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  1. All of you that could do this are brave people in my eyes. I could never undergo this task it is a personal weakness for me. Why is this reminding me of the ender game series? Things dying and turning into trees ... This would be the ultimate punishment.
  2. I've tried foam rollers as well as small nap rollers and I botched more than i gained with it. I personally have found sticking to a good brush for the oil/water based clear you using to be the best approach. Hitting the surface with sand paper between coats especially with water based is a must. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. I sort of stopped caring as much. I have a really good credit card and if the item goes on sale within 60 days of me buying it they refund the difference. It also allows me to purchase where ever i want and they make up the difference. It's not the best but I used it to get $12 off a DMT Dia-sharp diamond plate so i got it for $43 which is pretty good imo. I'm by no means telling anyone to go out and get a credit care but if you have one and use it make sure that you're looking at all of your benefits. That includes extended warranties and more.
  4. I also put screws above each pad that the insert sits on so i can level and flush it from the top instead of having to worry about getting it exactly the right thickness. The only thing that worries me is the strength when you cut the slot I've seen some where the spline the insert to give it more strength. I think it's outlined at
  5. I did the cut it close and finish with a flush trim bit and the stock insert taped on with double sided tape. It worked very well and just friction fit. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  6. Awe that takes all the fun out of dusting off the calculator and breaking out structural equations for portal frames/trusses. Bookmarked that, I'm going to keep it around if i ever build a shed.
  7. Nice upgrade, that saw looks like a completely different machine now that you have a decent fence on it. When i upgraded saws i went from a portable saw style fence to a t-style and I've been loving it. Ever going to look into zero clearance inserts for your saw?
  8. I think the catch on it is the "More restrictions may apply". They can outline the restrictions in a huge document and post it in some hard to find spot. They aren't the best store in the world, but dealing with them in store is awesome for warranty claims. Usually just get a new tool off the shelf on the spot no questions asked.
  9. Looking good, seems like things are going smoothly. I hope that things continue to go that way. I've done 3/8" for plywood panels. If i remember right my raised panel bit set only insets the panel into the rail and stiles 3/8" on each side as well.
  10. This looks great! All these benches are making me really embarrassed about how terrible mine is. It's just a 3/4" particle board top with a reclaimed pine base. I REALLY like the shaker idea for more storage i work in a small space and it'd be very useful for me. To be clear the main difference from the shaker to the Roubo is the storage underneath?
  11. Hum interesting i wonder if they honor that in store ... i tihnk i know where I'm going after work. Now what tools do i need?
  12. Congrats on the new saw. Hope that's your only trouble. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  13. I wish i took timber design this would be fun to figure out. I don't even know if the timber design programs that engineers use could model this. Why not just do the traditional method and put what ever you want for asthetics over top? Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  14. Or your family was a bunch of poor farmers that bought the cheapest tools they could from the day that were thrown away.
  15. Just an idea but a good place for lots of large storage would be in the apron of a larger dining table. The design could be similar to Marc's gaming table except make the top 1 piece that lifts off. It would have to be purely for concealed storage because there wouldn't be quick access. A 42" x 84" dining table could hold a lot under the top between the aprons.
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    1. I really like the mallet 2. I really need to see Monty Python ... GASP!! i know I've never seen it. 3. Is the mallet heavy enough? I've thought about making another one myself and filling it with lead shot to make it heavier.
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    Does every thread spiral out of control? Also I'm not saying that's a bad thing entertainment is entertainment.
  18. Depending on your temperature, my basement sits around 61.5-62.5 F and i use shellac down there all the time. At that temp the dry time doesn't suffer much either. I'm with Mike on the Shellac, i started using it after reading these forums and have started to really enjoy it as a standalone finish where applicable.
  19. I don't think that it's very old there may just be a gap between shipments and demand was high enough. I know they have one in the store here you may be able to order it through lows and have it shipped to your nearest store.
  20. I wonder if the reason they never wanted to try it was because they were worried that when the blades stopped and shot into the table it might grab the glove and try and take the finger with it. I know it's not exactly the least expensive demonstration to do but with the gloves being rubber coated i wonder if leather or pure cloth would have any different of an effect.
  21. I use my shop vac to get the hard to reach places. I also made my own thein baffled from a 5 gal pail to separate out the dust as much as possible. The thein baffle works great i hardly ever get anything in the bottom of the shop vac. I need to scale up the barrel from a 5 gal pail to something say 30 gal
  22. I feel like sometimes people are to afraid of a good healthy debate. I love to debate all things and i feel like i don't have many friends because of it.
  23. I have 2 PC 890 kits (i got sick of switching accessories around) and honestly i really like the PC edge guide. It seems the guys on this form are pretty crazy about the Mikita routers so i haven't read much about PC accessories. I don't' use my edge guide a lot but when i need it things always seem to work nicely. I use the edge guide a lot to cut circles. I recently made a dust separator thein baffle where i needed to cut rabbeted circles that edge guide was key there. Oh if you haven't figured it out edge guides can be used for more than just guiding along edges at least the PC one can.
  24. Are you talking about making a chip separator before your HF collector? If so look into a homemade Thein Baffle. I just made one and it was really easy it also works very well.
  25. What router do you have? You could try making an edge guide but I'll tell you that a good edge guide is going to be really helpful. I asked a while ago about using a router table to cut mortises and some people thought it was a terrible idea but there were a couple of have done it. Hard part about mortise on a table is the plunge the nice part is you could set up stop blocks and a fence. Your tenon method sounds very sound. Someone may correct me but i don't even think you need to precut the shoulder you could have your dado blade do that, but better safe and clean than sorry. Does anyone else have the irrational fear that their table saw is going to grab their cross-cut sled and throw it back in their face?