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  1. I don’t have a picture yet. I hope to have it soon. I’m employing a technique used by David Boeff when he was making quarter columns for one of his projects on YouTube (possibly the Oxbow chest). To clarify things better, I’m hoping to be able to split the completed column into four equal quarters using a chisel when finished. The suggestion about using the plastic wrap or tape is a good one, thanks.
  2. Correction to above… they will be QUARTER columns..!
  3. I need two 1 1/2” fluted columns for a project that I’m making . I’m planning to glue up four 1 7/8” pieces of cherry together into a square, turn them down to a 3” round stock, add fluting with a router, then divide them back into 1 1/2” sections. I saw a video on YouTube where a master woodworker glued the pieces together using hide glue and craft paper. He then divided them up into 4 separate pieces when finished . Has anyone of you done something like this before..? Do you know of a better method..?
  4. I’m sorry that I haven’t been on the forum much lately and I just saw the Spice Box. It’s outstanding…! It looks better than any others that I’ve seen; congratulations! ….Steve Latta would be proud of you
  5. You didn't mention if the sandpaper you are using is graded on the CAMI or FEPA (P grit) scales, and above 220 grit it starts to make a difference. I didn’t realize that these scales exist. What is your recommendation..?
  6. I dilute itto about a 1/2 lb. cut. The simplest way (IMO) is topurchase Zinsser Seal Coat and mix it with alcohol. I know how to make a half-pound cut using shellac crystals but how do I do it using the Zinsser (liquid form)..?
  7. Define 'stain'. Sealed surfaces will be far less likely to absorb the color, and water-based stains often dissolve in alcohol as well, so may lift during the French polish process. I once read (can't find it now) that dewaxed shellac could be stained and that it would prevent any blotching..?
  8. I'm in the process of building a four-drawer chest made of maple. My plans for finishing are as follows: 1. Sand surface to #320 grit 2. Spritz the surface using distilled water in order to raise the grain 3. Re-sand the surface to #320 grit 4. Seal the wood using de-waxed shellac 5. Sand surface with #400 grit paper 6. Spray it with stain (probably water based) 7. French polish the piece Does this sound like a sound plan..?
  9. I constructed a privacy screen made of white ash for my patio. I intend to keep it covered during the winter months and expose it in warmer weather. I was told that I should use polyurethane followed by a weather protectant such as Thompson’s. Does this make sense? Does anybody have a better solution?
  10. I’ve been French polishing nearly all of my projects recently. I know that shellac is vulnerable to breakdown if it is exposed to some chemicals (I.e. alcohol). Can a protective coating such as lacquer be applied over the shellac finish without losing the luster?
  11. I've never done any steam bending in the past but I'm planning to do it in the near future. I thought that I read once (can't remember where) that wood that has been kiln dried cannot be steam bent. Does anyone know if this is true...?
  12. Ha, ha, as I was posting my last response I had a pop-up on my screen advertising the WEN rotary tool (big brother is watching......!) . My experience with other WEN products has been good and they're always offered at a fair price. Anybody know anything about their rotary tool..?
  13. I wonder if the locking mechanism for the chuck is more robust than the one on the Dremel......?
  14. I do a lot of inlay work with my projects using various Dremel rotary tools attached to a Veritas base. I've become very frustrated with the Dremel products. I dropped two of them on the floor and they never worked again. Also once I tighten the chucks enough to keep the bits from coming loose, the locking button/mechanism won't let me remove the bit to change it. Has anyone else had similar issues; can you recommend a better product....?