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  1. Beautiful. You should submit those to marc through the guild website. I think it might help the project if people see how others modify the plans and make them their own.
  2. The big thing with the 6 and 7 and 8 is you don't really need perfectly flat. Main this is make sure there is good contact around the mouth and near the front and rear. If there are a few low spots in the middle it's not a big deal.
  3. That is awesome they look great. I have nothing against making them, i just didn't want to. I have too many things i need to get done and other hair brained ideas i want to do that i just bought some.... If my full time job was 40 hours like most people instead of the 50+ i end up working I'd probably have done it. I also wanted a nice set of chisels, exotic wood handle, expensive steel. It was a bonus and i wanted to treat myself.
  4. So i posted in What did you do today with the new 15HH in the back of my pickup. I figured it's been more of an adventure than just posting in a bulk thread. This is the clean side of my pickup I swear the other side is covered in mud. Ok not covered but has some mud on it. Need to get it in the garage for my aweful idea to play out. Just barley fit. Oh yeah this is the good stuff. Had the awesome smell of fresh cast iron and overseas grease. The plywood is surprisingly nice though. Better than the 1/4" junk we get at the box stores around here. Here is where it gets dicy. 2,000lb block and tackle setup to a beam that spaned 4 rafters. The rafters say right on them they are rated for a 40lb live load.... this is only 560lbs ... yeah that math checks out. I watched everything while Megan rolled my pickup forward. She can't drive stick but knows how to push the clutch it and let it roll forward then hit the brakes. Some day I'll teach her how to drive stick. Ok now brace your self.... I do what every rational person does when they get a new tool. I took it apart.... obviously. So half is in my garage. And half is in my shop. This is how these things work right...?
  5. I like the box joints on the sides of the base but it does make the style more A&C than G&G. I think if you made the wider protruding and rounded box joint's it'd nail the G&G style a bit better. These are awesome it was fun to follow along. Yeah my dentist makes a lot of woodworking requests as well.... She is a close friend of Megan and I.
  6. You did a beautiful job Rick. Simple words cannot convey how amazing this is.
  7. Don't forget they have a ruler in these lengths already that is about the same width with similar features.... I almost bought one of these because i like my paloni ruler but the price turned me away.
  8. I blame Marc. He did uneven slat sizes on the morris chair build and it stuck with me. I give him all the credit i've just been running with it. My only claim is being able to feel out the proportions but that was just trial and error.
  9. I have plenty left to keep my busy for a few years. So far anyone that asks me to make something gets turned down unless it's something that intrigues me. I have plenty of hopefuls that I'll float prices too once I have free spots in my schedule. Also as i hone my style i see project I've made that i want to shuffle out the door and replace with something i like better. I only have a limited amount of the ash. For the small tables it's ok but for the larger ones i went with cherry. I was going to do cherry for table #1 but when i spoke to Megan about it she told me just to do it in ash. The ash boards are sequenced and qtr sawn so i want to use them for something better. My plan right now is to make my hand tool cabinet out of the ash.
  10. So to keep things clear I'm making 4 Living Room tables total. All are going to be the same height which is roughly 23" #1 is done and is roughly 20"x20" #2 In Progress 42" x 10" #3 Selected material 24"x30" it's going to go over the sub woofer in the corner. #4 This is the one where I'm going to try implement the concept i posted earlier. 8"x 30" I messed up a leg and put a mortise for a domino in the wrong spot. I didn't want to fix it so I scrapped the leg and made a new one. Then i proceeded to figure out the slats for the sides. I got widths figured out cut some slices at the bandsaw and then ran them through the drum sander to the proper thickness, 8mm. The center slat is too narrow to use my typical mortise with the domino so i have to create that mortise the old school way. I decided upon a drill bit and chisel. It turns out I don't need to turn in my woodworker card as my test mortise fir perfect the first time. So i chopped out all 4 mortises i needed. By the 4th mortise i was getting the muscle memory back and managed it pretty quick. Because i wasn't confidant that i could get a perfectly strait mortise i ran a shoulder around all 4 sides of the slat. There is probably only about 1/64" on the front and back but it's enough to do the job. I created the shoulders for the slats on the table saw and used a chisel to fine tune the fit. Then i needed to plow the mortises for the bottom shelf. It's getting difficult to find a good spot on my test block so i may have to find a new test block. I use one of these on every project to make sure that the reveal is exactly what i want. I feel something like this is mandatory when working with a domino at least for me. Even using it i still mess things up from time to time. I had 2 mistakes of mortise in the wrong spot on this project luckily only 1 required a redo. Final step was to get everything glued up. I did both sides in one go and then attached the sides with 2 rails and glued 2 boards together to make the top. The long rails were a bit too tall so i put an arch in them to try and make it feel less bulky and heavy. I like the effect. It might be hard to see with the clamps in the way. I'll post a picture once i get finish on.
  11. Yeah that's a good point. I'm sure it'll work I just have it stuck in my mind to minimize flex to zero preferably. I think you'll be fine, I don't know what you have for parts around or the full setup around your drum sander but i'd probably just flip that wye around and extend off of the wye at an angle toward the saw. I bet it creates boat loads of dust but it can't be any more than a planer or jointer. Though IIRC your bandsaw has more resaw capacity than your jointer/planer?
  12. Pull the MSDS and run what ever solvent is in the finish through the gun after you are done. It should show up there. You may have to do some googling to get chemical name to common name.
  13. Yeah i snagged both of them off ebay for $40 each, i put bids on not expecting to get them because the type 9&10 #3s usually go for $100+ at least they did when I was watching last.
  14. Wow this is awesome work. The big mistake is interesting because i was searching and couldn't find it.I assume you glued the DT/s or that bottom would be falling off.
  15. I have 2 both are in good shape i'd offer to send one to you to see if you like it but I remember your in Canada and shipping is crazy expensive.
  16. Awe that's a great idea i like it a lot! That dust collection looks like you need a better solution. That's a lot of flex pipe.
  17. His argument was that it disrupts the flow and the look of the entire width of the tree and minimizes it's majesty. He did a lot of slab work i believe for that reason. I believe his big argument was against rotary cut veneer that looses the look and feel of real wood which i agree with to an extent. Though I fall on your side of the fence using the tree to it's fullest extent is one of the better ways to make use of a tree that is rare and or slow growing. If you could take one of his slabs and capture the essence but make 10 pieces of furniture didn't you just share the beauty of that tree with 10 fold more people? I need to buy some of that mesquite it is a lovely wood. I'll probably saw it into veneer and use it like you do.
  18. I agree with the veneer. The irony is i just read the part of Nakashima's the sould of the tree book where he was ranting that veneer was a desecration of a tree's essence.... I some what agree but also strongly disagree.
  19. What about getting more specialty planes like a compass plane or some molding planes? You do more than average amount of hand tool work so i can see a jack plane working well in your shop. I've never really liked the low angle planes are they something that you like to use? Also i have 2 #4s and as much as I thought after i bought the LN #4 that i'd stop using my junky Stanley one that i got dirt cheap I use them about the same amount. I'm SUPER glad i didn't listen to the nay sayers and bought my LN with a 50 degree frog. I have it set up for a light cut and when i hit the nasty spots I grab it over the Stanley. For the bulk work the Stanley does the job. I need to restore the #3s that i have to see if they are something that fits in my work. I"m sure they would but i need to have it available first.
  20. I like that you are trying to add sculpting but maintain some of the lines from the original piece. The only thing that comes to mind is if it doesn't make sense to try an follow a hard strait line just don't do it. I feel lie you have enough sculpting experience to know what's right.
  21. I never said there was anything wrong with the TV i miss those things. They just worked and you didn't have all this unnecessary junk in them that just breaks. If you do ever want to get rid of it make sure to try and sell it. I know people that are paying $100-$200 to buy them so they can play old school video games on them.
  22. Coffee table looks great. I like the design. Also how old is that TV? Did you steal it from a museum?
  23. First time veneering so lets make this as difficult as possible eh? From my view it looks like you did pretty well.
  24. Man that look really good. I agree it looks like you need more planes to fill up all that empty space.
  25. Hey I've only broken like 3 or 4. It's not my fault they insist that it should work on a 14" saw and keep replacing it for free . I'd never be able to get anything bigger than a 16" in my shop as much as i agree with you.