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  1. Hammer5573

    Need Some Help Here

    I’m making a jewelry box for my granddaughter but I’ve never made one where I profiled the sides. Now I can’t figure out how to install a latch. Any recommendations on type of latch and vendor would be appreciated
  2. Hammer5573

    Garnet Shellac

    Thanks for the responses. Based on your instructions I assume that, on a Federal style project, that I should: 1. Apply garnet shellac 2. Apply stringing and inlays 3. Apply clear shellac is this correct...?
  3. Hammer5573

    Garnet Shellac

    I’m planning to finish my next federal style project with garnet shellac. I’ve used shellac numerous times but I’ve never used this color. Is there anything untique to using this type of shellac?
  4. Hammer5573

    Planing MDF

    Can anyone tell me if planing strips of MDF 6” wide from 3/4” down to 1/2” would damage my planer knives? I can’t buy 1/2” where I live and I need them for a veneering project.
  5. Hammer5573

    Full Sized Drawings

    I'm curious to know how many of you use full sized drawings when building your projects ? I rarely use them but I've seen them recommended by many authors. Do you make your own drawings or is there someplace where they can be printed (if not already supplied by a designer)?
  6. Is it my incompetence or is it next to impossible to hand plane cherry without tear out? I've tried using block planes and finish planes and I've attempted to plane in various directions trying to follow the changing wood grain without success. I guess I'm stuck with using the ROS. Any suggestions...?
  7. Hammer5573

    Need Thinner Riving Knife

    I've been using more thin kurf tablesaw blades recently. The problem that I'm having is that the Riving knife on my Grizzly 1023 is thicker than the saw blades, causing some of my rip cuts to stop mid-cut. Does anyone else have this problem ? Does anyone have any solutions?
  8. Hammer5573

    Inset Drawer and Door Clearances

    ...response to Mick S What kind of composite material do you use? I laminate Masonite using Gorilla glue wrapped in waxed paper and placed in a mold. Very satisfied with the results "On a side note, you don't happen to know EJ (Eric) Nodurft there in Wheeling, do". Wheeling is a small town but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him
  9. Hammer5573

    Inset Drawer and Door Clearances

    The drawer and door fronts are composed of a laminated composite surrounded by 1" thick hardwood and covered with wood veneer. I've used this approach in the past and it's worked very well
  10. I'm building a federal style sideboard with inset drawers and doors . The drawers and doors are constructed with 1/8" and 1/4" cherry bead moulding on all edges. How much clearance should I allow for wood movement (the humidity can get pretty high where I live)..?
  11. I'm building a sideboard with recessed drawer fronts. Is there any way to use drawer slides in this situation?
  12. Hammer5573

    NBL Veneer

    I've heard of "No Black Line (NBL)"veneer mentioned a few times as a good backer for better quality veneer. Can anyone tell what is different about this type of veneer?
  13. Hammer5573

    Bowed Drawer and Door Fronts

    That should say "Titebond III"...sorry
  14. Hammer5573

    Bowed Drawer and Door Fronts

    I didn't realize that Titebond didn't allow creep/spring back ?
  15. I'm preparing to start a new project with bowed fronts.I've been burned in the past using yellow glue and the creep associated with using it. I'm considering using Gorilla Glue instead on this project. Does anyone have any opinions about this...?