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  1. Even the interest is no small amount. There are a lot of other factors at play that are both making this more difficult but also helping. She doesn't have a rent payment so that's helpful but her salary supported 2 people and a dog... Dentistry is a pretty secure job it's crazy to think that they'd ever get forced to close...
  2. I've had shellac off gas for a bit on some enclosed projects but i personally LOVE the smell so i keep using it on drawers. I like giving a bit of finish on drawers that see clothing. With the high amounts of polyester used in cloths I've found that even well sanded bar wood will cause the clothing to snag at times. Some shellac and 400 grit solves that fast. For the glides I use shellac and buff with the finest steel wool and johnsons paste wax. I have no proof but i feel that unfinished wood doesn't hold the wax as long. It requires a refresh but it's a lot faster to refresh than to do the initial waxing. Your other option is some UHMW tape. I've used it with good results. Still helps to wax with the tap but the wax lasts a LOT longer.
  3. I started working from home Wed, Megan may have been exposed at work Monday or Tuesday so we decided to do the self quarantine thing. It's not drastically different from our normal schedule but i don't know that I'm going to like working from home... We both ended up getting a bad cold Wed as well so I've been getting little shop time and have just been relaxing. We don't think it was the virus as neither of us had a fever and Megan only had an occasional cough. Job wise i think this is going to end up making me a lot busier on the 1-2 year horizon. Oil is cheap which is going to make construction cheaper and a lot of municipalities have fat budgets from 11 years of development and a lot more fiscally responsible decisions. Housing is still drastically under built there are still 5 buyers for every house in our market at least, with low mortgage rates i expect prices to hold if not increase. If I'm wrong and things contract a bit It might be a good thing, we had so many unfilled positions that might either get filled or my not be needed. I'm sick of 50 hours weeks so a break from that will be nice. Megan's best friend is a new dentist just graduated a year ago and now can't work but still has a lot in loans. It's being really tough on her. They should still be good that late in May, Italy may be another thing. Though if they do go they'll probably get smaller crowds and good deals on things as i bet this is really going to impact their tourism. Could be a diamond in the rough. I have a feeling things will be working towrds getting back to normal by them but maybe not?
  4. Godness that is funny as hell.
  5. Ahh i hear ya. I think the price increase was in effect long before the current situation. I had my exchange rate backwards the euro dropping compared to the dollar is money in their pocket so now i agree with you.
  6. I'm frigging tiny so i love small cars. They make driving around cities really nice and easy, which is something i have to do frequently. I totally agree with the pickup box, I feel like i need to post that picture of my poor old ranger again just for the laughs.... Carrying a load increases the likely hood of needing to get to that tire a lot higher as well. That's an unfortunate catch 22.
  7. probably their fiscal year start
  8. I wonder if it has anything to do with the strength of the Dollar compared to the Euro? Germany is on the euro right? 600 products is a bit misleading because it includes all the random obscure disposables that are getting more expensive by $1 List here Most of the stuff doesn't seem so bad. But you'd better get that OF2200 chip catcher before it goes up $0.06! Most of the big items are really only seeing a 2% increase which is more or less inflation. A lot of the consumables didn't go up the last couple years. Yeah it sucks but they can't make the stuff for free. The quality is arguably worth it? I think so for their sander track saw and domino. Routers i have yet to be sold on but am open everything else... meh only if i can get it on recon even then maybe not. I would never touch the Kapex... it's just TOO expensive.
  9. Your half a pickup is more capable than the half ton pickups from the 80s.... it blows my mind how far vehicles have progressed in the last 1 years let alone 30-40. In the phrase "there is no replacement for displacement" My answer is Turbocharger. the 3.5L ecoboost in the fords are great engines. I've heard from multiple V8 loving persons that they'll never go back to a v8 after driving the 3.5L ecoboost for a while. There are exceptions where people had a bad experience but they are few and far between. My garage is filled with 4 bangers... they make more than enough power to get what I need done. my Colorado has been consistently getting me 22-25 mpg city and i see low 30s on driving ~60 on 2 lane highways. Yeah it struggles a bit towing a 3,500 lb trailer up a hill on the highway but I do that maybe once every other year.
  10. Even on my router table I made my own fence. It's not complicated there. In my opinion I don't think the micron incremental adjustment is worth a fraction the money the charge for it.... Drill press I'd defiantly make my own.
  11. My place just has some exterior grade spray foam on the foundation. It's gotten damaged a little bit in 30 years but overall looks like it's in good shape. I can't comment about the cork stuffer ... er cork stuff. That cork stuff does seem appealing. I wonder how it'd hold up as flooring? Kinda expensive for an experiment.
  12. Brings that our humor has gone down the drain...
  13. No wonder you use linux....
  14. LOL i completely misread your post. I thought you were asking for clarification and explained the triangle thing which you probably knew. Man i feel like a mooron. Weeble, i am familiar with the reference. A good friend of mine growing up had an inflatable one that we'd punch and kick like a punching bag. It was good fun and was encouraged so we weren't punching and kicking each other.... Later on while playing hockey i was commonly refereed to as a weeeble, as no matter how hard people tried they couldn't hit me down. It helps that I'm short. Like cremona short.
  15. Value is going to depend on what's on the inside and you can't really know that until you cut into it. I don't know the best way to cut up a burl but I wouldn't do it with a chainsaw. I'd reach out to a local wood turning guild to see if anyone there has interest. It looks like it's been harvested dead. If that's the case it may have dried improperly and might be of little value. This wood is extremely difficult to dry as it will crack easily due to the swirling grain.
  16. This is a good idea but a saw would accomplish removing the panel in the future if need be. I've roughed out a design for the sideboard and my goal is to do an inset panel that is flush long the back side. Not sure the details and probably won't know them until i get well into it. Might do a veneer panel might do solid.
  17. I have the ct vac so the filter isn't bagged the bag is the filter of sorts. Dust goes in the back bag gets thrown out (well in my case i empty the bag multiple times before i dispose of it).
  18. So tripods or bases with 3 contact points don't rock on an uneven surface like a base with 4 legs. The trouble with tripods is the distance from the center to the base is half that of the distance from the center to a leg. If yo apply a force along one of those 3 sides of the tripod they tip somewhat easily. In the picture below if a force is applied on the edge of the table, aka someone leaning on it, the person will have a much greater lever to tip the table over vs if they lean near a leg. I don't know the dimensions of your table so the numbers there are just for illustration purposes. With your added weight i doubt it's a concern but just a thought that came to mind. It's goign to be hard to tell until you get the table together.
  19. A cyclone will dramatically reducing the clogging of your shop vac filter. I had one of these with a shop vac and it went from clogging ever 5 gallons of dust collected to never clogging again. I was vacuuming up fine dust from the shop as well as plaster dust and a lot of other debris. You are supposed to replace those filters? I always just cleaned it out with compressed air and put it back in. Though i went to bagged vacs and will never look back.
  20. This is coming along nicely. It's very interesting seeing your jigs that you are using to make these table tops. The three legs on the base seem kinda close together even with the extra weight it appears to me that it might be slightly tippy. Tripods are good for never rocking but aren't as stable along the base of the triangle. It'll probably be fine I'm just curious i guess.
  21. The color wasn't very good in the piece so i didn't give it high priority. It would have been most interesting for crazy grain but with how pale maple is there would be little effect from that. Yeah the MS661 holds decent resale value as it's worth a good 50% even after decent use (for a small engine i consider this decent as I have to pay someone to get rid of a used lawnmower or string trimmer), I"m not sure what the vale of the mills them selves are but these pieces of equipment are widely available used. For smaller stuff you could save considerably but I didn't want to deal with used. It would be very possible to get a used ~70cc saw for $500 and limit yourself to processing cants which would allow you to get by with a smaller bar to keep storage space down. The nice part about this is the size of the saw and mill is very minimal so storage of the mill would be easy but the wood is the biggest issue. The smaller you go the smaller chainsaw you could go with and the cheaper it would be. I went new and fairly big for a couple of reasons. There are probably 3 pages of PMs between myself and BMAC that helped me get to the point I'm at. I didn't want to deal with a saw that was going to have major downtime right off the bat. I also didn't want to have to buy a saw and then take it to get rebuilt so i went new. There are reputable people that.
  22. MS661C-M with a 25" bar (if buying just for milling get at least a 28 or 32" bar) 2 chains and sharpener was $1,461. 30" granberg mill was $220 after tax and shipping. You could get it for a bit less if you did ship to store through northern tool but I didn't want to wait. 1 gal of non-ethanol premium $2.78. 1 bottle Stihl HP synthetic mix oil $2. 1 gallon of bar oil $16. I knew it was going to create a lot of sawdust but i wasn't quite prepared. I ended up filling a 35 gallon trash can 7 times over the 5 logs. In the future I'm going to do this on my driveway all of this sawdust in my grass is goign to kill it. I'll have to get some nitrogen fertilizer to cover the area i milled over so the yard doesn't get starved.
  23. For paint i hesitate to recommend a turbine HVLP sytem as there are better airless systems that will do a better job cheaper. I don't know what kind of paint you want to use but a friend of mine recently bought and used this to paint his kitchen cabinets. He had good results and has zero experience with sprayers. He recommended paint filters and water based paint.
  24. There was a burlish chunk that was a scar over top of a branch wound. I might try and turn that down but at this point i have a few too many irons in the fire.
  25. Chestnut


    Yeah there is a lot of march and April left. Though snow this time of year is both fun and enjoyable. Knowing it's going to melt within a month makes it really easy to enjoy.