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  1. This thread is making me never want to grow up. I should just stay 27 forever, my shop problems are probably my biggest problems. Other than not being taken seriously at work but I'm boiling that down to their problem not mine.
  2. I'm sitting here watching the live feed with a co-worker, he used to be a contractor and is really entertained. He gave you 2 thumbs up for framing out 2 garage doors for future expansion. Not having plumbing might be inconvenient for finish work. Just having a utility sink for washing brushes and what not would have been nice but yeah a large cost.
  3. @-MattK- Drainage is becoming a big deal across the country. I live in a very hands off area as far as regulation goes and we have a lot of storm water regulations. The army Corps of Engineers is having to take jurisdiction over more water bodies and it's causing the agencies to look at things a different way. I'm assuming holding of the storm water was not volume related but was quality related? From my experience most residential zoning doesn't care about what the building is used for. An accessory building is an accessory building as long as it's not used for business. I like the idea of putting a sub-floor over the slab so you can get something other than concrete. It would probably keep the feet warmer during the cold months. Do you do all electric heat out there or are you piping in natural gas?
  4. @estesbubba I made the drawers for my bed storage out of redwood and made them 5/8" and they worked out just fine. If it comes to reducing cost it'd say go for it a lighter drawer is always nice. My all redwood drawers are really lightweight, i can open and close them with my feet.
  5. This is awesome! How deep was the foundation? The scale while he was digging made it look shallow until the workers got down there. I'm pretty sure it's because it's what i do for a living but i enjoy watching construction and can't wait to see more and the completed video. Are you going to disclose any of the cost information?
  6. @Janello Is that a little saw blade holder that you keep on your table saw? That's a good idea. Bench is looking good and dang that's a lot of wood.
  7. They are cool though, i like that you can see how the aluminium burned the edges of some of the wood.
  8. I bought Jatoba to make bookshelf speakers from. It's a nice dense wood which is good for sound. Could use an accent wood and try and build some sort of checker board table top. Or join them together to make boards for shop jigs.
  9. If i have a Stanley No. 5 is there any point to going after this guy?
  10. @Still learning Ahhh yeah the Canada factor. I'm very familiar with things being more expensive up there. Living near the boarder to Winipeg we get a lot of northerners that run down for cheaper goods. Alcohol seems to be crazy expensive up there. The curlers i run into buy as much as they can before they head home. Cabinets look great. Honestly i'd been nervous to make cabinets from purpleheart, that's a lot of purple for me. I do love the grain and luster of the wood though. I have some stuff that turned brown and almost enjoy (looks) it more than walnut.
  11. I never understood why mechanics had so many tools, I'm saying this jokingly. In all honesty though i did a full engine rebuild on my pickup and used 8mm 10mm 13mm 17mm & 19mm, a dial gauge, and piston ring compressor. Oh yeah and a BIG hammer, some times you have to fix things jezza style.
  12. Working with Purpleheart 1/3 of a turn is way more than I'd go. At most I'd do like an 1/8th turn and slowly remove material. I must be in a good location because my local dealer sells PH for $8.50. I pay higher than usual prices for oak and maple though at $4 &$4.50 respectively. PH also takes glue as well as any other wood in my experience.
  13. Stop talking about golf there is still snow on the ground and i can go. I was also thinking on my drive home last night about hot glue or some other meltable glue. I remember there was a glue i used with hockey sticks that we would melt to change blades. I also highly doubt a chisel sees the forces that a hockey stick does. The down side is that it's messy, after you use it'd i don't know if you'd get the socket clean enough to go back to the normal method of holding the handle in.
  14. Light wood is defiantly Oak probably red judging by how short the rays are. White oak tends t have longer rays than red. The rays are the little dark lines running generally with the grain. Looking at the dark spots they look like little knots to me but the picture isn't the clearest. Looks pretty cool to me.
  15. I've heard from people that build theater sets that 1/4" Luan plywood over studs works fine. It just won't be very durable. As long as your not hitting it with anything i don't see why 1/4" won't work.
  16. Has any one used the floor standing Craftsman jointer? I have one sitting in my garage and have never turned it on. I fear that it is further out of alignment and will do more harm than good. Not specifically mine, i have a rust free version but this is just an image i found.
  17. @Mike. Yeah the terms are getting thrown around and probably aren't being used properly. I'm not a student of architecture movements but wikipedia tells me that Mr. Stickley was responsible for part of the art's and Crafts movement. It seems that some people consider Art's and crafts to be the figure head with Mission and craftsman falling underneath. The difference between them is in the origination of the style. Mission appears to have originated in Europe some where and then brought over by Mr. Stickley where as Craftsman was slightly more elaborate and is more akin to brothers Greene.
  18. I get a lot of people to ask me to make things. When i tell them how much my time is worth and how long things take to make they generally change their mind and buy from a store.
  19. @Mike. Would you not do crown with mission/arts & crafts style or you would but the crown would be attached to the face frame that is flush with the door face? I am going to do inset doors and drawers. i like the look better and it helps not having to figure out the amount of lap and widening the face boards accordingly. I personally hate cabinets that don't show any face frame. It's a personal preference but i also can't stand the look of toyota cars and there are a ton of those on the road.
  20. My basement sites at 65 year round and everything works great for me. I've had some cold days push it below 60 and hand planing or sanding is usually needed to keep warm. When it's colder i usually try and give glue a bit more time in the clamps.
  21. Didn't know that. Now that is some handy information.
  22. Maybe it's because i lived withing a 5 min drive from cabela's but the store got overrated for me fast. I prefer to find the small town shop run by a retired guy. Seems like the always have the odd ball item that you never knew existed.
  23. I'm probably going to do rabbeted half blind dovetails to attach the drawer faces to the sides. Doing a flush mount doors and drawer faces it seems like the easiest way to attach everything and hide the drawer slides. I'll probably just go with a slab drawer front and use hardware to add a little depth to the drawers. Interesting that does make me think about how busy all those ray flecks are going to be. The decision is made and I'm sticking with it. Honestly the wood is bought already just not delivered yet. I'll probably just vary my finishing method to get a result that isn't busy but still shows the nature of the wood if looked for. As for the sides of the cabinets. Every where i look the cabinet ends are the same design as the door panel. Maybe it's a regional thing? We are pretty crazy here and don't go outside for like 6 months strait. I like adding the design there personally because those large flat plywood panels are going to look awfully awkward when everything else is going to be solid wood.
  24. Chestnut

    Hickory Wood

    I'm with ya OSG, I've made a coffee table out of hickory and didn't notice any sort of trouble that everyone is talking about. I get that it's hard to work with but it's no where near as difficult as zebrawood, purpleheart, jatoba, or the likes. Heck it thickness planed easier than figured maple for me.