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  1. Great work. Great job documenting along the way. Especially since you were so crunched for time. I am sure they are going to love it, and beat the crap out of it. But that is what it is there for right? To be used. Awesome job!
  2. Alan G


    When it comes time for me to start replacing my old cordless tools I am going to consider switching over to Milwaukee. They make some nice stuff. I also like their m12 line. Nice and compact.
  3. Are you wanting to use solvent or waterbourne products?
  4. Alan G


    I do use heat mats to help with germination. I have never tried an inoculant though.
  5. Alan G


    I worked at a lighting supplier about 20 years ago. Every so often someone would walk in inquiring about purchasing a “big” High pressure sodium light, “ like the ones for parking lots”. they were always so nervous looking. I died laughing every time!
  6. Alan G


    I had an issue last year where everything germinated and then would just not grow much past the initial 2 leaves. Turns out I had the wrong lights, even though the ones I bought were sold as grow lights for plants. Swapped them out for some full specturm 4500K tubes from my shop and they took off. This year with the correct lights the seedlings are growing as expected.
  7. That is looking incredible. Nice job!
  8. I like both as well but I would choose the top. Are those drawers interchangeable left to right? meaning once you have them all done and finished can you look at the whole dresser both ways?
  9. Alan G


    That’s insane! I have been complaining about our air temp/windchill but this is next level! We will only get down to about -15 air temp but supposed to be 20-30mph winds. Puts wind chill around -45. This is at night.....not 4pm in the afternoon!
  10. Kev- Great videos as always. Thanks for taking the time to share this build with everyone! For your future hinge/slide/hardware needs.... I have been purchasing my Blum items from also has a good selection. I have also bought from though I tend to go there as a last resort as I find their prices a bit higher. Thanks again for the great build videos!
  11. Alan G


    Could also try the look of a center stile and use the legs for the outside stiles. Would match the look of the door with 2 panels.
  12. That air dried walnut looks awesome!!
  13. Just catching up on this one. Great videos as always. Cabinets are looking great!
  14. Do you know what is causing that cracking on the tenons in those last 2 pics? Did it do that when you milled it?