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  1. Glad to hear your still well and busy. I was wondering the other day if you had changed over to start cutting construction lumber.
  2. Weather finally cooled some.... Its still too hot for this. From left to right 3rd cut 1st cut 2nd cut. It's cool to watch the walnut change color from gross green to chocolate.
  3. You've been watching too many Matt Cremona videos. 18" large end is my bread and butter. Perfect size for being able to move and roll myself but still yields a lot of good sized boards. If these were 6 foot long logs they might not be worth the effort but 30 footers? If there are 5 of them that's 1,000 BF of decent sized easy to mill logs. It depends on how strait and how many branches there are though.
  4. Walnut in any form is worth milling into lumber vs burning. A tree like you are describing 12-14" at the small end and lets just say 32 feet long could easily produce 200 BF of lumber. That's like 4 dining room tables or 4 sideboards. How many trees are you talking this size? If your giving them away I'd gladly come take them off your hands... . I asked a tree service in this area how much walnut logs are worth and on average they go for $0.50-$1.00 BF in log form. Now don't scoff at that there is a lot of effort in sawing and drying lumber. There is also a lot of loss, of that 200 BF the
  5. The table looks pore filled with some finish applied over top. The area in question just looks like the application of pore filling they did wasn't enough to completely fill the grain in that location. It should be an easy fix for any shop that is doing finish at that level. Looks like red oak and red oak can be very porous and soak up a lot of finish.
  6. Chestnut


    I see lumber prices have started to come down. 3 weeks ago a 2x4 stud was 12.99 now it's 8.99. Random length Lumber futures have been on the decline since the middle of may.
  7. I honestly can't remember if I left it float secured it with screws and let the back float or used figure 8 fasteners. I probably used figure 8 fasteners because they are easy quick and cheap. I know people use angle brackets or other methods but those per unit cost more than figure 8s are imo take more effort to install.
  8. I have the sideboard guild build and have built one. Matt makes the bottom a bit complicated. For mine i just made a panel that fit inside the bottom and fastened a ledge around the perimeter to hold the bottom up. Matt's method is frame and panel just with a raised panel that is flush with the rails and stiles. For an outdoor build I'd to do slats with 1/4" gaps between the boards that way you can have good air movement. I'd attach the slats to a cleat on the ends.
  9. So almost 4 years later this project needs an update. Maybe a year after completion the rear leg let loose from the lower shelf. There was enough strength in the front joinery (domino) that allowed the stool to continue to function for another 2 years. A few days ago Megan told me the shelf broke, it's used as a foot rest for leg shaving, luckily it broke while not in use. It's started to look rough. We have a lot of minerals in our water so even trying to keep it clean there is only so much a person can do. I'm also suspecting that the white haze is the old finish de-lam
  10. These things. Kinda look like Reindeer for Christmas decorations. I glue together scrap blocks to make them and can usually give away every one I've made. Haven't meet a person yet that doesn't love them other than my wife. (she only doesn't like them because i made like 30 this past year and littered our house with them.
  11. Added to my Christmas list! I've been meaning to buy something like this for a long time.
  12. Oh those are impossible to do with out a spindle sander. I also use my spindle sander for making reindeer. I shouldn't have made it seem like i was advising against a spindle sander. More or less adding to the discussion. They are inexpensive and have enough uses, they should be in the shop.
  13. I've done both and found them equally tedious but the router sled faster. That said the hand plan can get you a good work out.
  14. I think i learned it from a YouTube video but it is the perfect word for many videos.
  15. There are videos showing how to fix things? I always just use the owners manual or a service manual... . I'm joking though honestly i find printed material a lot easier to follow. Having to skip around a video and wait for some one to bloviate through a 15 min introduction is something I don't have time for.