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  1. I didn't mean for this to get into a chemistry debate. I just wanted to point out that pure mineral spirits shouldn't raise the grain but if there is contamination in the spirits I can't account for that. But this is interesting and Water Contamination 09052014.pdf
  2. Chestnut

    Dealing with HOA

    Around here from my experience it's quite the opposite most developers don't want to set up HOA's because of the legal costs associated. It might be more common in more ritzy neighborhoods in the inner ring but it's not the case outside the beltway. At least of the 10-15 developments I've worked on in the last 6 months zero have been HOAs. 4-5 were PUDs. I use it as a way to motivate developers to follow the standards. They don't want an HOA so i tell them if they don't meet the citiy/town road standards the city/town won't accept and take ownership of the road which would force them to start an HOA to cover maintenance costs.
  3. Kev made a really nice one documented here. I know Geedub also made a nice one I think it's covered a few places but getting 2 birds stoned it's also covered in a journal from Bleedinblue.
  4. I just follow along mouth half open in awe and smash the like button on every post.
  5. With all the reports I hear about gas stations watering down gas ect nothing would surprise me.
  6. It shouldn't. I can't make a guarentee on that as it depends on the brand you get if there happens to be a bit of water or something in there. Mineral spirits alone should not raise the grain though. Otherwise oil based finishs would require pre-raising the grain and sanding back.
  7. Your lucky i wasn't drinking coffee. I'd have sent you the bill for a screen cleaning.
  8. I'm leaning towards directly in the middle on the opposite side of the bench from the leg and tail vise. I don't really want to straddle a bench leg with it.
  9. I didn't take the best pictures but i have a couple slots that have bottoms to serve as storage areas. I also have a fairly wide area that is sort of an open slate. I expect to glue some thin strips to the sides to make a narrow opening for smaller tools as the need arises. I'll see if i can remember to take a picture.
  10. I never set up the base. I just made my own table.
  11. Chestnut

    Dealing with HOA

    If the lady is that immature I'd bet the HOA doesn't much like getting endless complaints from her. I'd talk to them explain the situation and see how you and the HOA can work it out. I'd ignore your neighbor. If anything laugh because it's pretty entertaining all things considered, It's not like you live next door to a meth house. If all else fails run for a position on the HOA and change the rules. It might take a while but it's cheaper than selling and moving.Bake a bunch of cookies make a bunch of cuttings boards for people and BAM you can do what ever you want. Reindeer go over really well around Christmas time. When all else fails bribe the people with the power or become that person.
  12. Probably walnut as walnut lightens with age and exposure to UV light. A couple good websites can be found below. The first one is ran by a member of this forum and he commonly helps ID wood. Wood database is an ok resource but doesn't have near as many pictures specifically end grain to help in identification. End grain is the best way to identify wood.
  13. Yeah the plastic pads are a complete joke. I tear them off from day 1 and use the clamps naked. I use cauls or other clamps if i need to clamp on finished pieces. That said mine don't mark the surface much, I never really tighten these all that much If i don't need to.
  14. I'm quite happy with mine. I've had it set up for wow almost 2 years now. It's held it's calibration well. At least i believe it has. Performance is quite good and I've not had any issues. I use it quite a bit as well.
  15. Got the material for the table legs rough cut. Finished thickness was between 3/4" and 1/2". Instead of taking everything to the same thickness I pulled boards as they became clean. This allowed me to keep some thickness and mix and match boards to get around the same dimensions for everything. I know I'll have to joint and further clean up these glued up boards so i wanted to keep as much thickness as i could. I made sure none of the boards were drastically different so it'll be hard to see the varying thicknesses. Glue up was easy but used a LOT of clamps. I almost emptied my 12" and 6" clamp racks, there were only a few 12" LD jorgs left. I don't grab them much any more these mastercrap eer masterforce clamps are awesome not even considering their price. If you don't live within driving distance it's the one product offered my Menards that may be worth paying shipping for. On sale they get down to $8. I also used every 24" jorg clamp I had.
  16. Gap stop was next on the list to get done for the bench. My gap ended up being a bit wider than what was called for in the plans. I used this to make some dedicated tool storage that will sit below the surface of the bench. This why when I'm using chisels i can drop them in the center and they won't roll around or get knocked off the bench. I made the holders by drilling different sized holes with a frostner bit. This allows the handle to drop down enough but will catch the top metal of the blade. To make a space for the blade i just cut the filler in half and spaced it to allow the blade of the chisel to drop through. I made holders for my Stanley chisels, my 2 marples chisels and my 3 Japanese chisels. To attach everything together I used the super glue and wood glue trick. A couple dots of super glue with activator and then a line of regular wood glue.
  17. My confidence inn sculpting the seats is low. I have some of the routing jigs done just need to make another prototype.
  18. I'm struggling on the chairs. I don't know why but i just can't get into them.
  19. Yes there will be. Attachment of the legs at the base and top. Probably shoot for 1.5-2". I have no hard and fast plans on this. I was thinking 2 wide floating tenons. I have some pre-made stock that is near 2" wide. I think so too... the angled half laps are giving me pause though. Not an easy thing to do.
  20. *face palm* I've done that before. I made some serving trays a long time ago. I think this is the ticket.
  21. Really depends on milling. The rough state is 1"ish the boards are pretty consistent but it's from a backwoods mill. Guy knew how to run it though I'll give him that, he sawed for grade pretty well.
  22. Ahh i misunderstood your comment i get it now.. I like Bmacs idea as well Maybe I'll do a trial to see how things work out.
  23. Works to minimize blotching makes color a bit lighter.