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  1. Shop Storage Shed

    Overhang isn't included in building square footage according to my surveyor. And decks are not considered part of the structure and generally fall under their own code. The shed is going to be on the highest part of my lot looking over my neighborhood, the view from where i'm putting it is the whole reason i'm considering it. I may not sit up there a ton this summer or next summer but maybe when i slow down a bit. Yeah the whole point of going overboard is so I get to build it. I'm excited for this, like everyone else gets excited for roubo builds. Also my dad who is retired is going to come and help me. On the heavy equipment part i have a sprinkler system i don't really want to damage and getting the shed to the back of a 0.6 ac lot would leave some might big ruts in my soft yard. The dormers are the only thing that would make it look a bit different from my house. Other wise the house siding is going to be the same and the roof pitch on the house is 6/12 and i'm going to do 8/12 so not too far off. I have a little porch area on the front of my house as well. I'm in the middle of a Morris chair build i don't mean to be rude but this shed dormers and all are going to be a break from complexity.
  2. Supermax conveyor stopped

    I'll have to look at mine
  3. It doesn't get nearly as dark or red/yellow as the other hardeners. It also has good UV resistance when outdoors. 207 is intended to be west systems "topcoat"
  4. Shop Storage Shed

    Huh yeah i mean i could probably find 2 exterior doors and make the jamb myself but the prehung ones aren't much more than a rollup door and i could get a 60" opening that would be wide enough for a rider or an atv if i got one. The in swing vs out swing is a good question though. Is out swing worth it?
  5. Shop Storage Shed

    How or what did you do for those double doors. I really don't want to do a roll up door.
  6. Shop Storage Shed

    It's going a direction i like. This is quite rough but gets the idea across. Not sure what you mean steve. Beings that i'm going to be doing all the excavating with a shovel and my own two hands i don't really want to dig a root cellar. As awesome as it would be.
  7. What finish?

    I thought you were asking what finish was used on the block of wood, which looks a bit plasticy. Maybe lacquor wiped on and then rubbed back with steel wool for a semi gloss sheen?
  8. A couple of shop improvements

    That's 1 serious sled. Like the table saw.
  9. Shop Storage Shed

    I don't really like the look of the Gambrel roof and it really would look odd with the look of our house house. I'll have to measure the space but anything on the sides isn't much of an option because the space width is limited. I have trees close on both sides where i want this to be located. I totally forgot about dormers. I could drop the height by 1'. The plan with the 10; walls was to have more attic space where the main ceiling would be at 8' so. Nixing all the drcorative stuff runing the porch roof like this might be worth a 3d model.
  10. Shop Storage Shed

    I don't want to do that because i don't like the look of it and i don't really want it to add to the square footage of the shed in case it goes over the 200 sq ft and the city finds out. It just re-confirmed that A. your an animal B. Are you sure your not pitbull? and C. did i miss what the 1x3s were for on the outside?
  11. Supermax conveyor stopped

    You could also translate the arch down from the top and bottom rails and start working on the side slat material. Matching the arc perfect isn't really relevant as any small variations will be separated to not be noticeable. I'd use the bending form or even get that 1 arm glued up and use that. If you don't have an arm leave the top most arc that mates with the arm until you have that glued and out of the form. I think i even waited on that one till after i had the through mortise and rear mortise chopped.
  12. Shop Storage Shed

    I need some storage both shop (wood) and house related stuff (lawn mower, Christmas lights, ect). So I'm designing a shed to be built spring of this year. I'm going to use this thread for the ideas and also as a journal for those that want to follow along. My goal is to make the shed as large as possible while not having to pull a permit. For my area sheds under 15' tall and 200 sq ft do not require a permit. Over all plan is to have 10' walls and a foot print of 14'x12' with 4' of covered porch off the front. I really want to do timber framing for the porch. My goal is to make this nice aesthetically as well as useful. It's going to be located on a part of my lot that will make it in direct sight from the main portion of the house so making it look right is higher on my priority. This is where you all come in. I have 2 rough designs pick them apart tear them to pieces with what ever feedback or critiques you can think of. I shall subject this to the hive mind. The 2nd design came about because of the high wall height. it might look a bit visually odd for such a tall building to have an overhand roof like that so the 2ndd roof line was proposed by my dad. The more i look at it the more i like it but it still seems a bit off. The front porch will only be 4' with 5' of overhand basically enough to sit under during a gentle rain storm. There will be no railing as i plan to have the porch as close to ground level as possible. The timbers shown will be the foundation and will be dug in and placed on rock. I plan to have through trusses to allow storage in the attic I also kind of want to put 2 hex windows on the gabel ends for light in the attic. 10 year old me wants to make the attic but leave it empty for an additional place to chill. Materials are construction materials, treated lumber, possibly steel roofing, cedar for the timber framing. I don't know if i should put gutters on it. I also will stub conduit for a future electrical run (I don't have panel space to do it now). Because of the small size i am tempted to use a hardwood for the decking. Grab your red pen and let the bloodbath begin!
  13. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Why isn't there a creepy face reaction!
  14. Practice

    I really like the strait grain walnut that you used on this. It really does well with the style of the table. Personal preference but i don't know if i like the beveled edges for the drawer, but that is me. The dovetails look great though. Did you hand cut them?
  15. ECE planes... worth picking up?

    The lumber dealer i went though in Bismarck loved ECE planes. This was coming from a guy that had some BCTW daily users so the guy appreciated quality.