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  1. Wish i could do that. I beat my ankles too much and standing without shoes causes me a lot of pain.
  2. I had some low pile carpet in my previous shop as well and it's not bad at all. I could sweep it and hitting it with a shop vac made it look nice. The stick down tile stuff would be nice for spills ect. Though rubber flooring is probably the way to go.
  3. Chestnut

    Scratch marks

    Beautiful work Ronn. I like your use of veneer. It allows for some awesome grain that you just can't get in lumber form.
  4. Wow that is incredibly beautiful. Each part is impressive but they way you get them to come together so perfectly makes the completed piece amazing. I could stare at this for a while.
  5. I took a couple hour break from the dining table Sunday to make a shelf unit to go next to my miter saw. I just had 2 shelves here before, they were small and tilting away from the wall so objects were likely to roll off. It was instigated by that and also i got sick of the plywood cutoffs from the bed platform project. After that I milled up 3 pieces of birch to make the stretcher. The stretcher is going to be 46" long with 2 4" long tenons so the legs will be spaced ~38" This will put the leg near the outside knee of someone sitting at the table. With the trestle design their knee shouldn't be close to the leg at all though. The through mortises were already cut before the trestle legs were glued up so after the beam glue was dry and 3 handles were turned on my lathe i cut the giant tenons. Only tricky part is getting them sized perfectly to the mortise but still slide on easily. My trick for this is simple. The only critical part that needs to be perfect to eliminate gaps is the portion of the tenon that is right at the face of the leg. I know the legs are 2.125" thick (yeah they are beefy), so i put a mark on the tenon at this point. Now i undersized the tenon everywhere except for 1/4" in either direction from my mark. It's sort of like back cutting a shoulder. These tenons are going to be wedged so glue surface isn't an issue at all which is why this trick is so nice. If you put a strait edge on the tenon each of the 4 surfaces will bulge out slightly 2" down the tenon. The above picture with zero gaps is quite nice. Next is to cut the shape on the stretcher and then create the mortises in the tenons for the wedges. After that I'll keep working on the benches. The remaining lumber i have for the top needs to dry some more. It's sitting around 11% but I'd like to see that at 10% before I start. This birch is a dream to work with.
  6. I'd get both sprayers than. A mid range HVLP and a low to mid range airless. In my opinion It'll probably be less expensive than getting a really high end of one or the other and fit your needs better in the end.
  7. I'd get a 4 stage of possibly 5 stage setup and do what Paul said above. I'm always afraid of over spray ect getting on everything in the house. I think the only way I'd spray is if the whole house was completely empty of everything and there was no flooring. Even then i painted a whole house with a roller and it doesn't take that long. It sucks and I hate painting but it's easy and mindless. I have the MM4 and it's a great unit but I haven't tried paint through it. Interestingly enough i just snagged 3 dewalt 20v batteries from a person who works in returns for a major airless sprayer company. I guess they get a TON of random stuff in returns notably cordless drill batteries that they have to "dispose" of. I guess it's far cheaper to let your employees have the stuff than it is to pay to recycle 20 lithium battery packs every year.
  8. Use sharp cutters to avoid chipout and you should be fine.
  9. That's not nearly enough. That's only like 2 years supply...
  10. I'm going to post my incredibly mediocre ice cream paddle i turned in this thread just to bring it somewhat back to reality. This is pushing my skill level.
  11. I'm gonna stick to furniture.....
  12. I'm amazed at how fast you can churn these out. The end result is beautiful and does not look like you spent less than 100 hours on it.
  13. Now it's time to use it. I found out last night, after i got home late due to a 12 hour work day, that turning a couple quick things on a lathe is fun and relaxing. Your setup is beautiful and makes mine look like a joke but it works.
  14. Just hack 1cm off the end. You didn't need a fence that long anyway. That sucks. I've been super careful with my miter gauges but i bet it's only time until I do this to one of mine as well. If it bothers you enough incra does sell replacement parts.
  15. For the trestle sides I had to make a drawing. The dimensions for the angles were too complicated to remember.Though i forgot to dimension my drawing so i had to get the dimensions by scaling off the computer screen. It was always going to be birch. If i mentioned pine somewhere I must have been sleep typing. I get a pretty good allergic reaction to some of the pine species, I think fir, so i try to avoid using them.