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  1. I’ve always wondered what is the best way to wipe down wood prior to French polishing? I’m the past I’ve used acetone  applied to microfiber cloth;however, now I’m wondering g if there is something better..?

  2. On 8/7/2022 at 6:58 PM, wtnhighlander said:

     I've done that lye treatment on cherry a few times, it can create a stunning color. 

    I wish that I had known that you had experience using lye because I made plenty of mistakes using it. Do you have any advice removing glue spots? When I use it in the future, I'm planning to spritz it with water before applying the lye; do you agree?

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  3. I'm completing a grandfather clock made entirely of cherry. I experimented using a Lye solution (3 parts crystalized lye/one cup distilled water) to create a seasoned finish (looks something like Rosewood). I'm trying to decide what to apply as a finish. Typically, I French polish my pieces; however, this piece is so large that I don't want to use this technique. I'm trying to attain a high gloss finish and I'm not sure what to use ( poly, lacquer etc). I would appreciate your suggestions?

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  4. I’m attempting to reproduce a small table for a friend. It requires corner dados (see illustration) for the installation of two lower shelves. I’ve never done a corner dado installation in the past and I’d welcome any advice on the best way to cut the angled dados (dado set, router, saw and chisel etc)?



  5. If you do an additional vertical cut down through the pin or tail that your trying to remove it will let you insert a wider blade and give you more space to turn the saw 90 degrees

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  6. Sorry....I wasn't thinking when I mentioned (above) only cutting the base of the pin sockets. This suggestion also works when cutting the bases of the tail sockets on the pin board (I guess that I'm used to cutting half-blinds only). 

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  7. I agree with pkinneb, I use a fret saw because it's smaller and can be turned 90 degrees easier than a coping saw. I assume that you're referring to cutting the base of the pin sockets on the tailboard? If this is case, I've also learned that making additional vertical relief cuts through the middle of the material being removed from the pin sockets improves my ability to turn the sawblade 90 degrees. 

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  8. Sorry guys...I mis phrased the question. The question is how you limit the drawer from pulling completely out of the cabinet? In the past I've used a small, narrow piece of wood screwed to the inside back of the drawer which can be rotated upward to stop against the outer drawer blade as I pulled the drawer out; however, I can't use this type on my latest project. 

  9. I just purchased a Grizzly GO 817. I really wanted to buy the Laguna 1412, but the soonest that it would be shipped was April 30 and i need to get moving on some projects. I wanted to buy an American made product but that was almost impossible. I settled for one made in Taiwan (a least it's not mainland China).

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