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  1. huh seems like a waste of good wood. Well in any case i still like it better looking like 1 whole piece.
  2. I personally see it being better with out the 2nd shelf. I doubt it's 2 whole slabs my guess is that one of them is just a trim piece to give the illusion of 2. Seems silly and more problematic to have to make 2 slabs perfectly mate and not show gaps.
  3. Chestnut


    A bit. I was reminded as a argued with the guy that worked at wlamart why i have always avoided that place. The guy tried to tell me to install a battery that doesn't physically fit in my vehicle because the book told him it was the right one. I told him the service manual for my vehicle disagrees with his book and he could shove his 3rd party manual where the sun doesn't shine.
  4. It's something like this that probably sparked Matthias's imagination to build the pantorouter. There is probably at least 1 thing in everyone's shop that would make some other person on this forum think they are nuts.This is just one big nut bin.
  5. Oh me too multiple times I've grabbed my veritas strait edge to check a board that looked like a smiley face.
  6. Yeah but the confusion spreads negative emotion and negative emotion causes people to react way more than positive emotion and they rely on that reaction to make money and drive people to the polls to push their agenda. Though it doesn't matter the headline the news agency or the party involved the tactics are the same. There is a reason why news is called media and not information. Bah i'm terribly cynical when it comes to news agencies.
  7. Wild Geese are ace holes, when ever i see them on the road i want to run them over, damaging my vehicle is the only thing that stops me.
  8. Waterfowl like geese and ducks can make really good pets. They are very social animals, I've always wanted a trio of ducks for pets. Had some when i was younger and they were a riot.
  9. the fact that we have a blind spot still amazes me. Also i like how curved lines can really mess with our perception of what is strait.
  10. Piece on the right is on top of the board and mitered so it looks like it's sitting under the top cross beam The grain on the back vertical piece isn't continuous.
  11. Chestnut


    Battery tech is going down hill cause my last one was the original and lasted 12 years. It's not like i live in a temperate paradise either this morning was -18 according to my co-worker. Noted i think i'm going to buy it from walmart. They change it out for free too.
  12. Good looking shop helpers! I like the goose or is it a duck? Shop looks really neat. How cold exactly is cold to you? It's -23C here right now.
  13. My saw only has 1 speed. 3,000 feet per minute is the speed you should shoot for for cutting wood. The slower speed is for cutting metal.
  14. Chestnut


    Any one use EverStart batteries in their car from walmart? This -15F weather has reminded me my battery is 10 years old and is tired.
  15. I'd go cherry walnut but that's opinion. Maple and i don't really get along all the time. With that style all 1 species would look good as well and would be my vote if it didn't HAVE to be 2 species.
  16. I like the two outside boards but the middle one leaves me scratching my head. I don't know if it would look more odd on the outside or not. Either way i like the wood selection and can't wait to see what you make of it.
  17. Good choice. Now you have to decide a color
  18. I missed that the poitns were so inexpensive. using 10 per frame would allow something like 250 frames/content changes. That $13 is worth the convience cost. How much rabbet is needed to drive these things? I always feel like i run out of rabbet space with picture frames. After the glass the matting and the backer.
  19. Do you think it'd be easier to pull the pins and shoot new once to replace the contents in the frame or would it be fairly easy to bend them up and then back?
  20. Guy near my home town did just that a lifetime boat project. I've gone through this once and it's a really cool exhibit for the woodworker and non-woodworker alike. There is also a Norwiegan Stave church that someone made and donated to the mesuem i was hoping there were pictures but alas there are not. The whole thing was carved and hand made it is really cool. If your ever in North Dakota for what ever reason A i hope you didn't go in winter and B stop by this place it's neat. If you read it the guy got his shop leased to him for $10 a year ....
  21. Chestnut

    Post the Loot

    It's the 12 tpi rip. I thought i read somewhere that the rip configurations work pretty well for ripping and cross cutting, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way i figured for DTs most of the cut is a rip cut so I'm not concerned. Now to figure out how to get some sort of leg vise on my wallwood bench.
  22. I like it. Ash and walnut i'm interested to see how this turns out. I wonder if there is a way to incorporate this into the mission or arts and crafts style. Something i shall think about.
  23. Chestnut

    Post the Loot

    Oh i forgot some one also gave me the WORST christmas gift ever. A cold. If i find the person they will for sure get some coal.
  24. Chestnut

    Post the Loot

    I see handcut dovetails and gentle curves in my future. Not pictured are both drawing bows from lee valley. I was utterly shocked at how comfortable that handle is on the lee valley saw. The gift to myself was a Supermax 19-38 sander ( well it was kind of partly from my employer) I'd like a review of that. I have a few frames to make as well. @pkinneb If i ever get the chance I'd love to take a look at that Nakashima book. A friend of mine from Bismarck introduced me to his work and some day I'd love to try and make an inspired piece.