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    Walrus Oil

    I have no idea how it would react. I'd create a test board with your wood, the stain you applied, and try finishing it with the walrus oil. My thought is that the stain will prevent the oil from penetrating as far as it needs to. It may work it may not. Most of those finishes are intended to be used over bare wood.
  2. Chestnut

    DSLR vs Tablet

    I just got this email from Nikon. I guess they are taking advantage of people being stuck at home and are opening up their learning courses for free. Could be useful to many just thought i'd throw it here.
  3. I've always been curious about that tool and how it works. Please share i think it'd be very interesting.
  4. I have a wiping poly on my dining table. just make sure to do 4-5 coats to get the finish thick enough.
  5. My experiment with lye on red oak went very poorly, it turned green on me. Hope that it was just a reaction to the subspecies i was using but it brings with it a caution to test on project scraps, but you know that already.
  6. Stunning. I've read through your journal on how you do these multiple times. Still flabbergasted... Is the intent supposed to be a water drop? Another idea that would be cool is to do a turning of how physics visualize gravity and have a planet or sphere in the bottom.
  7. Bearing guided core box bit and a circle cutout. That or the circle jig like you mentioned. I'd cut it on the fullsized board before cutting in the profile detail that it shows.
  8. As in you had to be rich to afford it? The stuff gets wrapped around the blades/impellers of the sewage pumps and can lock them up tight. Someone has to manually remove the debris.... that person is generally really grumpy. the swiffer mop pads are the worst offenders. The few guys I've talked to said you'd also be shocked at how much cash gets flushed, just don't tell your bank teller where you found that soggy bill....
  9. I probably got better surface finish out of my helical swapped 735 than I do from my powermatic.... fresh strait knives were great. Trouble is no planer is good enough every board gets a smoothing plane pass or 4. I did finish one project strait out of the planer and it came out ok but I could tell.
  10. Good news they canceled the price increase
  11. That man scares me. Imagine if he used his intelligence for evil instead of good..... I'm glad that he's on the "good" side.
  12. My chairs gave me a place to sit and eat now they are cooking the food I'll be eating while sitting on them.
  13. I forget that people use cuts strait off the table saw. Either cutting tool I'd have cleaned up the edge with a plane as well.
  14. Wait we're not supposed to use our tablesaw to shoot misbehaving pieces of wood at our shop walls? I'm going to troll and say this is a job for a band saw and using the proper tool is also a good safety measure.
  15. Chestnut

    Teak Treatment

    Generally long enough to get done what you need to get done. I'd say an hour or so. I'm not sure that there is a lot of literature on this but the safe BMP is to clean the oils and do what ever you need to do immediately afterward.
  16. Glad to hear your ok Ron that's kinda scary.
  17. I think where your at is the closest they grow to me. Set one aside for me and i'll come get it. It should be light enough for carry on no?
  18. Ummm now you HAVE to do this. I insist.
  19. I thought the same thing then i rolled out 20 sheets and it was not as much as i thought it would be. Still excessive .... well except for those one days. Everyone has that one day.
  20. The penetrating curing oils will form a "film" of sorts but it's not like a polyurthane or modern deck finish. The film is close to the wood and doesn't flake off unless heavily applied. A finish that has zinc in it will act as a biocide and prevent molds from growing in the pores of the wood or on the woods surface, those molds may be what made your other finish look black. You don't really need durability that's what the Ipe is for. UV resistance will slow the greying of the wood but it's inevitable. You don't need to apply a finish to Ipe for any other reason that aesthetics. Be aware that applying anything to the deck for aesthetics will results in a lot of work every year for the next 100 years. There is no silver bullet finish. It's either apply yearly(maybe every other year) or leave it naked. If such finish existed you'd better believe that company would be worth more than Apple or Google and would be a household name.
  21. I have heavier tables than that and pick them up by the top with 4 figure 8's. I think my dining table only has 3 and i move that around by the top all the time. I's say 4 figure 8s at the inside corners.
  22. Nice shop. If you have questions on the chairs reach out, Bmac defiantly knows his stuff, i might be able to help with the simple questions .
  23. Awesome. With the top being removable i don't think there as much need for knockdown.
  24. This project is awesome I really dig the look of the table and it came out great. Sloped floors and tables are unfortunate. I can imagine how long I'd spend trying to get it perfectly level for it to be rotated slightly and send me into leveling mode again...
  25. This makes for some interesting thoughts on TP. Warning foul language.