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  1. I kind of had a feeling they were referring to the pistol grip and twist lock nob ergonomics but it was clear. I think the best was to settle this is to just make a trip to woodcraft this weekend and get my hands on one. This way I can see for myself and then if the particular one I take home isn't to standards I can return or exchange.
  2. Im in the market for a new router. I currently have a Craftsman Pro 2.5hp combo and a Makita laminate/trim router. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Festool OF 1400 or the Bosch MRC23 combo. I'm close to pulling the trigger on the OF 1400 but before I do I want to make sure it will do what I'm expecting no questions asked. The main reason I'm getting another router is because 2 is not enough and most importantly I don't care for the plunge lock mech on my Cman. Its cumbersome to plunge and it doesn't lock with the precision I'm looking for. I want a midsized plunge router that will plunge and lock precisely no questions asked. I gravitated to the Festool because it had 2 bushings and double lock. I know its double the price of the bosch but I have the money ATM and would kind of rather take the buy the right tool once route. But I definitely don't want to spend the extra dough if plunge lock mech deflection is still in play. .In general I've read a lot of good reviews on the festool in regards to its smooth and accurate plunge / lock. But there also some that complain about the plunge mech but aren't descriptive about what they are referring to and this worries me. So those of you with the Festool of1400 or Bosch please chime in. Thanks, Andrew