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  1. Looks really good in pictures, stairs are a pain but that looks like your effort paid off.
  2. Holy that's unfortunate. I think the thing that would bother me the most about that is having to take all that heavy stuff off the saw. Good thing they worked with you and sent you more than you needed just in case. Good luck getting it set back up hope it all goes smoothly.
  3. The ultimate cutoff blades that ace and a few others mentioned are positive hook angle blades. Having used negative hook angle blades i agree with you an avoiding them. Mine has a 10 degree positive hook.
  4. To me it's not if he'd notice it. If he doesn't notice it the guy should be fired because he's a liability. I think it's more what the consequences would be when left. When your instructed to fix it, removing it would fix it. How is that going to effect the opinion of the buyer.
  5. Do you guys offer intern or mentor opportunities for Craig's List shopping?
  6. I have 2 freud 80 tooth Ultimate Cutoff blades one full kerf one thin kerf. I really like their cut quality though i use them in my sliding miter. In my table saw i have a Freud Combination and it makes pretty clean crosscuts but not nearly as nice as the ultimate cutoff. I don't notice a cut quality difference between full kerf and think kerf.
  7. Chestnut

    Wood ID Help

    I was just going to say i wish i could smell it, that'd solve it faster than looking at it.
  8. It'll will get noticed, and then they will probably recommend you "fix" it. Could slap something over it to cover it temporarily. I don't know what the inspector will say or how people will precieve that. If i was the buyer I'd think it's awesome and tell you to leave it. It might make some people nervous and wonder how much other electrical you did at a marginal job that they can't see.
  9. Looks like things are coming along nicely. How did you stop the top from moving around while you were planing on it?
  10. Beautiful. The lattice on the top is an awesome design idea i really like how it adds depth to a flat surface. The rungs for the ladder is another cool idea and came together very well. The panels that you made that are against the wall and behind the mattress are really nice it's almost a shame to push that up against the wall. I really like where you store your festool track. That's a clever idea something i may borrow some day (probably not for festool track), I'd have never thought to store something there.
  11. Chestnut

    Wood ID Help

    I'm throwing my vote in as maple. It kinda looks like this maple i have here. Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.
  12. Chestnut

    Nice Score!

    I like the look of pine in some situations, so i get what you mean. Yes that is an invitation for scorn. Today i met a guy that owns his own bandmill and runs a tree service. He had some Russian olive drying along with some chokecherry, elm,maple, and cottonwood. I may buy some of his stock just to see how things go. But instead you have us.
  13. Chestnut

    Nice Score!

    Wow Nice score Janello, i thought i had a good day where ran into a guy who hates walnut hand me a piece that was about 3 BF. Is Honduran the best of the Mahogany family? I realize that's objective so share your opinion.
  14. I went from a job site saw to mine and honestly it's like comparing a mushroom to a laser. I think my saw is great but I'm used to some of the worst on the market. I wish i could go around and rip some boards on a bunch of different saws to see what they are like. Even doing that I'd have to use it for a while to figure out what really irks me about the different ones.
  15. Interesting cast iron lesson, good review. Is it being nitpicky to go to that detail? Idk what's reasonable. I know my wings aren't perfectly flat either but that was putting a strait edge across the center table and both wings. Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.
  16. Chestnut

    Wood ID Help

    Does it smell weird when you work it? I have some sycamore and it us very pungent. Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.
  17. It's not wasted it's getting used and he, despite the possible short life, still loves it. Inlay is an excellent idea and that will have to be the solution for round 2.
  18. I don't know if resonating for home use speakers is a huge deal. I'd still secure the top but I've never had a speaker move and I've never noticed vibration. I use my speakers for stands for other things as well, like screws. When your done making stands make some speakers to go with them. I never knew what a swamp cooler was until i was 22, they just don't work around here. I can see how they'd cause problems.
  19. I hate it when that happens to me. I got the link up of 2 clamps to work before but it's not ideal. Since then I've invested in plenty of parallel clamps.
  20. I've used other ply by the Tigerform brand and i don't remember being all that impressed by it. Beings that it's special order is unfortunate. Could you order just 1 sheet to see if you like it before committing to a stack? If it was tigerform aka tigerply I'd go BB instead.
  21. This turned out awesome, epoxy i would have never guessed nor thought about it,
  22. I went back through the project build and wow you got a lot done in a short time in the beginning. I really like the detail that you put into the legs with the taper and the bevel. Also the new shop looks like you aren't cramped any more bet your enjoying that. Are the drawers just wood on wood sliding?
  23. Wow that looks great! Pardon the spelling sent from my phone.
  24. How often does the HF collector go onside i'm in the market for one of them as soon as possible. I saw i was 169 a couple months ago is it common to see it at that price? Did you mean the DW735x? @mccabegc I have the DW 735x along with many others and love it works great and does a great job. Read Knotscott's posts on table saws, he doesn't know it but it was all of his advice, to others, that i used to make my table saw decision and i really appreciate all his advice. Also skip the miter saw get a good table saw and make a cross cut sled, i wish i had done that to start with it'd have saved me the money i spend on the miter. The miter you have is more than enough. ... no F words.