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  1. Booo!!! Stick it to the man!
  2. I was thinking of doing on myself just to show how the sander oscillated back and forth. Have you used yours yet?
  3. It reminds me of petrified wood honestly. If you found a way to protect it it could be a cool out door western themed something. You could even combine it with petrified wood to make a bench and use pieces like this as accents. I'm grasping at straws here. Some people probably will hate it though others might love it, that's the best/worst part about opinions every one is both right and wrong at the same time. I've always though bismuth crystals are cool but i like math and science. The geometric naturally occurring patters are cool.
  4. I'd be worried about not having enough air flow to keep dust from building up in the lines. To solve that you could open a blase gate further down the line slightly. Also the cyclone will need enough velocity to separate out the dust. It shouldn't harm the motor less air flow is less load which means less power draw and less heat.
  5. There is a road in my home town that is about a mile long that is covered in a full Elm canopy. It's probably one of my favorite streets to drive down. When it rains it takes about 30 min for the rain to make it through the leaves and reach the ground.
  6. Ok so here is some higher quality fes_____ fill in the blank for what ever you want. Sanded with a Dewalt DWE6421K and Mirka Gold 150 Grit (Below) Festool Pro 5 LTD CT 26 Lowest setting 150 Grit Granat (Below) Festool Pro 5 LTD CT 26 Lowest setting 180 Grit Granat (Below) Subjectively the sander still doesn't seem like it has enough power. The rotations slow down and cause an oscillation of the sander. It wants to oscillate back and forth in the 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock direction about 3/8" to 3/4". I didn't take it to 220 but i think it's safe to say this sander is going to be at home in the higher grits, which is what i bought it for. I will say subjectively the sander almost performs better being lifted off of the work, there is just too much suction even on low. Subjectively the dust collection is AWESOME which is to be expected i had a black rubber DSLR sitting inches away that had zero dust on it after i sanded for about an hour trying to get the perfect technique down. Or is that objectively, that is a measurement? It's a sander at $100 i don't know if I'd pay more then that, after getting towards $200 I'd consider other options.
  7. It came with it. The systainer seems pretty similar to every other one. Haven't gotten to use it yet but it smells really good.
  8. Mine shipped really fast.... Acme to the rescue!
  9. Or maybe he means this. (from
  10. Do you feel like you need the 28oz cup or could you get by with the mini cup (6oz?)? Is there a kit to buy with all the different nozzles that a person would need to spray a variety of finishes? What other accessories are considered must haves to be effective with hvlp?
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    Honestly does any one want to be associated with Americans all that much, I think Mexico is about it.
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    It was a joke, Canadians usually don't want to be associated with us all that much.
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    It wasn't those exact words but it was basically the same thing. I think it literally was "American's don't curl, bro" which confused me because Canadians are always telling me they are Americans as well, North Americans.
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    Because @shaneymack didn't believe that U.S. citizens curled. My team was yellow.
  15. The steel collection drum? If you were patient enough and resourceful you could probably get one for free from a local farmer/buisness ect. I don't think the jet would be near the performance 2hp vs 5hp.
  16. I just looked at it on the showroom floor it looks like it's as well made as any jet tool which is fairly decent. I can't help but thinking that 2hp is small for your shop. i find it hard to believe that 7" is the difference between make or break in a shop that's 15x24. If it were me I'd pony up the 600$ for the CV1800 the footprint of the cv1800 is 22 x 52 vs 26 x 50 for the jet so it's footprint is smaller at the cost of vertical height.
  17. I've seen that jet in person and while it looks ok the bin is tiny on it. Running a jointer or a planer to it would mean emptying multiple times per large project.
  18. +1 to simple. When self driving cars take over I'll still be driving my 96 pickup that I'll be able to maintain for ever because it's simple. I'll just laugh at the looks on people's faces when they see I'm still holding the steering wheel.
  19. Looks like it cleaned up nice. Did you know someone left their car tires in your shop?
  20. That's a difficult question to ask. Someone in the desert is going to have different wood moisture content then someone that that lives in Atlanta. For a short answer yes wood moisture can be too low at that point the wood would be absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. This would cause a moisture gradient through the wood just like the opposite circumstance where the wood is loosing moisture. You want the wood to be near you EMC which can be calculated i use this.
  21. I haven't heard anything yet. I'm wondering if I'm going to get stuck in round 2 of shipments. I placed my order at 6pm the first night, so it's not like i waited a long time.
  22. Sweet thanks Mr. Dub! I'm probably going to do the adjustable like you showed on your original post just because i figure when I'm using this I'll get it set up for one task and hammer a bunch of frames/panels/what ever out before switching and re-calibrating to another task. It's good to hear that using knobs and holding things to a square works well because that will be really easy to keep some adjustment to it as well as opening doors to additional angles if need be. The hand plane shipped today so i probably won't see it until Monday next week curse you Amazon for spoiling me endlessly.
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    Using all 13"