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  1. Chestnut

    Wedding Favors

    That's awesome congrats hope the day goes well.
  2. Chestnut

    Plant stand

    It's also worth noting that after a year or so you'll forget where the mistakes are and then you won't be able to see them either. My Morris Chairs are already this way and i only finished them 6 months ago.
  3. Chestnut

    Crevasses/gaps in my polyurethane table top

    Yeah that's 3 more than i'd have done....
  4. Chestnut

    Plant stand

    Hey now, we all learn at different rates you both picked things up faster than i did but this isn't a race or competition. Heck i can't get through dovetails by hand let alone half blind ones.
  5. Chestnut

    Polka Dot Box

    I like it. I still need to go buy some wenge to give it a shot. Also it looks fantastic on that cherry sideboard. I realize it's not it's final home but it's a good stand to take pictures of small projects.
  6. Chestnut

    Where’s Roy?

    What do you call sleeping?
  7. Chestnut

    Bosch 12” SCMS accuracy issue

    There is some technique using saws like this. The head extends a long way from it's mounting point so you need to use care in putting sideways pressure on the handle as you cut. Also a blade upgrade may help I don't ever use the stock blade on any saw, the bottom dollar blade they get is good for cutting dirty material that may have metal in it but they are far from an accuracy blade. I also have to agree with Gee-dub, to an extent. I can use my 10" glide for precise work with a good blade and good technique. is my table saw with a miter gauge better. Yes, but i don't always need that level of accuracy, in fact it's not all that common.
  8. Chestnut

    First time milling!

    Box elder but there shold be some good flame in the one near the crotch.
  9. Chestnut

    Inlay Cutting Board

    The place where the auction is like 300 miles away and i knew someone headed that direction this weekend. They needed to be to the person setting up the event before the day of i think so i took advantage of the free delivery.
  10. Chestnut

    Inlay Cutting Board

    November 19th? It's a ways yet I'll post back how much it goes for. That is if Megan didn't give it to her friend as a gift... I made 1 extra board and it found a home as soon as it made it out of the shop.
  11. Chestnut

    First time milling!

    I do little stuff but it just isn't the same as getting nice big fresh boards. You can see in the background a small log i milled a couple months ago. It's already at 17% MC.
  12. Chestnut

    First time milling!

    Yeah 1 of those plus the alaskan mill is not much short of a small bandsaw mill. Makes me really want to try milling but it always seems so much easier to let someone else maintain the mill and i'll just pay mill time.
  13. Bmac can you come give me a class? What would that cost? I have a spare bedroom and megan makes amazing food.
  14. Chestnut

    Grinder Dust Collection

    How much space do you need under the wheel could you make a chute that goes back to a container and then just empty that? I know it's complicated to build but ..... it might be worth it? OR even get one of the slow and narrow DC shrouds and have it dump on a blast gate then just open the gate to empty it into a container? Now that I see a picture it's making a lot more sense.
  15. Chestnut

    Box Joint Aggravation

    Let me know when you go if i knew at least 1 person there it might make it easier.