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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I went with what I posted in my original post. While I have nothing to compare it to it seemed relatively easy to set up and fairly quick to get a decent edge on some flea market plane blades. I got the #7 I found tuned what I think is fairly well and was able to get some nice shavings. I am having some trouble with the #5 but I think the blade on that might be too worn, I am having trouble getting it to protrude though the sole. Tired adjusting the chip breaker and the frog but could not seem to get it to work. But that should probably be a post
  2. Thanks for the fast reply Mark. I think I know what the right decision is and with my birthday and the holidays around the corner the timing is certainly good. I also agree in general to be part of the buy once cry once camp but spreading out purchases also helps. Also I am not sure it would make much sense to go out and buy a cabinet saw right away I was thinking about rubber bands or kitchen grippers as a possible solution. I figure with them if I need to use a pair of pliers of vise grips to get it loose at least I will not screw up the knurl If it is easy I am more li
  3. So I am working on building my skills and my first real project, the shaker table from the guild. While I have the "bigger" tools to get the project done I need a couple of things here and there, the one that I am the most perplexed on (and seems like it is going to be an expensive rabbit hole) is a sharpening system. The other tools I am thinking a couple of narex chisels for cleaning up the joinery and a Dozuki "Z" Saw https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001DSY7G6/?coliid=I2GM1UYQBAH2M6&colid=110BEHP3YQJZR&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I had been looking at the veritas mk2
  4. davisj4


    So I need to buy a compressor for mechanical work/winterizing an outdoor water line. Trying to buy once and right and thinking about future hvlp use. Is a turbine better/more economical or do compressors work well. I am just getting started in woodworking.
  5. I have tried both ways, my hands are not large enough to grip both the ring and the body. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some help and get the ring unstuck. Was thinking lube would help, will pick some up from the hardware store this week and hopefuly routing by the weekend or before. Will keep you posted. Thanks
  6. That was one of the reasons I got this kit, to figure out what I liked in terms of hand feel. I also have a buddy who is a high school shop teacher and he said he had been happy with the dw618. I don't have the strongest hands, maybe I can get my wife to help me get some more leverage so i don't have to hold the router and try to spin the ring at the same time.
  7. First post here, looking to get started in woodworking. Got the dw618b3 router for the holidays and a large set of cheap bits to figure out where my interest lies. Anyway I was pretty sure the black adjustment ring was supposed to actually move, but was unable to get it to adjust. Unfortunately I got the router stuck on the plunge base (but was able to get it replaced). Anyway the new router arrived today and I still cannot get the ring to spin. Is there a trick or is it just a lot of brute force to get it moving the first time? I have read the instructions 3x and they are of mi