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  1. I've always lived within 10 min drive of acme. Love that place. The tax stinks but their service is unbeatable.
  2. Luckly both of those saws go on sale often. I like the laguna ceramic guides a lot.
  3. 4"? a dust collection system isn't going to have enough vacuum pressure to extract from a domino. I think the above hose would work with a shop vac. Other wise there are bosch adapters for 1.25 or 1.5" to what ever the port size is.
  4. DFW so winter isn't an issue but blistering heat is, idk which is worse but i don't like heat. Thought is operating with the G-door open when you have long items on the table saw the few rare times. Personally i didn't like the nested jointer table saw. I have the 30" saw so it puts the jointer in the way more often then is helpful. I'd consider putting the drill press in the miterstation. i could see the utility of having table space on both sides of the drill press for setting things down ect. Then you could use the wall where the bandsaw is for more space for a planer drum sander ect or even putting the jointer along the wall.
  5. Yeah I hear ya on this. If it helps for spraying thin shellacs and WBs you could get away with a small turbine HVLP unit that is probably cheaper than a compressor conversion gun. I realize in IL you can't spray outside 100% of the time but for the (9 months maybe?) you could spray outside. For the too cold months you could use brush application. Give the brushing a shot and see how it goes. Rockler sells an inexpensive HVLP turbine that would be cheaper and probably better than a compressor and a conversion gun. As far as spray booths go something like this tent from amazon looks perfect for most furniture or small projects. I need to put my money where my mouth is and try that tent. I have an HVLP and don't use it as much as i'd like.
  6. I use the Zinser premixed stuff. I've been told multiple times that the flakes are better but it's so east to just have a can around. I know you said you were planing on spraying but it seems like a lot of the WB and shellac finishes apply better via spray. I'd hold out and see what Marc has to say about some of the new enviro poly's he's been using or possible ask him. He's covered a couple in Friday lives i think?
  7. Yeah looking at 600 g/l vs 275 g/l. Thing to look at as well is the toxicity of the cemicals, I feel like you have to apply 50% more ware based to get the coverage which is about the same VOC exposure. The BIG thing is that the chemicals in WB aren't as toxic. You don't have the benzenes and toulenes. In shellac the toxic chemical is Ethyl alcohol and that's a substance most of us know how much we can handle
  8. I don't know where shellac falls but if someone told me tomorrow i couldn't use oil finishes any more shellac would be my go to. I've heard great things about GF Endurovar. I have a can and haven't cracked it open yet so i can't tell you about it from experience. I guess i don't really understand the reasoning. I feel that even water based polys off gas and have some VOC as well. If you worried about application health vapor cartridges are a must regardless of finish type imo. If your worried about family after they all cure it's my understanding the polyurthanes are all similar levels of non-toxic, could be wrong though. I think Marc's info on this is from all over the place over the years, Woodtalk, Friday Live, ect.
  9. Chestnut


    Been told this should be required "reading".
  10. Maybe a hobbit garden gate. I guess that'd be about the right size for me, i'm probably the same height as cremona. Huh must have the scale right or wrong. That's a 24" ruler and the table is only 24" wide.It's going to be 23 x 30 x 30 and I'll only use the top 8" for the networking stuff the bottom drawers will be cable and computer storage.
  11. Made it hope with some decent time to spare. The girlfriend is out of town for work so 100% of my free time can be in the shop now, i even skipped a meal to extend it further. Here are the repairs. Like i thought would happen the color was slightly off i tried to match but the scraps i had were all darker. I think i might keep a few species milled to the same thickness as my commonly used dominoes just in case this happens in the future again. I had the side dry assembled and the fixes were far less noticeable than holes and where they will be located will hide them even more. Compleated the 11.5" resaw for the panels. Loving the resaw king. Picture before planing. Cut the panels to size, sanded, and prefinished. Here is the last dry assembly before the real deal. I did like 5 dry assemblies. I used space balls in the groove to keep the panels centered and quiet. I'm getting kind of tired of frame and panel and need to branch out, pun intended.
  12. Yes I swear out KIP plotter is from 1995. Enginnering software, Heck i had to use software that didn't have a GUI. I think the program was originally written for punch cards and new fangled tech brought it to notepad editing. BAH hijack lol sry.
  13. Hey steps forward. I'll probably never be able to work from home. All the software i use requires liscences and most of them were written in the stone age before the Internet existing so doing liscences over the internet just does not happen. Heck there is some software that requires a fob plugged into a serial port to work.
  14. Lenox does make that 1/2" carbide blade as well can't remember the model name. If i was not dealing with warranty replacements i'd consider going that route.
  15. Just setup my new resaw king and it's the smoothest yet. I did cheat and take down a couple burs on 2 of the carbide weld thingies. Table saw cut is top. Timberwolf is left and resaw king is right.
  16. Your in IT can't you just work from home? 2 hours that's rough.
  17. ETS EC 150/3 Good power small stroke, great dust collection when conected to a vac.
  18. Careful Coop remember the 2nd commandment. Thou shalt not speak poorly about sawstop.
  19. Brand I don't know how wax would work. Pin meters work on electrical resistance so it would depend on that. I"m sure there is information on this in turning forums or other places. But for small itmes turners seem to go with the weighing method. Weigh it until it stops losing weight.
  20. Man Cliff i wish i could tell ya something to ease the pain of a frustrating table saw. My best advice is don't do another stop gap you'll just have similar if not the same troubles. Save for your your sawstop or w/e your looking at. There are grizzly saws that you could get that would last you forever.
  21. Pinless doesn't damage the wood and it also supposedly has the ability to read into the center of the wood. Pin types are less expensive and have the ability to leave probes in the middle of a stack with wires to the edge to read lumber in the center of a stack as it dries. I have and use an electrophysics moisture meter based off suggestions i got from the forum. There are many different meters out there and i think the addage you get what you pay for runs true here.
  22. Well apparently i'm terrible at searching for things. I'll ad that to the list of things i want.
  23. I've been running with a good 4" port in the fence and it works VERY well i rarely get more then a couple chips under the table. Those over arm blade guard collector things look really nice i tried search for them but it appears that they are no longer made.
  24. Thanks, I got the fixes made yesterday before i had to leave town. Just used a chisel and some patients sizing them and CA glued it in. The grain match isn't going to be the best but they are small in obscure places so i doubt they will be noticeable. The place i buy walnut has a lot of really good stock, I'm SUPER happy with them, honestly it's harder to find strait nonfigured stuff than slightly figured.