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  1. That's a nice surprise mistake in the mail. I'm surprised they didn't' make you send it back... glad you didn't toss it or I'd have asked for your address and made a trip just to dumpster dive....
  2. I love secret rooms and would love to do that. There unfortunately just isn't room for that to work out here. The door into the bedroom/office is right there and the whole space would be very cramped. Also unfortunately the best place for a secret room is in my shop. There is a section of the basement that is difficult to comprehend why it's there as it takes some acute spatial awareness to put things together. It'd be the perfect place for a secret room. Most people would just assume that the basement ended. By my shop isn't getting converted into living space any time soon.
  3. I could have reduced the weight a lot more by doing more ribs in the middle and doing 1/4" for both the top and bottom or even 1/2" for the top. I used 3/4" because i had the plywood on hand and it's cheaper to use what you have then to buy new. The top weighs 35 lbs tops so moving it around and getting it into place was nice and easy.
  4. I don't know that I provided enough of a rabbet to do a point driver. I'll just do my typical turn buttons. I should have expanded the rabbet and bought a point driver but hindsight is 20:20.
  5. While finish was drying I continued work on picture frames. I can't remember who posted about the L fence but I ended up making an L type fence to trim the splines down quickly. That allowed me to clean the edges of the frames up with a hand plane. I just need to run them all through the drum sander to clean up the front surface then mount glass and backer boards.
  6. I have a 1.5 hp saw and use an 8" stack with out any issues with power. I'd go that route over a 6" as i have used the extra cut depth a couple times. It also allows you to use the dado stack with a cross cut sled if you ever find the need.
  7. Seen the video multiple times. I still stand buy the brake being unnecessary. The Felder and Bosch design were retracting the blade fast enough to only leave a scratch (very similar to the SS) but neither damage the saw blade. I don't think that Gass intended the brake to retract the blade. The brake was the main function and the retracting was a secondary result because the energy is easier to deal with if it's redirected. Though I doubt very few people will truly know the answer to this question. The evidence is the blade comes to a complete stop before it retracts. If retracting the bl
  8. This is going to be a bit different of a project. Megan and I have discussed at length a means to provide a space for her to get ready but also be easily hidden. Our home office has a close that isn't very well utilized instead of piling boxes and totes there, we'll shift them to the now finished garage. A lot of discussion and talking lead to building a dressing/makeup vanity in the office closet. Not really sure how this is goign to end up. I'll be designing as we go. Main parts that I know I'll be making are a work surface, a rolling drawer organizer, and a mirror with lights. I starte
  9. I haven't dug through engineering drawings to see how they work. My gut instinct is that it's not that different. I could probably figure out a way to make it work. Man now i want to examine how they are both built. The sawstop contraption looks like it'd work easily with the gas cylinder as it's quite light looking. Using springs and a sear it'd be pretty easy to offset the weight of a swinging component and the spring would help keep the blade below the table....
  10. You can accomplish the same pinching action with the twin turbo it's just a bit different. You'll have a dog hole or 2 in the moving jaw of the twin turbo and a set of dog holes on the bench that correlate. Then clamp the same way as the wagon vise. You don't need to have the wagon vise mechanic solely on the end of the bench either. You could face mount the twin turbo and pinch boards accross the top of your bench.
  11. I was finding them for $49.99 + tax. I guess that seems pretty affordable considering they maintain the own plate functionality. Factoring my time my shop made throat plate costs more than $50. Marc covered filling in zero clearance slots with epoxy and re cutting. I can't remember who else mentioned it on the forum.
  12. Doesn't sawstop make some pretty awesome ZCI inserts that you can buy that retain all functionality, like locking in place and allowing use of the guard, and are affordable?
  13. I have a roubo and a twin turbo. I'd either do an end vise orientation and nix the wagon vise or corner opposite the leg vise. I have to disagree with the above about it replacing the leg vise. While i think it's similar there are tasks that a leg vise is better suited to that a twin screw wouldn't handle as well and tasks a twin screw handles well that a leg vise would struggle with. Material wider than ~10" where you need to joint the edge starts to put the board edge at a height that is uncomfortable to plane with a twin screw while a leg vise can handle that well. Leg vise doesn't han
  14. How does it compare to tried and true varnish oil? I've been using that for small projects that don't require a durable finish and it's great. I have a salt well that gets handled daily and it's been a great finish so far. I know the complaints against Osmo are probably old but it'd be nice if they had trial sizes that were affordable. I can't shell out $50 to try a product especially when their product line is huge and confusing. Their "trial" size of 4.22 oz is $20 on woodcrafts site which is better but also absurd. So i do find it surprising that woodcraft is carrying it.