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  1. I wish I would have read this post ealier...I'm making picture frames for xmas and also a first project and used varathane water based poly. Most of the frames worked well, but my purple heart frames might be dead. Has anyone in here experienced this weird green color in the grain after finishing...I'm very much a noob so maybe there is some weird chemistry with purple heart that I'm not aware of. Please give me some.of your thoughts. Happy woodworking everyone.
  2. Beautiful work man!!! Love them all
  3. Thanks is a hell of a drug. I have a table saw, jointer, planer and hardly any clamps haha...priorities are a little off.
  4. My God man!!! That is some slick work, very well done.
  5. I'm new to woodworking so naturally the first project I'm doing are picture frames. I would love to see some of your picture frames. Please post below. Thanks everyone. And yes absolutely critique me. Cant get better without help. Still working on them but would love some feedback.