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  1. ehellis


    I have downloaded the newest version and loaded it the same way however when I go to the plugins drop down I only see "Cost" now. I do still have Safari.
  2. ehellis


    Dave, Thanks for the fast response. I have Cutlist in the plugins folder now (both the folder and the file "CutlistandMaterials.rb"). When I click on Cutlist in the plugins menu I get an empty box (menu?) on the screen. I am using Firefox as my browser. Is there a tutorial available anywhere? Thanks, Emil
  3. ehellis


    Hi All, I have tried, with no luck, to get cutlist 4.0.7 to work with Sketchup 7. I can't get it to load or anything. I am using a Mac and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have been able to download and use the wood textures I found here on the forum. Thanks