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  1. I have the ct vac so the filter isn't bagged the bag is the filter of sorts. Dust goes in the back bag gets thrown out (well in my case i empty the bag multiple times before i dispose of it).
  2. So tripods or bases with 3 contact points don't rock on an uneven surface like a base with 4 legs. The trouble with tripods is the distance from the center to the base is half that of the distance from the center to a leg. If yo apply a force along one of those 3 sides of the tripod they tip somewhat easily. In the picture below if a force is applied on the edge of the table, aka someone leaning on it, the person will have a much greater lever to tip the table over vs if they lean near a leg. I don't know the dimensions of your table so the numbers there are just for illustration purposes. With your added weight i doubt it's a concern but just a thought that came to mind. It's goign to be hard to tell until you get the table together.
  3. A cyclone will dramatically reducing the clogging of your shop vac filter. I had one of these with a shop vac and it went from clogging ever 5 gallons of dust collected to never clogging again. I was vacuuming up fine dust from the shop as well as plaster dust and a lot of other debris. You are supposed to replace those filters? I always just cleaned it out with compressed air and put it back in. Though i went to bagged vacs and will never look back.
  4. This is coming along nicely. It's very interesting seeing your jigs that you are using to make these table tops. The three legs on the base seem kinda close together even with the extra weight it appears to me that it might be slightly tippy. Tripods are good for never rocking but aren't as stable along the base of the triangle. It'll probably be fine I'm just curious i guess.
  5. The color wasn't very good in the piece so i didn't give it high priority. It would have been most interesting for crazy grain but with how pale maple is there would be little effect from that. Yeah the MS661 holds decent resale value as it's worth a good 50% even after decent use (for a small engine i consider this decent as I have to pay someone to get rid of a used lawnmower or string trimmer), I"m not sure what the vale of the mills them selves are but these pieces of equipment are widely available used. For smaller stuff you could save considerably but I didn't want to deal with used. It would be very possible to get a used ~70cc saw for $500 and limit yourself to processing cants which would allow you to get by with a smaller bar to keep storage space down. The nice part about this is the size of the saw and mill is very minimal so storage of the mill would be easy but the wood is the biggest issue. The smaller you go the smaller chainsaw you could go with and the cheaper it would be. I went new and fairly big for a couple of reasons. There are probably 3 pages of PMs between myself and BMAC that helped me get to the point I'm at. I didn't want to deal with a saw that was going to have major downtime right off the bat. I also didn't want to have to buy a saw and then take it to get rebuilt so i went new. There are reputable people that.
  6. MS661C-M with a 25" bar (if buying just for milling get at least a 28 or 32" bar) 2 chains and sharpener was $1,461. 30" granberg mill was $220 after tax and shipping. You could get it for a bit less if you did ship to store through northern tool but I didn't want to wait. 1 gal of non-ethanol premium $2.78. 1 bottle Stihl HP synthetic mix oil $2. 1 gallon of bar oil $16. I knew it was going to create a lot of sawdust but i wasn't quite prepared. I ended up filling a 35 gallon trash can 7 times over the 5 logs. In the future I'm going to do this on my driveway all of this sawdust in my grass is goign to kill it. I'll have to get some nitrogen fertilizer to cover the area i milled over so the yard doesn't get starved.
  7. For paint i hesitate to recommend a turbine HVLP sytem as there are better airless systems that will do a better job cheaper. I don't know what kind of paint you want to use but a friend of mine recently bought and used this to paint his kitchen cabinets. He had good results and has zero experience with sprayers. He recommended paint filters and water based paint.
  8. There was a burlish chunk that was a scar over top of a branch wound. I might try and turn that down but at this point i have a few too many irons in the fire.
  9. Chestnut


    Yeah there is a lot of march and April left. Though snow this time of year is both fun and enjoyable. Knowing it's going to melt within a month makes it really easy to enjoy.
  10. I continued my social distancing. I finished milling the logs from my box elder tree. Some of the boards looked really interesting. It's not the bright vivid red you sometimes get from box elder but I'll make for some interesting character. I estimate i got about 168 BF of lumber out of it. Though only about 50% of it will be usable due to rot or ant damage. Only cost me a gallon of 2 cycle and some bar oil.
  11. I don't get how they move so danged far. If it was just a little bit up or down it'd be ok but when it's on the opposite side of the leg!!!
  12. Chestnut


    I stood in my driveway and watched the Robins hop around for a good 30 min yesterday. It's always a good sign of spring when the robins are back. I thought about running to grab my camera but refrained and just enjoyed the moment.
  13. I'd make a new part that board seems long enough to use on something else in the future. I just put a mortise in the wrong spot this past weekend.... The offending piece is still sitting on my shop floor where i refuse to look at it for having a mortise in the wrong spot.
  14. I'm not a huge fan of workbenches on wheels but there are times that workbenches need to be moved. I personally like the idea of casters like this better They allow the bench to be solidly on the floor and then lifted to be moved around. I don't endorse the product I linked I just grabbed the first listing I'd read some reviews if you interested. As for the wall storage, it seems a bit small. Looks good though I'd just make it bigger.
  15. YIKES! Good thing that breaker did it's job. That's awfully scary.
  16. I've found it's far easier for me to NOT spend money online. I get to see the cart total and that deters me. Grabbing things in the store you don't get to visually see that grand total climb it's way up. I'd be in a far worse palce finicially if i lived or worked close to lee valley. My shop would look pretty sweet though.
  17. Personal opinion is that a slightly slightly imperfect glue joint and too much glue is leaving enough glue in the joint and allow it to expand causing the ridge between boards. I tend to minimize squeeze out as it's a mess to clean up and wastes glue. I checked the major panel glue ups in my house over the last 3 years and none of them have this ridge. Some of my older projects before I had a jointer do exhibit this a bit I also was a bit heavier with glue 5 years ago.
  18. Maybe we should try leaking that live edge slabs is a great breeding ground for Covid-19 viruses. Also that walnut and figured lumber are especially susceptible to harboring the virus....
  19. I've been getting 2 birds stoned, I'm limiting my social exposure by staying in my shop and I've been using my number 4 to make some toilet paper.... I have a couple 5 gallon pails full so i should be good for a while. it's a lot fluffier than you might expect.
  20. I like the dewalt track saw clamps better than the festool. They are cheaper as well. There are other brands that make track saw squares TSO comes to mind Festool products has a new one that came to market as well.
  21. It's a game a lot like "sorry" or "aggravation" but played with standard playing cards.
  22. Chestnut


    It's an interesting viewpoint and to some point I agree. The part where i feel like I differ is that when i go out to take a picture taking a picture of the moment is the experience. A big thing to me is to recognize when the picture is going to be bad and the experience is goign to be great. I then put the camera away and enjoy the moment. Great moments are not always equal to great pictures. Though sometimes the picture allows me to revisit a moment like it happened yesterday.
  23. Wow that's a good bit of fuel through a pretty efficient saw. I dropped a tree broke the whole thing down and milled 3 logs and haven't used more than a half gallon.
  24. Chestnut


    It's just a $50 saw blade a $60 cartridge and a pair of underpants if it triggers. Not like there is any risk to the project parts at least. Sounds tongue in cheek but if you ever work with book matched figured wood it's not like you can go buy another unique piece.
  25. Don't be sorry. I know it'll turn brown. Boxelder isn't really a great wood durability wise anyway. This stuff is to garrish for furniture so I'm more than likely to use it to make some of those marbles game boards i make. People will get really excited to see the wild colors and they get stored well away from UV light, which speeds the color degradation. In 5 years when they dig the game out of their storage tote after not touching it for years they'll have forgotten that it was ever red. These logs are just a rehearsal for when i get a real quality log of something like Elm, cherry, or walnut. I'd rather make a rookie mistake on something that doesn't have much value.