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  1. All woodworking finishes flex. This isn't something you have to worry about.
  2. This episode addresses Acacia specifically and will explain why a lot better. TL:DL No commercial import. Furniture is made where lumber is grown and harvested. Because it's not commercially imported it's not pulled off the commercial orders and sold to lumber retailers. Again it's a low demand overseas wood volume is low and shipping costs are therefore relativly high causing it to be expensive.
  3. It definatly extends the ammount you can run the vac before needing to address a clogged filter. After ruining festool vacs though i really like bagged vacs. Pull the bag out and empty it or toss it, no added fuss with a space consuming cyclone. They make vac bags for most shop vacs now i believe.
  4. If i use a brad point bit I usually try and spin it a few times.
  5. So I'm thinking about this and there is another variable here that I think needs to be considered. What is the surface finish of the concrete? Was the surface finish left with a slight texture or was it floated glass smooth? The concrete floor in my shop (my basement) was not finished glass smooth and it was to my knowledge sealed (clear sealer as water doesn't soak into the floor and change it's color). It is not slippery in the least nor has it degraded. I've worked in various commercial buildings that had the floors finished glass smooth, they applied no sealer or epoxy and they were still
  6. I had one and it worked pretty well. Really fine dust from sanding will get buy it but it'll separate some. Make sure tp seal the cyclone and the drum really well as leaks there have the biggest effect.
  7. Megan wants to pick a color from the granite for the walls, beings that the slabs we looked at are highly variable and the sink cutouts are a significant portion we are left unsure what the exact colors are going to be. I do all the edging so I offered to wait. So i'm really only punishing myself. We are also going to do a small row of tile so that should make things a bit easier on the top side at least.
  8. Yikes your staff should not have to put up with that. I will add that there is some research that the vaccines are providing a higher amount of protection as well as additional protection against variants. There is less evidence of contracting the virus and variant protection. So as of now there is evidence that points towards a benefit to receiving the vaccine even though you have tested positive.... I really should cite sources for this it makes me uncomfortable to not, but I'm in my shop and am being kind of lazy.
  9. So this looks less like blotching and more like the surface was burnished or polished before color was added or the veneer was sanded too much. Have you applied a clear topcoat yet? If you have yet to apply the top coat it's probable that a gel stain will darken the color some to blend with the adjacent door. Another possibility, and this unfortunately is hindsight advice, is to make sure to change the sand paper somewhat frequently. I have a suspicion that this door was the last one that you sanded? Dull paper could burnish the surface causing the wood to absorb less stain and appear lig
  10. This is the religious catch, from the article you linked "While the vaccine used lab-replicated fetal cells (known as fetal cell lines) during its production process, the vaccine itself does not contain any fetal cells." Further down " The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines used fetal cell lines in their testing stages. Johnson & Johnson used a human fetal cell line called PER.C6, developed from the retinal cells of an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985 in its production and manufacturing stages." Not defending or advocating for any stance just making sure the arguments are properly
  11. Been slowly chugging away on the cabinets. I got all the drawers installed for the laundry room cabinet and main bathroom cabinet. I then installed the main carcas into the room as i have granite measuring in a week and needed them installed for the crew to measure. I added a touch of sapwood on the side panel of the main bath just beucase the peices fit together well and I for what ever reason liked how it looked. Laundry room is going to turn out awesome. Having the extra 24" of floor space next to the cabinet is already proving useful. I'm excited to have the sink up a
  12. Most of the arguments that I've heard from people is they just haven't been made comfortable with the vaccine and it's safety. They believe it was rushed and things were over looked. Unfortunately, it's also difficult to disprove this because people will only believe information from specific groups and there are still groups out there that are rallying against the vaccine. I kind of get it. The literature they provided me when i got my shot said multiple times it wasn't FDA approved and was only being used under emergency authorization. They went through all the right steps they just started
  13. Pictures would be helpful. I find this interesting as Oak is not a blotchy wood and is very stain friendly. This makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of wood grain that is causing the light spot and it may not be preventable.