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  1. oh that's tempting. Those are good blades so any sale on them is a good deal. They are worth it for full price.
  2. Anything that is in my garage at this point will be thrown outside when i get to taping and mud. Right now most of what is still inside is helping me hang the drywall with a couple exceptions. It's not cold enough to move the freezer outside so I'll be moving that around as it gets in my way. That is the single worst thing but there isn't anywhere else it can be really.
  3. Got 14 of 22 sheets up yesterday going to finish today.. Then start on the walls.
  4. Run a board of curly hard maple and that should be a good gauge.... if it has more tearout than you expect it's time to change?
  5. DO you stagger butt joints on the ceiling?
  6. Hum shots fired? Jokes, I just said this in another thread and completely agree with your assessment. Square feet is somewhat misleading as well because square feet measured running a 1" wide board through the center of the planer for 12000 feet is not the same as running a 12" wid board through the planer for 1000 feet. I only use board feet because it's a number i can easily measure. I have reciepts for lumber purchased or i roughly know how much i start with. I know how much i use at the end of the year so that gives me a rough measurement. If each board foot takes 3 passes on the join
  7. It didn't come in the mall but i bought s 14/12 on black Friday sale from acme. The 10% plus the free resaw king was just too tempting. I wanted a 10" saw but after i considered the space it would take up and the small table i started considering 14" saws. I missed a powermatic 14" for cheaper but this might be better. I'm still working on the garage so i just shoved it in my shed which has gotten awfully full.
  8. It's not hard at all it's just practice. It's one of those skills that anyone can master if they just give it enough time. I started learning by fixing holes in college... i got a lot better after demoing and remodeling an entire house. A lot of it comes down to how and how much pressure you apply to the knife.
  9. Graco airless units work pretty slick. I have this guy ( and it works really well. I'd bet the smaller handheld units would work well too. I like the large unit painted my whole house with it. I'll be using it for interior painting as well, you just can't beat the speed for covering large blank areas. Only other recommendation is depending on the paint you want to spray. HVLP units can spray some of the thinner paints like Milk Paint possib
  10. That looks great Chet. I really like the peninsula and the access from the back side. There is a spot in our kitchen that would be perfect for a short peninsula just like that. I'm going to save that picture for future reference.
  11. I'm not sure I'd probably have a 6 tpi to try and see if it bridges the gap between a 4tpi blade and 14 tpi blade. If they are inexpensive now is the time ti try them.
  12. Holy that's slow. I issue permits in under an hour. I usually have them reviewed and approved before the person leaves the office. I hope the addition goes smoothly looks like it's going to add a good amount of space for you. It's all shop space right?
  13. What is the benefit of the 20" cement trowel over a 20" drywall knife? I do remember that post. I also remember talking about this over messages. Your method has been very helpful and allowed me to get a good method of my own. I think everyone approaches everything a bit differently. My first coat of mud is a setting type of compound because I'm awful at hanging rock and left huge gaps. Drying compound took forever to dry and would shrink and crack which took more time. The setting type stuff I was able to fill larger holes and get the work done faster. More often than not time is my bigg
  14. I have also been thinking about taking advantage of Laguna's sale but more to fulfill a 2nd band saw for my shop so i can have a 1/4" blade mounted and a 3/4" blade mounted. I find myself wanting to use both far to often. So my answer is a 1/4" blade and a 3/4" blade are about all I need. The point of the 3/8" blades is to possibly bridge the gap between the resaw blades and the curve cutting blades to allow someone to do larger curves but also resaw smaller boards without having to change blades. My favorite blade width is 1/2" as it was reasonably good at resawing but also cut decent cu
  15. This is what Mattias Wandel does on his furnace filter contraptions. Keeps the filter somewhat clean of large particles and allows it to work on the smaller stuff.