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  1. If you want to save money plan ahead and buy large quantities 100+BF a lot of the local yards deliver. Might be able to get them to drop material in your driveway. For curly and exotic go bell forest. To address drzarius if material is surfaced and comes warped call customer service they work with people of that warping is during shipping.
  2. What part of Wisconsin? I see yards all over the state with decent prices. Search for cherry or walnut in the materials section of Craig's list and you should find retailers they may not have zebra wood though. You may have to drive but it'll be far cheaper than online ordering. Otherwise bell forest is a good resource and they are located in the UP. They list any issues on the board and have good service if something is amiss. Damage in shipping is highly unlikely. It bought curly maple from bell forest and everything came perfect. It's all s3s thought do you'll need at least s table saw.
  3. Guess I'll have to do work at work on Monday ....
  4. That's promising. This looks really wild and could be awesome.
  5. I think this came out great! As far as the drawer fronts. Evey one tries to shoot for perfect square but i'd be a lot of people's cabinets end up a hair off. Personally i make doors and everything a hair oversize and then scribe and cut to perfect size. If that cabinet is 1/64" out of square it gets reflected perfectly in the door or drawer. It's maybe too bad the Cletus wood ended up here but hey your shop cabinets look great!.
  6. That and remember that these you-tubers may be getting money from Osmo to push their product and can hide a lot of stuff in video that wouldn't fly if you see it in person. I can put lipstick on a pig and make it look super attractive in a picture/video. If you follow Marc (the woodwhisperer) at all he's posted many many times on Instagram about getting hate mail and nasty calls from company owners for products he gives bad reviews on.
  7. You could probably do the opposite hit the whole thing with a thinned wipe on poly and then osmo on top of that. A couple thin coats will build on the eopxy but may not build fully on the wood leaving the best of both worlds. As with everything try this on a scrap piece before you main project, or test it on the underside. Also to note beings that you have already applied osmo to it you have oil and wax in the wood. Poly won't adhere to that you may be stuck.... but i don't use osmo so I'm not entirely sure. I don't know how deep that finish penetrates nor if that will impact the poly my gut says it will impact the poly.
  8. What you call over engineering should be called over building and under engineering. Over engineering something is removing structure to the point where it holds it's designed load but only barley, maximizing benefit while minimizing cost.. Over building is throwing engineering design out the window and shooting for the highest ultimate strength possible. This is a common misconception. It's common for woodworkers to under engineer and over build. They want stuff built to be built like a brick $#@( house. It's not really a bad thing to want items to be sturdy and be able to last the test of time. This has become more apparent when we deal with the under built over designed furniture that is typically available from Ikea or Walmart. This furniture is designed to just barley hold the load it's designed for so it can be light and small and take less material to maximize profit for the company making it, The trouble with over building is it tends to be at the cost of aesthetics and some times tasteful design. The overbuilt items tend to be clunky or becomes stressed over to the point where it's not enjoyable to construct them. A well designed piece and be both sturdy and look nice. Then there are the pieces where ultimate strength is thrown out the window in the goal of complete aesthetics. I feel a lot of woodworkers could stand to push the limits of our techniques and design and build stuff that is more delicate. The sign of a good craftsman to me is building something that is super durable but leaves people thinking it's delicate. Think a sam maloof rocker.
  9. I don't think Osmo is going to work on epoxy. Part of that finish is an oil that penetrates into the wood and leaves solids in the wax behind. The oils won't penetrate into the epoxy and the wax is going to wipe off the surface as not much sticks to epoxy. Even epoxy doesn't stick to epoxy which is why when it's layered you have to complete the layers before the base cures completely or you have to provide a mechanical means for the layers to adhere (aka sanding). In order to remove the scratches you need to polish the epoxy. It sounds like you tried this to some extent and the stuff you are experiencing is that you aren't removing the scratches form the previous grit before you move on to the next grit or you have detritus on your sandpaper that is leaving scratches behind. When it gets to finishing the osmo will work on the wood but it's just going to wipe right off the polished epoxy and essentially will leave you with unprotected epoxy. If this is for a table i'd rather have a film finish on there than unprotected epoxy. Epoxy is very soft and will scratch easily and after a short time your table is going to look like a bar top. If it were me I'd take everything down a bit more maybe move back to 180 grit or 220 grit and then work your way back up. If the scratches that are left behind are large you might need to move all the way back to 120. This will be an exercise in sanding properly. So 120 180 220 320 400 500 1000 no skipping. Then i'd hit it with a film finish like a wiping poly or shellac. The film will fill in the very small scratches on the epoxy that get left behind. If you are going to go osmo i'd polish that sucker the same way you'd finish an automotive clear coat. Then be prepared for the epoxy to get micro scratches.
  10. Your not playing golf right then. Every time i go it takes multiple balls.
  11. I also hope that you don't give up. I was really excited to see how this turns out. If it goes somewhat south just drive a 16 penny nail in it and say it was influenced by Gary Knox Bennett.
  12. Which yard do you shop at? I stopped in at one of them and was a bit surprised at the prices in Chicagoland.
  13. I like it, have you tried practicing free hand?
  14. I updated the REFERENCE POST for details view the post. I added the two books tom king mentioned as well as the book Bmac mentioned. There are enough references that i felt a different organization was warranted. I changed the theme to have the style highlighted at the top. Each line is the author: title of the book "quote about the book hopefully one sentence! " -Person doing the suggestion I still have the bottom furniture galleries with pictures. I encourage if you stumble upon something that is well presented and put together to mention these as well. Below that are sections mostly for myself with material I've bought but haven't read and material i hope to buy. I will also start linking the most recent update post so traveling from begging to end of this thread will be easy. The link to the first post is above and I'll try and keep it obvious . @&*$ It that isn't 1 sentence that i can put in the the reference post SHAME!!!!
  15. Yes, I have rotated the inserts once in 2 years. If it wasn't for processing some reclaimed lumber it'd have been a lot longer. I estimate that the helical head has probably near paid for it's self already in both knife replacement cost and time to switch the knives out. Some people make it sound like rotating the inserts takes a long time. I was able to do the entire head in around 20 min. There are other options that are talked about for blades for the 735 but my #1 reason was sound level. Every other benefit was just icing on the cake.
  16. Chestnut

    Used SawStop

    Good point didn't think of it that way. For the steal you got on the saw even paying to move it you still got a heck of a deal.
  17. I believe it reduces strength, epoxy can be thinned with acetone as well. I'd test it before you give it a run on the real deal.
  18. I have not. Did a bearing rust out?
  19. A used power feeder isn't that expensive. There are DIY ways but you'll probably spend as much or more trying to figure it out than just getting a used unit.
  20. I just stumbled upon marine hinges in various sizes. The trouble with gate hinges is they would end up being far far too large. They make stainless steel butt hinges for boats and they should perfectly fit the bill. Some of them look dang nice too. Thick plates and appear to be well made
  21. I'm making a couple indoor outdoor storage cabinets that will be outside for the summer and move inside for the winter. They are going to hold the cusions for out outdoor furniture and some grilling odds and ends. What options do i have for hinges that aren't ugly? Would a standard brass butt hinge or similar work?
  22. I think that's the point of the advertised air piston system. They have some sort of air chamber piston that offsets the weight of the motor and cutter head.
  23. I was in Rockler yesterday and walked past the laths.... i quickly kept walking once i saw some of the price tags on the hss tools and what not.
  24. Chestnut

    Used SawStop

    Wish i was closer i'd come and help. I hate hearing that the stair climber thing didn't work. I was hoping it'd be better because some day in the future i plan to but a new planer and would love to get it in my shop easily with out hurting any one. That device seemed like the ticket. I think @jfitz has an excellent idea with runners and a come along. Just don't overbuild what ever you are going to build around it. 2z4s are a lot stronger than people give them credit for. Any extra weight you build around the saw is more weight that you have to move.
  25. The entire list is in the first post... it's too much of a hassle to deal with 2 threads and it kills the conversation. The first post will always be there and I'll keep it updated with any new suggestions. If any one wants to see what books were suggested what was said about them and who said it hit up the first post.... Amazon made it easy to publish for good and for bad. Be interesting to know if their fees are any more or less than how screwed major authors get through a publishing compnay. On ebay it seems that the quality of book i get is usually much poorer than what i get from amazon. Though amazon has a better grading system for used books where as ebay doesn't really have much. More and more i'm finding book listings from 2nd hand stores and they usually have a stock photo of the book as 99% of the time the one that comes looks completely different from the single picture they had posted. As i said in the first post I almost always look to see if the author had a website and does their own sales. If they do i try and buy from them first.