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  1. SS on aluminum, I wonder if that body isn't going to wear down over time and lose it's ability to lock or lose it's square. I'd never make a tool like that out of aluminum, At first I was hoping they were red stainless or something.
  2. The back slats jig takes a bit of trial and error i found on mine. My slats were long enough that I was able to do the testing on the ends of one of the slats to get things dialed in. I then cut them to length and did the tenons.
  3. I'm not quite close on symetry yet. It looks uneven. I was goign to use a quick template like Marc does in the rocker video just to give a good starting point. I was hoping to make more progress on both of my current projects but it's still in the peak busy time of year for me. It's also peak fishing season and i haven't been out once yet.... I should move my boat further in the driveway so i can't help but hook up to it and take off.
  4. I was going to look into that as well as just throwing a strait edge across and using offsets and measurements to keep things similar. I also want to create a template that I set on top that could give me horizontal information as well, like outline and a shape for the deepest part ect. My one hesitation with the drilling is what happens if my drill bit goes a bit too far....
  5. Not a huge update here. I've mostly been playing with patterns and trying to figure out some of the tricky aspects this build is going to present. I did a second sculpting of a seat and it turned out better than the first. Talking with Bmac I determined that I was trying to create too steep of a slope on the back edge of the seat and it was causing me to dig in a bit too much. I also approached the power carving a bit differently. All in all things worked out much better but i need to do more testing so i can get each seat more uniform. One of the key things stressed by Bmac is to do pre-carving. In the image above you can see the outline for the seat. This goes to the band saw and gets cut out. The pommel area also gets shaped at the band saw cutting on an angle. The boards just right of center get traced and cut after the center. The outside boards I shaped free hand with the band saw but after talking to Bmac he mentioned power carving them before gluing the seat up. I can see how this would be a big benefit and I'm going to try that on my next seat and cover this in more detail. I got the cherry for this project last week and have it acclimated and stacked in the shop. While I've been working on the Roubo I've also been cutting out and shaping the templates for the chairs. I printed details from my cad drawing to scale at work. I had to stitch together 11x17 sheets to get the sizes i need. After i got them all stitched together I secured them to some 1/4" ply with spray adhesive. I won't be using these for template routing, well maybe. I might make some template sleds, or I might just use them to trace lines, cut to the line on the band saw and shape with hand tools. Not sure. With some of the sharper curves I'm probably goign to have to do the template routing method. These will for sure help me determine grain layout on project parts.
  6. I didn't think of the feet thing. I placed a board under my current bench that will stop my toes from going under, lets see if it bothers me. If any one things of anything else let me know. As i see it, lowering the shelf just provides less space to store wood shavings and sawdust.
  7. For the Roubo builders out there. Is there any reason to have so much dead space under neath the bottom shelf? I plan on making under bench storage and am kicking around lowering the bottom shelf piratically to the floor. I know this will change the length of the deadman but I don't see any other reasons it wouldn't work. Tell me if I'm missing something.
  8. With a bigger shop to make even more cases! Oh man this could turn into a vicious cycle fast.
  9. I know but they are listed permanently closed on google maps. I was going to drive by Saturday when i was in the area and saw it (ran out of time). I can't find any evidence to support this though. Lot was sold in 2010 to some LLC. They missed a tax payment the end of 2018. Can't find that it was listed for sale or anything else. I can't find any information on the company that owns the lot either.
  10. Oh yeah i forgot that you mentioned that earlier. Though being from the same tree isn't always a guarantee that you'll get a match though it's more likely. When i put the mortise on the wrong side I hacked the leg into 15 pieces and burned it so i hear ya on the dumb mistake. Taking a break is always the best thing to do. Glad you got the replacement mad and are moving forward I'm excited to see this one finished.
  11. That's a really nice and clean looking through motrise. I messed up a chair leg really bad so a stool leg isn't the worst. I'm not sure how the stock you are working with looks but I'd bet you could find another piece that matches. Though if you can't find what you like do it right. I made very few compromises when i made my chairs and I really appreciate it now. The chairs are still one of my all time favorite projects. Megan has caught me quite a few times just staring at the curly grain on the arms.
  12. Oh it'll look like a well used bench after a couple years. I'm going round because easier. I think square are neat but a lot of dang work i don't need and won't appreciate.
  13. Legs are goign to be cherry. The chop is going to be walnut or I might dig through some of the exotics i got in a package deal and veneer an exotic to the chop face or even the deadman. Despite it being a bench it's goign to be the focal point when you walk in my shop so i do want it to have some wow factor. The wow factor is mostly for myself.