular saw and a couple of PC nail guns . I am REALLY lacking in hand tools apart from a decent rachet set. I can make do with the DeWalt until I save enough for the table saw - or find a good deal, but I have a feeling it is going to get old. Mechanical ability - not a lot. Ability to learn, I would say pretty good. Ability to work and think 3-D...yeah I got that down. Live and work in central TN. Lots of big cities within a couple hours drive but not much until you get to those big cities. I am looking online as well so if I see the great deal I can of course snap it up, but if forced to buy new I want to make sure I am looking at a good machine. @JosephThomas I looked at that machine for a good bit as well and like you said I am aware of the trunnion issue (which is one of the things scaring me away - our closest HD is a 90 minute drive and I do not want to make it multiple times for faulty equipment)