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  1. Won't the drawer interfere with the back apron or were you saying place the clips on the outside back apron? I feel like a Z clip in a slot on the apron would work well with dowels or dominos in the front legs.
  2. You should read that closely it states taht 2 years is the minimum shelf life, and states that the glue as long as it doesn't degrade should be good much longer. Don't throw away a good product just because some arbitrary date, someone picked to make sure that you'd keep buying product, has been passed. Also you have no idea how long it sat on the shelf before it entered your hands that 2 years could contain a safety factor assuming it'll sit on a shelf for a year before it reaches the end user. For me even if i toss half a gallon it works out 16 oz bottles at $8 are $4 cheaper than buying a gallon 128 oz.
  3. I honestly feel that patching isn't the right fix in this situation. I'd try clean the gouge first and fill it in with poly using a painters brush. The clear will fill in the gouge and help blend it in. It might disappear it might not. If it diminishes the appearance of the scratch to the point where you are happy with it leave it if it doesn't try additional methods such as replacement.
  4. Did it scratch through the clear?
  5. I finally got in touch with the guy that was hording some curly cherry at the lumber yard. They ended up letting the curly stuff go for the cost of regular 4/4 cherry. I grabbed 60 BF @ $5/BF not a deal but the lumber looks pretty sweet. Is it possible for there to be too much figure? A couple boards were 14' long and 10" wide. I'm going to use this as the base on the TV stand and the slabs i bought earlier for the tops. I have enough wood to make 3 so i may try selling 2 of them to pay for all the wood and then some.
  6. This ruins 99% of the fun of the previous image.
  7. I like it i think you should run vertical grain for the aprons it adds a special rustic touch.
  8. Welcome to our cabinet shop our cabinets are expensive because 1 person works like a praying mantis while 8 people make sure he's being safe.
  9. I use the 24" f style clamps more than anything. I also use a lot of 12" and 6" bar clamps the only reason i use those over 24" is because they are smaller and easier to wield.
  10. Cost of living is actually pretty high here, thanks to the oil boom. Also thanks to the oil boom people actually know that North Dakota is a state now, i much preferred being forgotten about. That being said i got a steal on my house and owe less than 6 figures on it which has me pretty excited. I also haven't gone cheap, there are just some items that i know i won't use very often and if they are big ticket i just push them off. I know a drum sander is a game changer i just don't see my self having space for it and using it a ton.
  11. You win the price of a 2nd mortgage and serious scorn from the father-in-law! I own a cheap house and I'd be hard pressed to spend the same amount i spent on my house on tools. In fact I'm pretty happy with my setup, well i will be once this band saw gets delivered, and I'm probably under 10K.
  12. I don't have any advice specifically other than applying the poly over shellac will probably be fine but if you can't get it my other advice is to take some scrap and run tests. I don't mean to discount people's knowledge but sometimes testing on scrap pieces that are the same as the the item is made out of is the best way to know how it will work.
  13. I run spreadsheets on my credit car each year and total separate categories. The sum function becomes the double check and lets just say i spend a LOT of money every year.
  14. I guess if nothing was lost all is good right? I'd test the glue on some scraps before using it again to play it safe. Might be a good stress reliever after all who doesn't like breaking something now and again.
  15. I really like the ID badge thing. Even if you don't register it with the state if you hide it somewhere on the tool it would make it really easy to prove that the tool was stolen from you. This would help if you filed a police report of the stolen items they can be confiscated as evidence and you can then petition the judge to return them.
  16. Chestnut

    New toy!

    Stop bringing logic and good points into a frustrated irrational complaint I looked at sawstop and strongly considered them but the leg up in cost over the PM would have pushed me into PM2000 territory. I also didn't like that they gave you a cheaper fence with the 30" models on the PCS saws. It's less of a complaint about the paint and more of a complaint about the service putting roadblocks on a warranty claim that they don't outline in their policy. If they had in there "paint coverage is only 30 days" I'd say, shoot you got me i guess poo poo on me for being busy, but it's not. Consumable and parts are covered for 90 days and it's only been 56. There is nothing else outlined that i could find on their warranty page that states anything shorter. It's like saying the bumper to bumper warranty is covered for 60,000 miles but at 50,000 we call your broken parts wear and tear.
  17. Chestnut

    New toy!

    Each brand seems to have something that is off from factory. I've seen a fair few complaints about all brands at least with griz you don't pay an arm and a leg ... only fingers .
  18. I'm reaching the end of a 3 year old gallon of TB 2 and I've had no issues with it. I just edge glued up some 1/4" panels with it and they came out strong as the first ones i glued up. Was it a new bottle? I have had issues when i don't clamp long enough for sure though. I've taken items out of clamps after 45 min and bumped them apart. Maybe it just didn't dry enough during clamping?
  19. Chestnut

    New toy!

    Been going back and forth with powermatic support via email and their warranty seems to be a bunch of bogus BS. They won't cover the paint chipping and discoloration because I waited too long to call. Lets never mind that I'm only 56 days into the 90 days of parts and consumable warranty period. I don't really know what to say other than $23 + shipping for paint that they offered seems steep. I also feel they should throw a can in with every tool they sell but what do i know about good business, i only know how to make people happy. I'll be personally recommending Grizzly from now on for table saws at least.
  20. This has been awesome to follow along with. The gate looks great and i really like the look of that wood. It's cool being able to see what people can make in different countries with local woods. I hope to see more from ya in the future. As for critique this is outside of my zone of knowledge.
  21. Got kicked back 5 more days to 4-20-16. Now i just think they are messing with me and this saw doesn't exist. I'll have the blade and mobile base tomorrow. I guess i might as well set those up so i can stare at them hoping for the saw to materialize.
  22. It's probably not as fluid as it once was but it's defiantly strong enough. How would it go bad mold?
  23. Took me 3 years and i have some left on my first gallon. Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.
  24. Nice I'm jealous. Is it qtr sawn? Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.