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  1. Just wanted to update everyone. Ended up being ball bearing issue and since it was practically new, Supermax (ahem Laguna) is giving me a brand new one. Im glad I bought it from my local woodcraft as I went in, inspected inspected one on the floor , showed them a few videos and they were helpful in making sure the unit was replaced. So now just have to get this sucker up my basement steps and into the car and exchange it.
  2. This is my bet. I have tightened everything they asked me to tighten and it does it with paper on or off. My biggest concern is that the noise also comes with a wobbles which obviously would affect accuracy and consistency. Agreed, I want a new one. Guy from Suoermax on the phone wants me to try all these fixes, seriously....I have put 8 board feet through this.
  3. I'm guessing the drum is out of balance?. I noticed inside the drum there are small black weights stuck in there which I'm guessing were used to balance the drum? Does yours have much vibrattion when running ? Mine doesn't pass the nickel test. I can't hear the belt conveyor motor until I shut off the drum motor It does continue to rattle under load. And I am def old enough to have had a topps baseball card in my spokes Thanks everyone
  4. Okay, thanks. Ill check the set screws but I definitely just sent off the vid to Supermax (ahem Laguna).
  5. It was doing with the sandpaper in, i took it off to see if it was the paper, but it was still doing the rattle shown above.
  6. I know a few people on here have drum sanders and specifically the supermax's. I just picked up a 16-32 last weekend and it has a noticeable rattle. Is this sound troubling to those who have one...or normal? Thanks! Here's a link to a video of the rattle
  7. Hung a new door in an old frame this weekend that originally didn't have weatherstripping. I thought I would just pop off the stops, cut them back 1/2", run them through the table saw to create the needed 1/8" x 3/8" deep kerf cut....but then realized the stops and jamb are the same piece of wood !. Any ideas on the best way to cut a flush 1/8" kerf along the stop that's 3/8 deep. I was thinking to use my multi-tool, using flush cut bit make a groove and then use a grout attachment to widen to 1/8"? Anyone have better ideas??? Thanks !
  8. just a quickie Im finishing up a sapelle entry door project and final piece is the sill. Should I put kerf lines in the bottom?? I have seen some with , some without. The one closest to the edge im guessing is the drip edge and the ones throughout the body are for sealant to settle in?
  9. And the results are in...sold it three days after posting for 600. Ended up w a 8" grizzly w shelix and 76 bed for 800. 200 dollar upgrade. So not too bad. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. This one just sold for 472$ in Georgia. Little rusty ....
  11. Aaaaaand, an 8 griz with helical, parallelagram 76 in bed pops up on clist now for 850. delta is going on the block tonight .
  12. I've been thinking of upgrading my jointer to get one with longer beds. I've been making more doors and would love an 84" in bed. Anyway, any ideas on what I could sell this for. Runs great. Has a 1hp motor, currently wired for 120v but can be rewired for 220 if needed. 8" wide. Thx
  13. Sweet, thanks guys. And I have been using Lexel based on wdwerkers rec when i was sealing windows last year so will use it for this too! Im ignorant on the differences between some caulk, what is Lexel vs silicone?
  14. A year later I am finishing the piece to my carriage door build project,,,finally installing the sills. Just wondering how people recommend attaching the sill to the concrete slab. The sill is 5/4 Sapelle. I was thinking of using an epoxy to seal the bottom, then just using silcone sealant and bolting it down using sleeve anchors. This way it would be removable if need be. There are two 93 inch long sills, 6 in deep.
  15. I don't know their gameplan (Rugby) but they definitely decided walk in buyers were a waste of their time, they don't bother to keep inventory, straight up refuse to post prices, and the guys in the yard don't know them and they cut way back on species offered. They also randomly have three stainless kitchen sinks in the middle of all the rough lumber stacks for sale. So weird. This was my go to because it was right on the way to/from work. And they used to carry fantastic 8/4 tight Clear vert grain Doug Fir that I liked making doors out of