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  1. Apparently I'm not the only woodworker interested in precision routing. Take a look at the delivery time on the Incra Precision Router Tool
  2. As I said previously, I'm hoping that I can prevent the snipe that was occurring on the outfeed end of my cuts due to the fence being uneven and the wood falling of the guide bearing. I've been using harder woods lately and I'm planning to use some of the really hard exotic stuff soon. I'm hoping that I can make small progressive cuts quickly and avoid dulling the bits and burning the wood. I may be all wet in my thinking but it was a fun project..!
  3. I've always enjoyed using my router table but I would get frustrated because I wasn't able to make small precision adjustments and because I would consistently get sniped on the outfeed end. I once purchased a higher end router table with a split fence and it was a disaster. I made so many modifications to the table that it wasn't recognizable. I made a number of attempts to make a router fence that could be adjusted in a very precise manner while moving evenly on both sides as it was adjusted. I just couldn't make one that I was satisfied with so I decided that instead of moving the fence to make the adjustments that I would move the router instead. I fabricated a frame made of 1x1x1/8" tubular steel and made a router carriage attached to the frame using premium drawer glides and a basic crank mechanism. The deck is 1 1/2" thick covered with a piece of Formica that I obtained from a local cabinet shop. The fence is made of 3/4" thick extruded aluminum and can be easily removed by loosening two knobs. The dust collection box is attached to the bottom of the router carriage and the box and the drawer fronts are veneered with paper-backed teak that I had leftover in the shop. So far, the trials a promising.
  4. I would like to thank everyone who offered suggestions regarding my planer problems! I waxed the deck, cleaned the rollers, replaced the brushes and checked the electrical input. No problems with the electrical input found. I have to say, that it works as good now as the day that I purchased it. I was able to plane hickory this weekend without any problems (using common sense and took small bites each time). I can't say which upgrade helped the most, but it really doesn't matter as long as it works. Thanks again....!
  5. Thanks for all of the insights..! Some of these things never crossed my mind. In response to some of your questions: 1. I run the planer on the slow speed 2. The planer is more than 3 years old 3. I haven’t cleaned the rollers. What is the best way to clean them..? 4. I’m going to purchase new brushes (looks like I can get them for under $30). 5. My son is an electrician so l’ll be enlisting his assistance. Thanks again for all of the comments..!
  6. I’ve recently noticed that my Dewalt tabletop planer has been shutting down frequently. I replaced the cutter head with a helical head and I’m aware that it takes more power to operate this type of cutter head; however, I was recently planing some 7” wide poplar making 1/32 to 1/64” cuts and it consistently shut down. I also noticed this happening with some 5” wide cherry. Is this a sign that more serious problems are on the horizon..?
  7. I just tried to get a Dewalt 20 v XR and it said that the promo code didn’t apply
  8. I just tried to get a Dewalt 20 v XR and it said that the promo code didn’t apply
  9. My wife wants me to build a bathroom vanity. She wants it to have the appearance of cherry in order to match the rest of the bathroom.I have a couple of questions before I begin. 1. I’m thinking that I should avoid veneered plywood due to moisture produced in a bath..? 2. What should I apply as a wood finish; I’m considering a polyurethane thinking that it has better moisture resistance..?
  10. I took the motor to a relative who repairs them. Apparently the vibration caused by the slop in the router lift caused the tapered set screw that keeps the motor shaft seated in the lower bearing vibrated loose and caused the lower bearing to fall away from the motor shaft. We pressed the bearing back into place, secured the set screw, and it runs like new. An inspection of the router lift looks like a spacer was not inserted during the assembly process causing the vibration. Kreg Tools has provided me with a new one.
  11. I just completed a cherry gun cabinet. I applied shellac for the finish. The wood has the typical “salmon” color which is typical with the cherry that I’ve worked with in the past. I know that the wood darkens as it ages and like the darker (wine-like) color. My question is; does applying furniture wax slow this darkening process because of its effect on sunlight...?
  12. I just spoke to the Customer Service Department at Kreg Tool. They were wonderful...! They admitted the problem with my router motors could indeed be the "slop" in the vertical adjustment mechanism, even though they had not had any previous complaints of similar problems. They are shipping out a new router lift today.
  13. Yes you have it right......It is not equipped with a quick release mechanism
  14. Boy do I feel bad...! Just the thought of sounding disrespectful to all of you knowledgeable people makes me feel terrible. I assure you that my posts in CAPS were not intended to mean anything...I just wasn't thinking