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  1. Chestnut

    Bandsaw blade choices

    I have the highland carbide and a resaw king. I've had bad luck with blades but the timberwolf i used was ok till it dulled lasted longer than 1 project. Yes people use the tri master for wood all the time.
  2. Chestnut

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    Run a wide board and check to make sure it's even both sides.
  3. Chestnut

    Buying a router plane.

    Only 3! I guess that's a start.
  4. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    Here is the unit with added supports under the front of the shelves. I kind of like this and might go this route. Have the shelves attached at the back and resting on this at the front. I also changed the alignment of the horizontal braces on the sides so they correlated style wise across the project. This is slightly harder to see in the image than it is on my end. Also according to my calculations each unit is going to be 40 BF or around 150 lbs .... guess I'll need help moving these guys around the shop. Might make the shelves removeable.
  5. Chestnut

    Buying a router plane.

    The sharpening jig is included. I'd get the fence it's $10 if you use it twice it's probably worth it. The tool will last a long time so using it twice might not be a stretch. If i got a balde it would be the 3/32 so i could touch up grooves that are fit for undersized plywood.
  6. Chestnut

    This time I was not a day late and a dollar short

    Nice score. Jealous. I'm feeling lumber purchase with drawls.
  7. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    No but i'm not sure that i would like the look of the sliding dovetail that would be visible through the slat. If I were to go that route i'd just do frame and panel case sides. Thicker slats isn't a terrible idea so they are flush with the inside edge of the sides ... i could use the drum sander to flatten any inconsistencies or well even a hand plane. I'll think on that one. I have also been kicking around putting a 1" wide brace under the front of each shelf so the shelf rests on that. Maybe I'll model that tomorrow in CAD work has been slow finally.
  8. Chestnut

    Bread Board End Question

    Personal opinion i'd like them to be smaller. obviously you are limited to some extent to the lumber you can source an 11" breadboard is going to be tricky to source. My initial thought was 6-7". Also i wouldn't think of it relative to the length but to the width. A long narrow table with a n 11" breadbaord would look more goofy than a table that is wider but shorter.
  9. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    As state above if i did the single horizontal i'd have it aligned with the shelf below. This is shown in the first image of the thread. Yes open backed. I'm not really concerned about racking stability there is a 6" wide piece at the bottom that will be M&T as well as a 2" at the back of each shelf. For side buckling, it is unlikely to be an issues again wit the supports on each shelf as well as the limited sag from the shelves. I could also take the middle shelf and glue the M&T at the front and leave the back to float to bring some bowing resistance to the front of the case as well but i don't really think that is necessary.
  10. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    This is a different room. I was concerned with less slats being too see through and running the look honestly. The below renderings show a variety of different looks. I split the side into 3 parts as well not sure if i like this look or not. So i have 2 side designs 1 and 2 and 5 slat designs A - E. I should mention that the side 2 will be more like the first image able where the horizontal piece will correspond with a shelf a bit lower down.
  11. Chestnut

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    So far so good. It was a very easy change too maybe an hour tops. I invested in mine for the noise reduction primarily and the cut second. The one that i bought came with 5 spare inserts. No you don't need to buy a whole set of them they are sold in packs of 10. They do have 4 sides and you should be able to get almost a lifetime of hobby use out of the stock inserts. I think Cremona just mentioned he changed around the ones on his jointer after 5 years and he does more woodworking than i do. Cut quality isn't as smooth as fresh strait knives but is comparable to strait knives after 25-50 bf of use. I never seemed to be able to get through more than 200 bf with my knives if i was lucky. I'm trying to remember the last time i got tear out. I still have to make sure to pay attention to grain direction but it is much more forgiving there. The main drawback to the byrd heads is they are slightly smaller than the stock head. The zero mark is no longer the zero mark because of this the new zero mark is 1/32 on the planer scale. They do offer a head that doesn't have this issue but in order to install it you have to remove all the inserts and then reinstall all the inserts after it's in the machine. Looking back it might be worth the issue because my experience is the machine can take off more material compared to the strait knives.
  12. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    There will be 2 glued M&T (domino) joints in the back and 1 unglued in the front to float essentially. Running sagulator if i was able to fill the entire space I'd have 140 lbs of books and the sag would be 0.02" with solid wood and ply would be slightly more and mdf would be double the solid sag. The cleat is an interesting idea I could also use a pin or something on the front and do M&T to attach it to the back cross support i have designed for each shelf. That would make construction a lot easier.
  13. Chestnut

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    Also i was just thinking if you need any sort of clamping action you can just use the planer it's self the guide rollers should put an equal force just put a board on top and crank the unit down.
  14. Chestnut

    Turning Bloodwood (Satine)

    I use Howard's butcher block conditioner doesn't leave waxy film.
  15. Chestnut

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    Ply would increase the cost by 25% maybe more. So I'm leaning solid right now. This it's going to have to be mostly pre finished. Not really concerned about rigidity but maybe i should be? Was more thinking about aesthetic. I've made a shelf with less bracing that was rigid enough.