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  1. I like my California air one for the shop. It's no replacement for one of the big loud buggers though. I swear that California air spends more time pumping than i ever spend using air. I'd never be able to run my impact wrench or air ratchet with it. Even nailing trim or running a framing nailer would be a bit much for it. It's ok for short dusting bursts or a brad nailer
  2. Chestnut

    New tool brag

    I expect a thorough and in depth review of the impact to your wallet! jokes. That's exciting, what is your existing router? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the 1400. I've been tossing around buying one of those myself some day but i can't seem to pull the trigger. I really like the porter cable 890 sets that i have. The big benefit is the PC edge guide is amazing and dust collection is quite good as well. Plunge action isn't the greatest though. The EC 150 is a great sander i doubt you'd be disappointed.
  3. Wow that's a lot more red than i was expecting. Most of the cherry i use ages to more brown than it does red like that. Interesting.
  4. Never used it but make sure all your cutting tools are sharp and you should come out as best possible.
  5. Just solve the problem and use one of these That's a joke but in reality like you said the exact measurement doesn't matter so much as them being the same. For this i use stop blocks or make sure i know all the parts that get ripped to the exact same width. All of those parts get cut before the fence or stop block is moved. If i mistake happens i use the project or project parts to strike a new line and then make sure to either leave or take the line. For a tape measure that is dead on with my hard rules i use the Stanley FatMax line and so far in the last 6-7 years the one i use near daily is still accurate. Do note that dropping the tape will have a LARGE impact (pun intended) on it's accuracy. If it falls hook down the hook will bend and all of the measurements will be off. I have many tapes but i'd dropped a few and the hook got bent so they get put in my pickup or elsewhere so i can't use them. They are still useful for measuring mundane things but because they don't agree with all my other measuring devices they won't be in my shop.
  6. Here is a pcture inside a store. It's possible there are more of these for each rockler it might be worth checking them out to see if the question can be answered that way. Otherwise i'd try calling their HQ
  7. I have a small stihl gas and I'd bet the battery powered saw is capable. The dewalt is one to stay away from there are numerous reports of the bar bot being attached to the saw well at all. It also leaves me hesitant on ALL of the toolless bar chainsaws. With the dewalt being #2 it leavse me wondering the accuracy of that review and if they even pushed the saws at all. My trouble with the battery powered saws is they are freggin expensive. For something that is going to get little use i have good luck with 2 smoke engines and would be hard pressed to jump into the expensive world of batteries. Getting a cheap $75 saw and draining the gas tank and running it out of gas after every use would leave it lasting a LONG time. Even if it only lasts 4 years money wise your going to be ahead. Batteries need maintenance as well primarily to be kept charged so they don't drop down too far. It's not a huge concern but still is a thing. I'd probably only get a battery saw if it used batteries that already fit into my cordless tools.
  8. I'd love to see the front leg and arm rest be done as a bent lamination that gets further sculpting similar to the rockers on a maloof rocker. It may end of falling flat but i'd try it. The nice part is maloof and nakashima both built within the MCM style but it was just sculpted instead of hard lines. Modifying this to a sculpted chair doesn't really remove it from that style though it makes it considerably different. I'm excited to see where you go with this.
  9. Marc did a video using baking soda and water on cherry to darken it. This solution is a bit safer to use and easier to come by. I found 100% pure lye in a home center near the drain cleaner but i'm sure it can be had easily enough from the typical online sources.
  10. Nope we're good. We're saving for some lake property.
  11. Lol I've had that happen to me as well. I want s chainsaw mill real bad.... But Megan and I have a large expense upcoming so no new toys for me any time soon.
  12. Bmac with the forum migration there are a lot of old threads popping up. Just a heads up cause this one is 8 years old.
  13. When i cut firewood logs on my bandsaw i draw a line on the log strait from pith to pith and the first cut i do basically removes the pith. This is wasteful on larger logs but for small firewood stuff i get the best boards this way. There is some usable material salvageable on those beams you cut but it's not as much as if you removed the pith.
  14. Man i never thought about that. I always hate how much lint those things have. Thanks!
  15. I don't have a solution but I'm interested in how other people accomplish this. I have multiple miter gauges and a sled that are always in the way.
  16. I also thought that some woods had anti microbial properties like walnut and others. Not sure if that still works after it's been kiln dried ect but there are woods that hold up better outside so maybe there is some worth to that.
  17. I've used colored cotton cloth and never had the color run. If the t-shirts they are coming from are well used the excess dye should be well washed out. If it's new t-shirt material that hasn't been washed that may be a different story.
  18. Chestnut

    Used SawStop

    I wasn't saying anything about the dangers of DC arcs just that the relay and protection equipment will trip the line in milliseconds if a fault occurs on those lines. Hawks are a huge pita for the transmission lines as the defecate every time they take off which causes a lot of faults. I think it was about someone buying an expensive saw and using it as a storage table.
  19. Oneida has better rated filters. Clearvue filters aren't HEPA certified and are only 99.99% at 0.5 micron vs 99.97% at 0.3 micron. That is a huge difference. The main reason i went oneida. Clearvue has a better cyclone design. I just wish they offered a 3hp version. I don't need a 5hp collector and didn't want to have to run bigger wires to accommodate. I also liked that the Oneida system was easy to get free standing. CV doesn't have a free standing option only wall mount which cramped my style. Clearvue is the obvious choice now with the HUGE price hike that Oneida put in. I got my 3hp Gorilla pro unit with a larger filter for $1,000 less than what they want now....
  20. Chestnut

    Used SawStop

    The protection equipment on the DC lines are capable of tripping out in very few cycles. I don't remember the number or exactly how long a cycle is, i could find out if you'd like. The result is they are able to trip off DC lines as fast as AC lines so the arcs would for all intents and purposes look the same. You would never see DC in distribution lines though that is just too complicated. HVDC pretty much runs from generation to the first substation and then gets converted to AC for distribution. We're talking huge lines in the 500 Megawatt range. None of the lines this big ever make it close to a town or city but I know things are different out east. I was making a joke due to the short period in the US where the standard was 115/230. I'm that pedantic guy that corrects people when they say 110/220 as well. The people that bother me the most are the ones that say 120/220 .... how in the heck do you double 120 to get 220?
  21. Chestnut

    Used SawStop

    What if we say the intermediate and go 115/230? My house measures out at 123 no load. The regulators on the sub down the street are set to deliver 125 so during summer AC loading the house never drops below the 5% code standard. Maybe Drzaius will correct me but I'm pretty sure we have a fair amount of DC transmission in the US and Canada. I know for a fact there is at least one that is feed from the Milton R Young Generation plant in Center, ND. It's the Square Butte HVDC line. One of my Christmas gifts when i was younger was wrapped in the wiring blueprints for the plant relay for the line. I don't know why i remember that.
  22. All of this is conjecture. Need to know where you live down to the city. some random armchair experts on a forum aren't going to know the nitty gritty details that make all the difference. My firm got sued over removing trees. Appraisal came out for shade trees and disturbed land value. Owner that sued us was awarded $0.00 and was required to pay all legal fees. This all varies by region down to city or even HOA. The trees were even on the owners property. I wish you luck, if you lawyer up ask politely if the case is dismissed if you can get your fees covered by your neighbor. I don't see that they have a leg to stand on. Unless there is some odd regional ordinance or HoA covenants.
  23. I guess I don't see the point and they are heavy to move around to clean.
  24. Just throwing this out there. Am i alone in liking thin cutting boards?
  25. Doesn't the pro also have the cfm boost? That seems like an interesting feature. The nice thing about the 3hp pro is you may get a bit more separation for a drum sander. I have a fairly well sealed system and run my drum sander with 2 gates open on my 3hp pro and get good seperation. With the v300 you may have to clean your filter every 10 months instead of 12.