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  1. Chestnut

    EEStudent Shop Build

    Yeah you don't get rain nearly what we do out here. A 100 year rain fall there is a 2 year rainfall here .... LOL That and all your soil is hydrologic group A or B means flooding just doesn't happen.
  2. Chestnut

    Sanding Procedures

    I did this for family, and think it's worth noting. I did 5 coats of poly on a rough sawn board and sanded between each coat. The finish felt smooth after i was done but still looked rough. Some days i feel like 180 is too fine and 150 or even 120 could be a stopping point. I know when i used to stain oak I'd stop at 120 so the wood would absorb more stain. Part of me is so disappointed because i actually like how this looks.
  3. Chestnut

    EEStudent Shop Build

    I don't know that i ever would do outlets in the floor. I come from too many flood prone areas that having electrical in the floor just screams DANGER! My other thought @EEstudent was holy #)$#@ that aggregate must have cost a fortune. Where i lived and worked up until a year ago all aggregate had to be hauled in on rail cars causing it to be expensive. Also are you putting grass back around the building or leaving it gravel? If your going back to grass you might want to provide some topsoil grass really should have more than the 1" root zone that gets peeled up with the sod.
  4. Chestnut

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    There's a seam There? Nice work! This will be a fun one to watch happen.
  5. Chestnut

    EEStudent Shop Build

    I'd drop from the ceiling. If your going to have some dust collection ducting run the cord with that. Looks like a great shop so far.
  6. Wow thanks for sharing. That looks like a wonderful place to have a wedding reception.
  7. Chestnut

    Sanding Procedures

    Taking the time and effort to get close to a finish ready surface off a hand plan is worth the effort. With enough time i can do it but i usually stop short and then hit everything with just 180 grit. I despise sanding but when there is so little that needs to be done it became a bit more enjoyable. Standing holding a sand for hours on end moving through grits ... just ... sucks.
  8. Chestnut

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    I don't think he's coming back to see the suggestions. I saw that he wanted it smoothed some, i don't know if apply a deck stain and sanding smooth would work but with a film finish you could sand it back a bit and it'd smooth things somewhat. for 1,106 lin ft I'll bust out spray equipment. If it's over 100 lin ft I'll bust out sprat equipment, this is considering a water base clear though. I don't really deal with deck stains ever don't really plan to.
  9. Chestnut

    Sanding Procedures

    I start and finish with 180. Only bought the 1 grit.
  10. Chestnut

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    I had a serious thought as to suggesting taping and putting plastic on everything off and spraying in place. I figured doing it in place was more work on the prep than it's worth. Also if you have a power sander with variable speed you could put some 320 on that and use it to sand the first coat of finish. It might make things a bit faster. With the power sander you'll want to move faster than you do on bare wood so you don't sand through.
  11. Chestnut

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    Buy a cheap HVLP sprayer or rent one if possible. One of the all in 1 units like this. or this one might be better. Another option is a compressor HVLP but that comes with it's own can of worms and complications like needing a good compressor to run the gun and dealing with oil and water from the compressor contaminating your finish. Buy some exterior rated water based poly like General finishes Exterior 450 and spray them. You'll be able to spray that in minutes vs hours of brushing. Sand between coats. Exterior 450 can be applied with a brush as well but the $100 spent on that HVLP will pay for it's self in 1 coat. That's how i'd do it.
  12. Chestnut

    Which Clamp to use?

    So to figure out spacing we need to calculate the tan of the angle which is 45 degrees and multiply that by the fraction of the opposite leg W over the adjacent leg X. Where W is the width of the board and X is 1/2 the needed clamp spacing. So tan(45)=W/X shifting stuff around we have W/tan(45)=X. All you have to do is solve for X and then double for the spacing. tan(45)=1 forgive me some math humor
  13. Chestnut

    Sculptured Chair

    I'm with you on preferring to use air dried lumber. It works slightly different but in a good way. I'd love to mill my own lumber but the thing that holds me back is time. It's so much easier to drive to the lumber store and pull off a stack of boards that are ready to go than it is to mill and wait for it to dry. I've cut up some small logs on my band saw for fun species like Boxelder or other non-comercial lumber. I never knew how flexible air dried was vs kiln dried until i tried to break a small off cut from some air dried ash i have. I bent it in half and it still didn't break.
  14. Chestnut

    GF Arm r Seal Problems

    It's no help but I'm confused. Wish i could see in person. I shake my to coat.... Never had issues either
  15. I've noticed at times where taking to thin or light of a cut has worked against me. I often bump the cut depth to 1/16" to 1/8" when dealing with gnarly wood that i know I'll have to take off that much or more.