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  1. Outdoor movie night. Burned my chair templates. They were taking up too much room.
  2. Old thread most of the people have moved on. Yes sanding sealer has been tried it doesn't fully solve the problem. Best way is to load up an hvlp with dye and spray an even coat. It's the only fool proof way to color blotch prone wood.
  3. On my 735 If i noticed that I set it for too heavy of a cut i quickly cranked the handle to prevent overloading the motor. Just remember and don't flip the board until you've evened everything up. When planing rough material this was quite common for me to have to do.
  4. Ricky what's the going rate for walnut in log form for probably lower grade logs. Some popped up on craig's list and i'm wonding if it's worth my time to even try and deal with the guy.
  5. Got this so it's ready for finish. Vanity for a friend.
  6. Wax is huge you must wax for smooth operation. The dresser i made for Megan, the 8 drawer walnut one, had drawers that are about the same aspect as yours the tolerances side to side are tight like maybe 1/64 gap both sides so 1/32 total. The trick don't make your drawers square. if the front width of the drawer is 22" the back should be like 21 7/8". So you essentially make a trapozoid. The important part to make your drawers sit flush is to make sure the stops on the back side will have the front flush. For the dresser i made my drawer tight and then used a handplane on the sides to bring them into shape. (my material was solid wood). This is a trick i picked up from period furniture makes. Something similar should be done for the height as well. You only really want to close the gap with the front edge of the drawer. So if the drawer opening is 3.75" your drawer front should be like 3_23/32" or even 3_45/64" after the drawer front sand/plane things down to 3_20/32 - 3_21/32" Another way to get around this is to use a center guide but i assume it's too late for that. Another trick for stops is to buy some of those silicone bumpers for kitchen cabinets and use those. When you shut the drawer you get a nice soft bump and it's ever so pleasing. I know people like BB drawer guides but once you figure out wood guides NOTHING comes close. Now that i'm typing this i'm going to order some cause i'm low.
  7. My shop door is within arms reach of my work at home desk. I've been using my "15min" breaks to glue on edge banding or other quick tasks to make what i'm working on in the evening go that much faster. It's a nice break.
  8. Tom you always post the most interesting projects. You are going to have an almost brand new tractor when your done with all this work.
  9. I've had expensive Forrest blades, I've had cheap blades that come with saws. unless your using a blade that is obviously junk i don't know that there is much difference. Get one that has thicker carbide and can be resharpened. Forrest, Freud, CMT, Ridge carbide, Infinity, & many more. Just find the one in your budget. Find a company locally that will sharpen saw blades and keep your blades clean and sharp. This alone has the biggest impact. Cleaning is a once per large project for me. I prefer Freud Industrial they are a great balance of cost and quality. I have a forrest woodworker II and never use it i don't think their quality matches their price.
  10. It's basically the CT midi with a few features missing. The antistatic hose (Which is nice), a place on the vac to store the hose, a place to coil up the cord, the foot brake, nor does it have the ability to clip on systainers. None of those are important features to me except the foot brake and the Antistatic hose. the important bits, the amount of suction it has variable speed and the auto on feature are included. I think it's a great vac for people that think the CT26 is too expensive.
  11. Chestnut

    Walrus Oil

    I have no idea how it would react. I'd create a test board with your wood, the stain you applied, and try finishing it with the walrus oil. My thought is that the stain will prevent the oil from penetrating as far as it needs to. It may work it may not. Most of those finishes are intended to be used over bare wood.
  12. Chestnut

    DSLR vs Tablet

    I just got this email from Nikon. I guess they are taking advantage of people being stuck at home and are opening up their learning courses for free. Could be useful to many just thought i'd throw it here.
  13. I've always been curious about that tool and how it works. Please share i think it'd be very interesting.
  14. I have a wiping poly on my dining table. just make sure to do 4-5 coats to get the finish thick enough.
  15. My experiment with lye on red oak went very poorly, it turned green on me. Hope that it was just a reaction to the subspecies i was using but it brings with it a caution to test on project scraps, but you know that already.