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  1. Yeah if i did oak i'd probably try and pore fill the oak. I don't know if i'm going to be able to get 8/4 cherry cheap any more with my yard closing. I'm going to head there monday and possibly buy all the 8/4 cherry they have left.
  2. Does it make much difference over a regular rabbet plane? I've got an old Stanley #78 I use, and more recently a large shoulder plane for that kind of thing. I think the skew block is far easier to manage than a shoulder plane as it's not tall so you're less likely to taper the tenon. It's less about appearance and more about not breaking off a large part of the tenon and it just seems to have a bit more control. This is for tenons and rabbets. For truing up shoulders it probably wouldn't work well but i have good luck with a chisel there.
  3. That looks far better with the strait rails and stiles.
  4. Skew rabbet. I use it for tenons and other stuff like that. For me it handles a lot nicer and doesn't blow out the back side of tenons.
  5. I think you made an awesome bench like incredibly awesome. I'm tempted to call up Cremona and ask to buy some of the Oak he milled last year to make my own roubo. It's either that or cherry.
  6. I've never tried waterlox the price has always kept me away and it doesn't seem a whole lot different that the 2 wiping polys. I don't mix either. I don't have time to keep 3 ingredients and mix them it's easiest to just buy it. Doesn't look any different to me anyway.
  7. According to this 1 foot of flex hose is equal to about 6 feet of solid hose. an s curve with sweeping bends using 2 45s would be about the same resistance as 5 feet of flex hose. This was done using the default numbers in the spread sheet linked below and modifying the 6" flex. If you'd like to get something more accurate the higher the total loss number the worse off. Don't worry so much about the exact numbers but more compare different parts. More information can be had on that site than is available any where else.
  8. I must have been thinking about something else. Now that i think about it there was only ever small amounts of goo left over on the bottom of the stick. Good hockey tape can grip really well i remember the leather palms of my gloves never won the battle against it.
  9. Man i haven't taped a stick in a decade..... Never really liked how it got gooey over time. Do you have that problem?
  10. Another one with a seamstress for a wife! Welcome it seems as if you've been on a wild ride. There is a lot of good to come out of this place hope you stick around.
  11. Megan agreed to the lobser feed. So that one should at least be easy. We've both expressed interest in seeing Niagra Falls and Canada is right there. I'd also love to make it to OPs neck of the woods. There are some many wonderful places to see in North America i don't get why people go else where before they see what we have to offer.
  12. I mean no insult by it. Honestly the fact that so many people are "overweight" is a sign of how far humanity has come. It wasn't 200 years ago that being overweight was a sign of great wealth because it meant you could get a meal any time you pleased.
  13. Credenza to me is just another wood for a side board or server depending on your region. It also only reminds me of that thing Marc just made and while the craftsmanship of it is wonderful i HATE the design. I can only see a fat man with his belly hanging over his belt. I hear ya on the entertainment center. I'd probably call it a media console/cabinet but that still brings back memories of those awful overbearing pieces of furniture. I think a new name needs to be coined like Cabinet that sits under the TV and holds that outdated stuff you can't bear to part with . This was all tongue in cheek as i also made a TV stand where i wall mounted the TV above it. It's a common practice and a good one imo. Lets not go back to CRT TVs days and those overbearing cabinets that surrounded them.
  14. Oh that does seem like a good woodpeckers product. As soon as i saw the shorter design i picked up what they were on to and agree. I wonder if this will make it less tipsy on the edge of a board? I do disagree with the marking always being less than an inch. For through tenons that sit proud I've marked in as far as 2.5" but still that wasn't even half of the capacity of my marking gauge but probably should have maxed it out.
  15. Jealous. I've never even been to a LV store. It's on my bucket list along with a lobster feed at Lie Nielsen.
  16. Even after you saw it you still have to clean up the cut. So you are goign to need a shooting board or something. If you have the device to clean up the cut you still need to practice making the cut. It's probably going to take some effort. As with anything difficult in life you aren't going to nail it the first try or maybe not even the 10th try. As far as all that about wood and seasoning you guitar people are crazy.... I don't get how there can be a perfect moisture content when the MC of wood depends on the humidity in it's environment. Does this mean the wood is junk if it gets transported out of it's perfect environment? How is it any different that all other QS maple? I read a double blind study about the famous Stradivarius violins and the professionals couldn't statistically identify them from the cheapest violin on the market. The pros did better than a common person but still weren't far from 50% in a 50/50 guess. *edit i don't mean the above as offense, I just feel like you need to learn to walk before you run. Jumping into some exotic guitar wood when nailing the technique is difficult seems bit like putting the cart in front of the horse. Thouhg i don't understand the whole seasoning and perfect MC thing ... how would they stop the MC form changing?
  17. Yeah i can't help but think of what Shannon Rodgers always says. Saw to the line and clean up with a plane. Ditch the guides get practice at sawing to a line and clean up the cut with a hand plane. We're talking about this guy right? If it were me I'd make a shooting board that hits that angle perfectly. The top angle is easy to clean up after with a block plane or what ever. I doubt this angle needs to be accurate to the fraction of a degree if it's 12.9 or 13.1 everything is going to be ok.
  18. I hate it when that happens. That is working on cars for me. I get everything planned out and then find another broken part or the replacement part is missing. Then the Autoparts store doesn't have it so i have to order it and wait 4 more days. I forgot you were talking about the cabbies so i guess making it removable so you can change it down the road doesn't work. I thought you were talking about the plane till. The first part of my suggestion stands though size it to the stuff you have and leave the extra for future stuff to be more flexible. The only kicker is if you decide you want a full set of molding planes.
  19. I was thinking some acme rod could be used as it would allow bushings for possibly longer smooth operation but if the threaded rod works it works. I must have bad expereice with threaded rod because it never seems smooth.
  20. @B. Brinkley That looks great!. I don't understand his continual use of threaded rod and urethane construction adhesive. He does strike me as the type that started using it because it was on hand from his construction background and kept using it to spite youtube commenters. I really should make something like this my router lift is dreadful, but it works so i keep using it.
  21. I hate it when that happens. Another mouth to feed, and sole to keep clean... I'd do dividers. I wouldn't really want to bang planes into each other. I know it's hard to see the future but for the planes i know will always be ther i'd size them a bit tighter and have them in a dedicated spot. For those that you will fill with strays maybe be a bit more liberal with sizing. If your really worried about it do all of this on something that is removable so in the future if you messed up you can remove it and redo it. It's a tool cabinet i think screws that get hidden by a plane or plug or something is not out of place. Or fasten it on the backside or side or something.
  22. Could you transition to a 6" and then do a sweep 90? Either that or 5" schedule 80 pvc pipe is 4.76" ID.
  23. It always entertains me to call them tv stands where there is no tv on the stand.... It looks great in place.
  24. Finally got some steady time to get this one wrapped up which is good too. I am upgrading my electrical panel this Thursday and i have to button up a bunch of wiring and get new grounds ready before the big day. The sawdust and glue mix worked surprisingly well. You can still see marks but it's far better than it was. After i got the frame made and the top sized, it was as simple as thinning out some walnut to make a slip fit top. I needed some dividers for the piece treys as well as the center wall thing. I had a small piece of redgum sitting on my scrap shelf and figured with all the chaos of wood on this one why not add 1 more species. It turns out it blends well between the walnut and the black dyed wood i used on the field. I just have the brass latches left to install after the finish cures. It's too bad the Mahogany veneer is so much darker than the piece i had. I hope that in time it evens out. If i get a chance i might toss it out side to sun tan this week. It's supposed to be in the 60s!!!!!!!!!