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  1. Rotate test. Posted from rowser on android. Image was from my cameran and edited on android not sure if that matters. Uploading is slow 2.5 meg file doesn't go. I used to be able to do 3x that.
  2. This is not new. I don't think the site has ever supported .png. At least i've never been able to upload them in the past.
  3. $552 YIKES! It made me mildly irritated to find out that Ford hired an executive from Deere. He went into Ford wanting to do the same old song and dance your dealing with with but with Ford vehicles....
  4. Glue? Little bit in the middle and clamp it down. Violates movement technically but if you just glue a little bit with narrow material it's unlikely to be an issue. The slats look narrower than some tenons I've cut.
  5. That is a beautiful boat. It's amazing how quickly you got that done.
  6. If you seal the ends with Anchorseal or similar you should be able to store the logs for a while. This depends on climate and location but Matt Cremona did answer this question with a video. If you have access to a mill I'd have them sawn sooner rather than later. Stacked and stickered outside you are looking at at least a 6-9 month drying period for 4/4 and double that for 8/4. I have air dried 8/4 lumber from tree to 15% MC in as little as 45 days but that is not advisable and could cause some nasty internal stress.
  7. Dang! I wish i was closer as well i have a little boat and trailer that needs some work and have been looking at disc and belt sanders.
  8. Oh no I made a mistake, your grain match was so well for the other pieces I thought the bottom was one wide piece. I now see that there are a few pieces and all are nice and even in width. I was looking before on a small laptop monitor from a long way away. Soo umm disregard that comment .
  9. This is an awesome tool chest. All of the small additions are interesting and add to the great work on this project. I can't remember, is this something that is light enough to be able to carry or is it just an immovable storage chest? it looks like it has a good amount of heft to it.
  10. Contact stanley they have replacement parts. Have the plane part number eg (12-136) not sure if that's the one you have.
  11. 28" and I think a 1" over travel supports 140 lbs $34 per pair plus shipping. Cheaper and faster than making your own. One of the places that manufactured slides just make sense. There are a lot of other options on that site as well, may be able to find something cheaper. This is also a good source I use. Typically for blum hinges as their prices is almost always the cheapest and is usually 60% less than what rockler wants.
  12. Excellent work! I really like the v-groove divider detail that is a nice touch. This is super nit picky but an observation. On the cherry box I'm not sure how you did the bottom but my offering there is personally I don't like narrow pieces close to the outside. They always give the bottoms an odd look. If i need to use a narrow strip I find it works better in the middle as a separator between 2 wider pieces of material. I couldn't tell if the bottom was veneer ply or solid wood.
  13. CT-15 is a good bang for the buck as far as festool goes. I don't really know much about other brands. Not sure on the status of festoorecon Since covid I haven't seen anything posted on there.
  14. Be safe with your table saw but also respect all sharp items in your shop. Wood chisel shot through the 1/4"edge on a door while i was cleaning up the mortise for the butt hinges. Super glue works really well though. Sealed this 1/8" deep cut really well. if this is too graphic sorry and I'll remove it.
  15. It is way more enjoyable i agree.
  16. Chestnut

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Now we are trout fishing. Been a great holiday weekend so far.
  17. Chestnut


    Tried to get some milky way pictures. Moon was to bright though.
  18. might be waiting a while. My dad's honda is going on 25 years.
  19. Oh i was so distracted by the doors i missed the shelf with your equipment. I like your setup it's similar to mine.
  20. That's great i love the doors. I wonder if that's enough to keep equipment cool inside?
  21. Chestnut

    Feet Up Rev 2

    It's gonna be a nice weekend. Found a lake i can have all to myself.
  22. I have a gauge. It is worth a not that the Laguna gauge is just a magnet that your can move around as you see fit.
  23. Laguna specs 16,000 psi tension for the resaw king fyi.