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  1. I’ve been French polishing nearly all of my projects recently. I know that shellac is vulnerable to breakdown if it is exposed to some chemicals (I.e. alcohol). Can a protective coating such as lacquer be applied over the shellac finish without losing the luster?
  2. I've never done any steam bending in the past but I'm planning to do it in the near future. I thought that I read once (can't remember where) that wood that has been kiln dried cannot be steam bent. Does anyone know if this is true...?
  3. Ha, ha, as I was posting my last response I had a pop-up on my screen advertising the WEN rotary tool (big brother is watching......!) . My experience with other WEN products has been good and they're always offered at a fair price. Anybody know anything about their rotary tool..?
  4. I wonder if the locking mechanism for the chuck is more robust than the one on the Dremel......?
  5. I do a lot of inlay work with my projects using various Dremel rotary tools attached to a Veritas base. I've become very frustrated with the Dremel products. I dropped two of them on the floor and they never worked again. Also once I tighten the chucks enough to keep the bits from coming loose, the locking button/mechanism won't let me remove the bit to change it. Has anyone else had similar issues; can you recommend a better product....?
  6. It was pre-glued and glued along the edge of the tabletop
  7. I’m finishing up a Demilune table and I’m having trouble getting the edgebanding to glue up. There are areas where it has separated from the wood surface. It’s constructed of Sapele and I made sure that the glue surface was clean and smooth before applying the banding. I removed the banding (without much difficulty) and I’m preparing to do it again . I made some curved cauls and I planning to use Titebond II for the reapplication? Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Has anyone seen the woodworking performed by the Vietnamese cabinet workers on YouTube? I stumbled across these videos a couple of weeks ago and I'm amazed at the products that they produce under the crudest of conditions. They also use some of the most exotic wood species that I've ever seen. If you're interested in seeing them type "Woodworking Craftsman" in the YouTube search bar.
  9. I'm about to purchase a CAD program to assist my woodworking projects. I'm computer literate but I haven't used any of these programs for furniture design. Can you give me some suggestions for a hobby woodworker...?
  10. I really like the colors...! Great job Chet
  11. I went ahead and used the TB II and so far looks like a good choice. I was getting a lot of bleed-through when I used the Cold Press glue; didn't notice any with the TB II
  12. Mick, The project that I’m currently working on is pretty large. Would the TB hide glue give me enough open time to complete the veneer application..?
  13. I've been doing a lot of wood veneering the past few years and I've been disappointed with some of the results. I vacuum press my projects and attempt to follow the procedures outlined the experts in the field; however, I've noticed that some of my projects have unglued areas (i.e small bubble-like areas) in the veneer. I'm starting to question whether the Tite-Bond Cold Press glue that I've been using might be the problem? Prior to this I always used Tite-Bond II and I didn't notice these defects. Is it just me or has anybody else had similar problems?